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  • GelaSkins for iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS (GIVEAWAY ENDED!)
    GelaSkins is one of the best 'skin' makers for a vast range of devices, iPhone being one of those. The thing distinguishing them from the 'crowd' is unlike most other companies, these skins are designed exclusively for GelaSkins by more than 70 artists worldwide!

    I've used one of these in my iPhone 2G days and the product is quite amazing - supreme quality as well. It's honey comb like texture gives it a nice feel. The thing I like most about these skins is the range of authentic designs you get! They have something for everyone.

    The application procedure is pretty simple, as simple as peeling it off the packaging and sticking it onto your iPhone's back! if you get any air bubbles, you can just remove it and put it back on, as it's repositionable. Finally, if you ever feel like removing it, it won't leave any residue. Pretty much everything you expect from a skin - including scratch protection - right?

    GelaSkins comes with just the back panel and no front panel - I like it that way though you might not. The guys at GelaSkins even allows you to download matching wallpaper - at no additional costs - for the skin using their mobile portal. Alternatively, you can download their free official app from the AppStore for the same!

    These wonderful skins are available for $14.95 each - pretty nice deal as you're paying most of it for the design! They even offer some really good Crystal Clear GelaScreens Screen Shields at $12.95 for a pair of two and clubbing a skin with a screen gets you 40% discount on the screens. To get these nice skins, checkout their site here.

    The fine folks over at GelaSkins have been kind enough to provide us with FIVE skins for iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS for a giveaway - winners can even choose the design! To enter, just leave a comment starting with "GS-". The giveaway is open to everyone, rejoice! Winners will be announced on 25th August at 5 pm GMT.

    The contest has officially ended and the winners are Ad1tya, dale1v, DrOHS, noop and mmoreno16
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    1. tcschrader's Avatar
      tcschrader -
    1. noop's Avatar
      noop -
      GS-I need some protective art on my phone.
    1. rashed722's Avatar
      rashed722 -
      GS-nice stuff
    1. pompiste's Avatar
      pompiste -
      GS- Itís iPhone lookiní good!
    1. acorbett82's Avatar
      acorbett82 -
      GS- cool
    1. nhreminh's Avatar
      nhreminh -
      GS- maybe maybe, i'll win one of these!
    1. str8spd2001's Avatar
      str8spd2001 -
      GS-Sweet.....i could use a nice skin to protect the back.
    1. johnawilkinson's Avatar
      johnawilkinson -
      gs i need a case please
    1. __neo's Avatar
      __neo -
      GS-can i hazz....
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      GS - I'd give it a try
    1. Rood87's Avatar
      Rood87 -
      GS- these skins are awesome. I love all the different designs!
    1. debbcity's Avatar
      debbcity -
      Gs- amazing work of art. Gelaskins for the win !
    1. alibigolo's Avatar
      alibigolo -
      GS- 25th Aug i my Bday. Winning would make my day
    1. lili4311's Avatar
      lili4311 -
      GS- Please! My phone needs a make over...
    1. rohizzle121's Avatar
      rohizzle121 -
      GS- i love these! i need a new one for my 3GS!
    1. lostwhiteboyy's Avatar
      lostwhiteboyy -
      GS- I deff wouldn't mind having one of those.
    1. theblinkyburger's Avatar
      theblinkyburger -
      GS- these things are super cool
    1. nigeltaylor's Avatar
      nigeltaylor -
      GS - Does anyone out here already using these and can provide feedback on the product
    1. skb875's Avatar
      skb875 -
      GS- That tree in the images looks freaky. Like one of the trees you see in scary movies.
    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -
      GS- wow these skins are sexy!!!!! Seriously best ones ive seen!!