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  • iPhone Firmware 3.1 Live for Download

    If you jailbreak we suggest you wait for a solution. If you unlock do not update yet. Especially 3G and 3GS users!
    read the above as a warning not to update. don't update. updating is not a good idea. if i were you i wouldn't update. etc.

    iPhone 3.1 features:
    • Genius recommendations for Applications (Yes, it tells you what apps YOU want)
    • iTunes 9 support
      - Genius Mixes
      - Organize your apps directly in iTunes
      - Improved syncing options for music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and photos
      - iTunes U content organization
    • Redeem iTunes Gift cards, codes and certificates in the App Store (previously only worked in the iTunes app)
    • Display iTunes account credits in the App Store and iTunes Store
    • Browse and download ringtones wirelessly from the iTunes Store (for $1.29 a pop. rip off report.)
    • Save video from Mail and MMS into Camera Roll (of course MMS has to actually be working first. Too lame)
    • Better iPhone 3G Wi-Fi performance when Bluetooth is turned on
    • Remotely lock iPhone with a passcode via MobileMe (now THAT is neat)
    • Use Voice Control on iPhone 3GS with Bluetooth headsets (about damn time Apple - stop slacking)
    • Paste phone numbers into Keypad (what took ya'll so long?)
    • Option to use Home button to turn on Accessibility features on iPhone 3GS (w00t w00t inverted screen with the touch of a button)
    • Warn when visiting fraudulent websites in Safari (anti-phishing)
    • Improved Exchange calendar syncing and invitation handling
    • Fixes issue that caused some app icons to display incorrectly (and i thought the compass was youtube this whole time . . .)

    Firmware Download links (thx dhruvmalik)
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    1. chadgraves7814's Avatar
      chadgraves7814 -
      Is this all really worth all the hassle. I have 3.0.1 with the new carrier settings. My tethering works and my MMS works on both my 16gb Iphone 3G and my wifes 8gb Iphone 3G. So is there anything in the new software worth redoing my whole phone for?
    1. alohawaii's Avatar
      alohawaii -
      Based on some of the of the responses, I was wondering if I, with a unlocked/jailbroken 2G iPhone, can update to the new iTunes? will it still work fine with OS 3.0. Secondly, with the new update, and still waiting for a jailbreak/unlock, what apps will i lose and is there a way to not lose any apps?

      Just read the post above me.. My MMS works fine. Will I have to redo everything?
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      anyone tested pwnage tool 3.01 to build a custom 3.1 WITHOUT the baseband update?
      if u check the devteam blog, it almost seems they are saying pwnage tool already has the ability to make a custom 3.1 without updating the baseband
      meaning ultrasn0w will still work.

      i have an intel macbook and a 3Gs.
      maybe i will be the guinea pig!

      and ALL the ipod links to 3.1.1 are broken.
    1. david2082's Avatar
      david2082 -
      Does this update add the camera icon (MMS) to "messages" app or do we need to wait for an update on the 25th for that?
    1. enrigonz's Avatar
      enrigonz -
      Quote Originally Posted by mkblade View Post
      Well...just to test (which I knew wasnt going to work) I tried jailbreaking the 2G 3.1 with redsnow using 3.0 firmware seemed like it was going fine as the logo and everything showed up..but when its time for the phone to reboot it just hangs...luckily no restore needed!

      ^2G phones are fine...i got the 2G and i updated to 3.1 using iTunes..
      Version: 3.1 (7C144)
      VersionModem Firmware:04.05.04_G
      ..as opposed to 3G which is 05.11.07
      Did you just upgrade through iTunes as you normally would? or did you do a shift+restore or one of those other tricks?
    1. laz305's Avatar
      laz305 -
      hey can someone plz confirm that I can still sync my JB 3GS 3.0 with iTunes 9 cuz I just noticed it's going to install iPhone Configuration Utility 2.1 sounds scary to me lol
    1. xgus69's Avatar
      xgus69 -
      I'm sorry for the stupid question guys.. but will we lose the cydia apps if we upgrade?
      Does BB's AptBackup app actually work? and automatically redownloads all the cydia apps after an upgrade and new jailbreak?
      I'm gonna wait regardless for Musclenerds status updates on what to do and how to do things right.
    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      ill wait
    1. KingRedmer's Avatar
      KingRedmer -
      Anyone have the AT&T 4.5 carrier file? My phone stayed at 5.0, even after a restore.
    1. frail1's Avatar
      frail1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by KingRedmer View Post
      Anyone have the AT&T 4.5 carrier file? My phone stayed at 5.0, even after a restore.
      keep your 5.0, I kept mine and my MMS started working after the update. I was on the 3.1 beta and it didn't work until after I updated to the official release.
    1. Pvt Parts's Avatar
      Pvt Parts -
      Adventurous souls click here:

      Jailbreak iPhone 3.1
    1. BoostedEvoIX's Avatar
      BoostedEvoIX -
      Quote Originally Posted by david2082 View Post
      Does this update add the camera icon (MMS) to "messages" app or do we need to wait for an update on the 25th for that?
    1. tarekkkkk's Avatar
      tarekkkkk -
      i think im going to wait for the itablet
      MY 2G WILL SURVIVE i hope (i cracked my screen yesterday )
    1. Nelly729's Avatar
      Nelly729 -
      So Quickpwn.com is saying you can jailbreak the same way you did for 3.0.1... havent tried it yet and prolly wont.
    1. lunercrab's Avatar
      lunercrab -
      Quote Originally Posted by JAG2621 View Post
      Thats why i do not use genius. I also turn off sending apple any info.
      Ok im jb and unlocked and i don't really have anything on my phone of importance, but i don't like anyone having access to my private info and what not...so how do i turn this off? is this genius app thing is that with the 3.1 update or with itunes 9? also quick question is there really any sugnificant updates with this 3.1? i have a 3g and it seems most important things with the update revolves around the 3GS, am i wrong?
    1. soto806's Avatar
      soto806 -
      i want to update but then i don't
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by mawells787 View Post
      hey guys, i bringing my 3G to the apple store tonight for a replacement my battery has gotten rally bad. if they give me a replacement what are the chances that it will have this 3.1 update? I know how to downgrade and to jailbreak it but i know to unlock it you can't downgrade the base band.
      If you aren't on ATT or a factory unlocked phone they won't honor your warranty anyway.
    1. robbpell's Avatar
      robbpell -
      updates just aren't as exciting as they use to be! sigh. ill wait for the jailbreak
    1. StevenB's Avatar
      StevenB -
      Originally Posted by david2082:
      Does this update add the camera icon (MMS) to "messages" app or do we need to wait for an update on the 25th for that?

      It didn't. A co-worker updated his phone and the icon was not present.
    1. saadlive's Avatar
      saadlive -
      Anyone getting a -4 error when they try to upgrade to 3.1?