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  • ATT to FCC re: Google Voice - Nah, that's Apple's Fault

    If you've been paying any attention, you know that Apple pulled all Google Voice applications from the AppStore recently (resulting in at least one - GV Mobile - popping over to Cydia), and Google was apparently a bit miffed... enough to gracefully pull out of Apple's board (citing conflict of interest instead of "hey knock it off" - sounds the same to me). The FCC caught wind of all this, and decided they needed to take a closer look at the situation, stating "in light of pending FCC proceedings regarding wireless open access (RM-11361) and handset exclusivity (RM-11497), we are interested in a more complete understanding of this situation."

    The FCC sent Apple 6 very interesting questions, including "Why did Apple reject the Google Voice application for iPhone and remove related third-party applications from its App Store?" and "What are the standards for considering and approving iPhone applications? What is the approval process for such applications (timing, reasons for rejection, appeal process, etc.)?" They also requested info from AT&T about the decisions.

    Apple details their answers to the FCC in their "Hot News" area, and its worth a read. A few tidbits:

    Contrary to published reports, Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application, and continues to study it... We are continuing to study the Google Voice application and its potential impact on the iPhone user experience. Google is of course free to provide Google Voice on the iPhone as a web application through Apple’s Safari browser, just as they do for desktop PCs, or to provide its “Google-branded” user experience on other phones, including Android-based phones, and let consumers make their choices.
    Apple is acting alone and has not consulted with AT&T about whether or not to approve the Google Voice application. No contractual conditions or non-contractual understandings with AT&T have been a factor in Apple’s decision-making process in this matter.
    There are more than 40 full-time trained reviewers, and at least two different reviewers study each application so that the review process is applied uniformly. Apple also established an App Store executive review board that determines procedures and sets policy for the review process, as well as reviews applications that are escalated to the board because they raise new or complex issues. The review board meets weekly and is comprised of senior management with responsibilities for the App Store. 95% of applications are approved within 14 days of being submitted.... We receive about 8,500 new applications and updates every week, and roughly 20% of them are not approved as originally submitted. In little more than a year, we have reviewed more than 200,000 applications and updates.
    AT&T is claiming ignorance (most likely truthfully - I don't see Apple calling AT&T to ask if they can put an app in their own store) and agrees with the fruity behemoth they had nothing to do with the decision.

    And whoa - 65,000 applications and only 40 reviewers? No wonder it takes so long to get approved...

    Engadget, Apple
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    1. plcrules's Avatar
      plcrules -
      Sep 1st
      is that win we get MMS??????
    1. slidingmike's Avatar
      slidingmike -
      possible not sure lots of people are pushing it as when 3.1 comes out
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
    1. chemalito's Avatar
      chemalito -
      Hmmm, about 14 days to aprove an app, that means new Facebook should be coming out this week or next monday woooohoooo.
    1. angiepangie's Avatar
      angiepangie -
      Apple seems to be dodging the questions.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Melloout View Post
      My As# not consulted AT&T!!!! What about Sling Player App only on Wifi your telling me AT&T didnt have a say in that. Hmmm Nice try.
      ATT may have an agreement with Apple not to tax their wireless data network with an app. If such an agreement is in place, there needs be no discussion. Any app that might tax the network is rejeceted under those grounds. Simple as that.
    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      if they had more reviewers maybe the facebook app would be out already lol
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      anyone ever seen idiocracy?

      apple spends enough time behind closed doors with the FCC, and the FCC may walk out of the hearings holding brand new 3Gs's

      then the FCC's new agenda would be to take down all who oppose apple.
    1. ScottDrummer's Avatar
      ScottDrummer -
      this sort of bs just holds up advances in the great technology that is available. Imagine the possibilities of what could be if the greedy people at at&t/Rogers etc... would open up
    1. staterunner180's Avatar
      staterunner180 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Melloout View Post
      My As# not consulted AT&T!!!! What about Sling Player App only on Wifi your telling me AT&T didnt have a say in that. Hmmm Nice try.
      The letter said and I quote
      "More broadly, AT&T does not own, operate or control the Apple App Store and is not TYPICALLY consulted regarding the approval or rejection of applications for the App Store...

      You have to realize that AT&T has worded every single sentence in their letter so that if you don't scrutinize every word then the letter makes AT&T look completely innocent.

      And to the whole 40 reviewers situation, you would think that after the App Store got a huge and popular as it did after it came out that Apple would hire more reviewers. It's totally ridiculous that there are only 40 reviewers when so many applications and updates are sent to Apple each week.
    1. Rob_Quads's Avatar
      Rob_Quads -
      SO 8,500 updates to be checked each week by 40 people. Each app checked twice so that means (presume 5 day 10h week) they have 85apps each to check 1.7apps per hour. Around 2 once you let them have lunch so 30 minutes each.

      Not much time to evaluate an app very well, specially when they also obviously have to attend some review meetings.