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    Hey guys, my name is Paul Daniel Ash and I'll be joining Michael Essany as a staff writer here at ModMyi. It's an exciting time to be coming on board and I look forward to thrashing over issues in the Apple/Mac/iPhone world with you all.

    I had a startup Mac VAR in San Francisco back in 1987, and got Apple Systems Engineer status in '88. We were able to get some of the very first Macs on corporate desktops back in the day... people whose PCs had just been enormous paperweights became productive computer users for the first time thanks to the Mac (Windows for Workgroups, anyone?). Took a ride on the NeXT train while it lasted, and then moved into the Linux world, but I always had a Mac at home. I was overjoyed the first time I was able to see a bash prompt on my Mac clone.

    It's an interesting time for the Mac and iPhone world... and whether we see an iTablet this year or not, I think the trend is moving towards handheld and multitouch. So it'll be very exciting to see the development of real portable touchscreen computing on platforms with an open - or openable ;-) - operating system.

    Anyway, great to be with you. Kudos are always appreciated, but criticism is always of value.

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      Hey there Paul, Welcome to MMi!
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      competition? I thought we were all family
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      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      competition? I thought we were all family
      LOL! +1 for family

      BTW, It's not me who named this competition Someone started in the other thread and now here...
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      Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
      Long long story but I am back now!! And Angie...we will have to start back up again , it looks like I have some catching up to do....
      ZOMG you've been gone?

      Quote Originally Posted by Simtech View Post
      Welcome to the short bus!
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      LMAO. the short bus is awesome
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      You are really bad if you miss the short bus....lol
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      Welcome to MMi
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      I'll be taming threads with an iron fist from now on guys- FYI.
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      No Dale, you won't.
      dale1v says yeah, I will.
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      Welcome to MMI!
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      Welcome sir.
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      Quote Originally Posted by dale1v View Post

      I'll be taming threads with an iron fist from now on guys- FYI.
      As will I. This has gotten way out of control
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      Welcome Paul, hit the keys!!
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      cool beans welcome to MMi