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  • Time for Apple and AT&T to See Other People?

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    PC World is out with a great article this weekend that asks a question we've all posed to ourselves and to others: isn't it about time for Apple and AT&T to see other people?

    An "open marriage" is how writer Ian Paul puts it.

    Even though many people are pouring on the hate for AT&T, the still love the iPhone, according to reports. So if the cellular network is the problem, hereís a suggestion for Apple thatís guaranteed to keep at least some U.S. customers happy: Cancel iPhone exclusivity with AT&T.
    As we're seeing over time, iPhone customers are like children who eventually get what they want after whining about it long enough. As once such loudmouth brat, I can attest to the power of this approach. But since we're adults, we shouldn't have to demand anything for a protracted period of time before the service (that we pay good money for) begins to seriously acknowledge such entreaties.

    This summer has been an interesting one for Apple customers. From the apparent evolution of the approval process for new apps that we really want, to the emergence of signs that greater background functionality in on the horizon (thanks to Loopt), more and more folks are starting to anticipate this revolution born of revolt coming to AT&T's relationship with Apple.

    The best possible move for Apple to make with the iPhone today is to seriously address the source of most customer complaints: dropped calls, weak service, and data loading slower than molasses. Cool apps and background functionality aside, we need a phone that works smoothly and consistently.

    With a second -- or even third -- carrier, iPhone customers would be able to choose their own network, and the current load on AT&Tís infrastructure would be reduced. This could improve service for iPhone customers who stick with AT&T, as well as those who migrate to other networks.
    Although Apple and AT&T may not budge overnight on their exclusivity posturing, I think it's a safe bet to speculate that the "open marriage" alluded to is an inevitability not merely a possibility. And the longer they wait to give us what we want, the more frequently Apple's "children" will continue to throw emboldened tantrums.
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      Quote Originally Posted by akosko01 View Post
      Wow. Im gonna set my picture as some ugly *** fat girl and when someone calls me out I'll say it isnt me.

      Thank you. I lived in Knoxville TN when 3G was launched there. that was 06' and they still have less than 200,000 people there now. And why do people complain when they are perfectly happy with the solution they have. STFU about att when you dont even have them.
      AT&T sucks. It's heartwrenching but there is plenty of AT&T hate on here and just because there is no one backing me up doesn't mean that there isn't at least half of the members here that would switch to ANY other carrier than AT&T if given the option.
      Check all of the polls
      The girl is still in my sig and the caption is "It's not all you can eat". You're ignorant like the AT&T tech so I'll just have to let you live blissfully.

      Quote Originally Posted by smuggler View Post
      tmobile sucks, they use AT&T towers to improve their coverage, the only carrier that can get any where near the coverage of AT&T is verizon. that is it. hate to break it to ya.
      Roaming is nothing new. AT&T/Cingular roamed on T-Mobile because their coverage sucked in bigger cities. I don't know how it's working now anymore but you really need to read up on roaming before talking about it.
      "U.S. wireless roaming is free on all nationwide AT&T plans. While no additional fees are incurred during AT&T roaming, these minutes are treated like your regular AT&T minutes."
      This should be a DUH type thing but not on here.. which is sad.
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      No more please.
    1. safinator's Avatar
      safinator -
      you just keep talking dont you? please back away from the keyboard, If you have a boyfriend which i highly doubt you do, Idk how he would put up with all your complaining. I normally wouldnt lay a hand on a woman, but in your case i would be willing to put my backhand to use. Go ahead and hide behind your keyboard and "try to" come up with a comeback.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      ^What did you not understand about Dale's comment?
    1. joxes's Avatar
      joxes -
      AT&T is the worst greedier wireless carrier you can find on earth. Bad service, drop calls, crippled handsets, sluggish reception and the worst for the end: customer service.

      They are now paying the price of this monopolist exclusivity. More and more customers are leaving AT&T.

      Look what happened in France for example, the European Community said the Orange exclusivity was not legal. Now 3 carriers are selling the iPhone and 3 carriers are sharing the weight of the iPhone data appetite on 3 different networks. Result : customer are really happy and are able to use the full iPhone features : tethering, mms...

      AT&T is so greedy about money and its share price that they just don't care about customer experience with the iPhone. More customers just mean more business...

      AT&T also will never unlock "officially" you iPhone even if you are a long time customer with them. They don't care if you want to use a prepaid SIM card f you travel abroad to reduce your roaming charges. They just don't care.

      After filing numerous complaints with the FCC against AT&T and their business practices I realized the best thing to do was to leave AT&T. I sold my iPhone 3GS, I bought an officially unlocked iPhone 3GS last time I went to Europe.

      When I came back I called AT&T and told them I would like to close my account to migrate to T-Mobile. Once the account was closed I migrate to T-Mobile (same number) but the plan is cheaper. For data I use the unlimited $9.99 web option. Even if it is EDGE the service is FAST.

      I'm so happy to have left AT&T...
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      In France, as in the rest of Europe, different carriers all use the same standards. Apple need to do nothing to get the iPhone working on other networks.

      This is not the case in the USA.
    1. gQstatus05's Avatar
      gQstatus05 -
      Joxes it looks like you found yourself a groupie. Congrats.
    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      Quote Originally Posted by angiepangie View Post

      BUT I do think opening it up would make more sense since some areas don't have AT&T network at all and perfect T-mobile/Verizon network and vice versa. I don't think someone should have to choose between having cell service or the iPhone...
      over here people with an iPhone on TMobile get better service on edge that i can at times on 3G
    1. ecd5000's Avatar
      ecd5000 -
      i honestly dont think it will make a difference for anything other than sales, another carrier will do the same as att 2 yr contracts and yada yada yada, i have no problems with att, i think they should stay together, its just that peanut butter and jelly thing going on here!
    1. tonester1's Avatar
      tonester1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by smuggler View Post
      tmobile sucks, they use AT&T towers to improve their coverage, the only carrier that can get any where near the coverage of AT&T is verizon. that is it. hate to break it to ya.
      maybe u get good coverage in ur area.. but im in philly and i drop more calls then ever before.. ATT is horrible after dealing with it for a few months. i just put up with it. if tmobile had the iphone id def jump back on the tmobile train
    1. Shred Nasty's Avatar
      Shred Nasty -
      My personal opinion? iPhone ain't goin anywhere.....til there's a LTE network. Then, it's going cross carrier, period. It does NOT make ANY fiscal sence for Apple to spend the money and release a CDMA device this late in the game when LTE/4G (And not Sprint's dollar store version/slightly enhanced 3G crap. Real LTE.) is between 18 months and 2 years away. It just doesn't, and furthermore it won't happen. My opinion is that when LTE launches, we'll see an iPhone LTE or iPhone 4G ect, ect but it will have a multi US carrier, staggered launch. Like for instance, VZW first, then AT&T and then the bottome feeders if they get it, or visa versa with VZW and AT&T. Sprint or T-Mobile even getting an iPhone on LTE is actually quite laughable. But, never say never. Sprint may spent it's last $12 on trucker speed and lotto tickets, and win.