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  • Should Apple Get Back into the Rejection Business?

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    In the movie "Yes Man," Jim Carrey portrays a character that learns to (and grows quite comfortable with) only saying yes to the often demanding requests and wishes imposed on him.

    One has to wonder if "Yes Man" is the movie of the month in the corporate office of Apple, as the App Store has seemingly welcomed with open arms new applications that appear on the surface to not only fail to meet Apple's guidelines, but also violate numerous longstanding company policies.

    Since August, Apple has given a green light to apps for Spotify’s streaming music app, the iPhone version of “Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown,” and just this week, the new Vonage app - a VoIP service that, a short while ago, would never seem destined for the App Store. Although the recent rash of rushed approvals isn't a negative thing for Apple customers (in fact, its actually a positive development), the larger issue raised by some is the Apple's App Store is quickly expanding to a "clutter-filled" 50,000 applications - many of which are redundant, duplicate, or just plain nonsensical.

    Editor Philip Berne at Info Sync raises this concern in a new editorial:

    Search the Apple iPhone App Store for "Flashlight" and you get 94 results. Sure, some of them are flashlights, and most of them will do the job you're looking for, but which is the best one? Who knows. And that's just for an app that turns your screen bright white. Suppose you want a To Do List? A diet management tool? A game of chess? Search for "Chess" on the App Store, and you get 184 listings.
    The real issue in question is one I have found myself discussing with friends and colleagues who diversely fall on both sides of the aisle. Is it Apple's responsibility to open the marketplace to as many developers and competing apps as possible, or should Apple be the all-powerful filter in place to sift through the very best of the best so that we don't have to? Is it up to Apple to determine the best "flash-light" app, or should we sort through five dozen different apps to find the one that's "right for us?"

    This isn't how a real store works, and it isn't how the iPhone App Store should work, either. At a real store, a buyer or manager picks and chooses the best products, and that's what the store sells. If a product isn't good enough, or if it doesn't sell well, the manager replaces it with something better, or works with manufacturers to improve it. No store manager in her right mind, even at large box retailers and wholesale warehouses, would offer 184 different Chess games. She would offer a few good ones, some variety, and maybe a unique sample here and there. That's how the iPhone App Store should work as well.
    There is, indeed, a fundamental difference of opinion about the burgeoning growth of the App Store - a debate that has been heightened in recent days as many Apple fans are growing concerned and weary with the apparent newfound hypocrisy in Apple's approval process.

    Perhaps the wave of surprising approvals is just a short-term phenomenon. But if not, some say the App Store could rapidly swell to a new, and much more unwieldy size. Only time will tell. But for now, some Apple fans are concerned.

    Are you?
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    1. alek's Avatar
      alek -
      i think there should be a premium store where developers submit there apps and have apple see if there actually. The developer might need to pay a fee but would get free advertising and better search ads. Apple coud select only a few (like 5) apps that do the same thing and only games that are fun. Also if the app has tons of downloads people could nominate it for the premium appstore. I think this would expand on the what s hot section.
    1. iphonetech122's Avatar
      iphonetech122 -
      Apple has always been a somewhat corrupt company even in there T.V. adds, I mean the company uses an old cripple guy with glasses as a pc and a young hip guy for an example of mac. I mean everyone knows that's not true and its all just personal preference however, Its not right and inappropriate business and that's only one example of how corrupt there company actually is. I don't mind it though I use photo shop on my mac because it is all personal preference right. As soon as they start getting investigated by the FCC there behaving themselves behind there corporate doors and then some. Since the FCC apparently asking them questions they changed there attitude a bit in my opinion. What do you think? Do you think that's the reason why?? Do you think apple treading on thin ice?
    1. aj701's Avatar
      aj701 -
      Since apple has created a situation where the appstpre is the only "official" way to get apps on your iphone they have a responsibility to open it up to developers, if that means 150+ chess games then that's that.
      The difference between the appstore and a "real store" is that if you don't like things at one "real store" you can go to another one, and another one, and another one. Apple has made it so the appstore is all we have, if they want to curate what apps they think are the best then they should make a section of the store dedicated to just that, but keep the rest of the store open to the 150+ chess apps and everything else out there.
    1. auburnguy32's Avatar
      auburnguy32 -
      you forget cydia aj
    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      Quote Originally Posted by auburnguy32 View Post
      meh, I like choices. That's why you can browse your search by most popular or highest rated. People are just lazy if they want everything precut and sorted for them. I got a video for people who complain about stuff like this....

      YouTube - Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy
      haha hilarious
      and i like choices as much as the next guy but really?
      100+ choices for one app?
      thats a bit too much crap to go through to find a decent working application