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  • Movement - Arrange your iPhone's Icons from your Computer

    I'm surprised it took this long for someone to release something like this, actually. Movement is a much-needed app from Jeff Stieler which reads your SpringBoard icon placement from your [jailbroken] iPhone or iPod Touch, and allows you to manipulate it and write back a new arrangement.

    The app requires your device to be plugged in, and requires OS X 10.5 or higher (works on PPC as well as Intel). I had a few issues with getting the software to operate smoothly (icons kept disappearing when side scrolling in the app, and then reappearing if I let it sit), but it is a beta, and overall works well and is a solid idea.

    I'm looking forward to seeing this one improved on. Its been muttered iTunes should have a built-in app organizer, with a few minor rumblings of rumored features, but nothing concrete. Movement to the rescue!

    Movement via TechCrunch
    (thanks, JazJon)
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    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      Let's just calm down with the PC vs. Mac stuff, it's taking the thread on a dire tangent. (NB- some of you keep saying it "MAC"- MAC is short for Media Access Control, which pertains no relevance to the thread, or to the Mac vs PC discussion that has so invasively taken hold of it :/ )
    1. supreme-livin's Avatar
      supreme-livin -
      waitin for this for soooo long
    1. Diaph11's Avatar
      Diaph11 -
      It doesn't work with five colums options...
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^ Hopefully it will be added soon
    1. hot sause's Avatar
      hot sause -
      it great and simple
    1. denimdragon's Avatar
      denimdragon -
      this app looks awesome!
    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      yesss this program is great especially since my 6x5 springboard just crashed and my icons flew across 5 screens lol