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  • 97% Love iPhone 3GS 55% Dislike AT&T

    According to the most recent ChangeWave survey the iPhone rates very high in customer approval while less than half of users like AT&T. The survey pulled nearly 2000 iPhone users to come up with their results.

    The survey showed some interesting results with the iPhone getting a "near-perfect satisfaction rating." 8 out of 10 iPhone owners gave the device "very satisfied" while 17% said that they were "somewhat satisfied."

    Paul Carton, research director at ChangeWave Research commented
    Extraordinary . . . That's the highest ratings we have ever had for any smartphone, including previous iPhones.
    The good news stopped there. The survey also covered iPhone users satisfaction with the carrier AT&T which yielded less than stellar results. 50% said that AT&T was the #1 dislike of the iPhone. 32% named iPhone lock-in with AT&T as their top dislike while 23% named AT&T's coverage, service, and data speeds as their top dislike. Those add up to 55% of the iPhone users polled naming AT&T and their #1 dislike.

    These results come while AT&T is working on pushing their exclusivity contract with Apple through 2010. Survey results like these may make Apple think twice before continuing exclusivity in the US.

    via computerworld
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    1. ForumSnoBorderRK's Avatar
      ForumSnoBorderRK -
      Quote Originally Posted by GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL View Post
      Like I said, misinformed. Sprint does NOT require the everything plan, just the plans with unlimited data. Verizon's prices are what they are, and they DON'T have an iPhone. You said everyone would charge the same, please. Verizon already charges the same for their Smartphones and the other two don't. The difference between Verizon and AT&T is a superior network, but at nearly the SAME costs.
      AGAIN.. Data is $24.99, Data and messaging is $34.99
      $30 Data, $20 Unlim. Messaging
      Verizon -
      $30 data for smartphones, $20 upgrade to Select plans which include unlimited messaging
      Sprint -
      Data/messaging is a $30 premium over the voice only plans

      Are you missing the gap in cost between carriers?
      You have no idea what you're saying. Verizon is superior? When I said "same" it was an exaggeration. As I said for the Sprint's everything plan, there is a way around that. You're the one who is misinformed. That $30 plan you're talking about for sprint is only there by removing the Palm Pre's plan itself and replacing it with a standard messaging/text plan.

      I see the price gap, of course, but the iPhone is just a completely different phone overall. Think about what you're getting with that. You need to read up more.

      EDIT: Apple wasnt "outraged". ALL i said was that they were behind it as well. You said it was only AT&T that wanted that change. You should probably stop where you are.
      What are you talking about, nothing? Sounds about right.
      The iPhone is so special that if other carriers we're to pick it up, they should charge more than the prices they already have set for other phones? Are you serious?

      The Pre is available with any Everything Data plan which start's at $30 more than a comparable minute plan up to the Unlimited Everything for $99. Since you seem to be so set in your "facts" go over to sprint's store and check one out yourself.
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      The Pre is nowhere near an iPhone though soooooo
    1. shadowck5000's Avatar
      shadowck5000 -
      Could not agree more i love the iPhone more than any other smart phone, and have hated AT&T since it took over cingular wireless. Over prices, horrible customer support, stupid rules... why apple would you choose them, why!!!
    1. CMPLX's Avatar
      CMPLX -
      AT&T is way better than tmobile tho... T mobile has like no reception anywhere..,
      I took a road trip with my friends AT&T and verizon always beat tmobile
      Doesn't really matter honestly, I get good reception all over las vegas. T-Mobile getting a proper 3G iPhone along with Sprint would just be gravy, I'd probably go back with Sprint as their 3G is the fastest and they have more 3G coverage than AT&T and T-Mobile combined.
    1. adp's Avatar
      adp -
      Quote Originally Posted by ForumSnoBorderRK View Post
      what makes you think that the prices will be lowered? think about the entire profit they obtain over a 24 month basis. Do you honestly think that they would give up what they are currently receiving for another company to be eligible to sell the iPhone? The only reason why you have such a good deal with t-mobile right now is because you're tricking them into thinking you are carrying one of their other phones that only has EDGE network capabilities.

      Now, if you've had a LEGITIMATE plan with T-Mobile and Apple, do you honestly think that T-Mobile will give out their 3G access for such a low rate (and Apple would agree on that rate)? As a user above stated, it is $24.99 a month for a 3G data plan from T-Mobile.
      And what makes YOU think that they won't? What's up with you people favoring the monopoly of one carrier? I'm not trying to say AT&T sucks, I just want to have more plan options. Your theories of sticking to one plan suck for a lot of people that want the phone but do not want to pay the ridiculous prices. I think that a well educated person would agree that competition (regardless of whether it lowers the price or not) benefits the general population. Or would you say that your theory of one big (government) company does the same? Why don't you look back in history and tell me if this worked.

      And yes, I may be "tricking" T-Mobile (although they sure as hell know that I have an iPhone) but even if I was in the legitimate plan, I would be paying $30-50 less for the same damn plan in AT&T.
    1. HappyBunny's Avatar
      HappyBunny -
      Wow, that is the least surprising thing I have ever read LOL.

      I love my iPhone but as bad as I wanted one, I wasn't going to go back to the mess that is AT&T to get it. Already been there and done that with Cingular--nothing but dropped calls, calls that went to random people, one way calls... the network in Los Angeles is shoddy and way way overloaded. And that was BEFORE the iPhone. I cant imagine how miserable it must be now. That is like driving a beautiful Rolls Royce down a pothole-filled dirt road! Apple rarely makes missteps but I thought at the time, and still think, that they would regret partnering with crappy AT&T. And it seems like AT&T users are getting reamed by the big blue blob... they pay four times what I do for data!

      So I use my iPhone smoothly (and cheaply!) on T-Mobile.

      Quote Originally Posted by CMPLX View Post
      AT&T is way better than tmobile tho... T mobile has like no reception anywhere..,
      I took a road trip with my friends AT&T and verizon always beat tmobile
      Like, whatever! Like, T-Mobile has a much better like network, in like LA, which if you like knew ANYTHING, is the center of the universe. So like, AT&T blows.

      Verizon is good here as well.

      Quote Originally Posted by ForumSnoBorderRK View Post
      You might ask why we dont have MMS yet? Because people using 3.0 beta found a way to unlock MMS - in which Apple and AT&T did not want people using yet. AT&T's only way to lock MMS was to write the opt out mms coding for each user. How do you think another company would have gone about this dilemma? Probably the exact same way -- which means you would STILL be waiting for MMS to arrive on ANY OTHER CARRIER.
      Um. no. iPhone users have MMS on T-Mobile. NOW. Why did AT&T not want people to use MMS on their best - selling phone--something that other phones have been offering for ages. Because THEIR WEAK NETWORK couldnt handle it. Pathetic.

      BTW I also have a $5.99 unlimited data plan. T-Mobile is not removing iPhone users from that plan IF you already had it with another phone, as I did. It is still $5.99, even if you have a 3G phone (which my last one was).
    1. djdraco's Avatar
      djdraco -
      I like AT&T service but not a big fan of their "Big Changes" i.e. MMS on next update, yeah like earlier this year...still waiting. They tend to make a lot of empty promises.
    1. subywrex's Avatar
      subywrex -
      Why would anyone think that apple would lower there prices just because having no carrier restraints? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT APPLE HER PEOPLE!!! lol They dont lower there prices for crap. Now what may change is each carrier having there own "new/upgrade" pricing.

      Also, i am not sure what everyone is talking about AT&T being so expensive? Verizon IMO i had the highest bill. I priced out T-Mobile and it was like 10 dollars cheaper. 10 dollars IMO is not worth the lack in coverage (at least in my area).

      The fact of the matter is ALL cell phone companies suck! They all have black out areas, they all drop calls, and they all charge to much money. 30 dollars fora data plan are you kidding? i have DSL in my house cheaper than that.!!!

      So honestly, even if the iphone wasnt exclusively with AT&T i would probably stick with it.

      So i wanted to actually see how much it was for a sidekick. And with there package. its $39 dollars for the promotional phone for 1000 min, and att charges 39 dollars for 450 min (i can see how this would save money for someone that uses there phone a lot) But with me i currently have 7000 roll over minutes, because everyone i talk to has ATT. So really even though t-mobile offers more minutes it wouldn't benefit me at all.

      So now as far as data there package is unlime data and messaging for 34.95 where as att is 30 for iphone package and 20 for unlim. So for me it would save 15 dollars a month to switch over, to IMO (with experience having had t-mobile for a work phone carrier) a slower more un reliable network.

      Anyway thats my thought

      Quote Originally Posted by HappyBunny View Post
      Um. no. iPhone users have MMS on T-Mobile. NOW. Why did AT&T not want people to use MMS on their best - selling phone--something that other phones have been offering for ages. Because THEIR WEAK NETWORK couldnt handle it. Pathetic.
      As i would have to agree with you for the fact that its WEAK that AT&T still hasnt enabled MMS for the iphone, its not entirely ATT Fault. My Wife works at ATT so, i get info here and there on whats going on with it. The reason why ATT hasnt been able to deliver the MMS yet has nothing to do with the network not being able to handle it.

      When apple wrote up the original contract with ATT, it was in there contract that MMS was not going to be allowed, there for ATT could not offer it. So really why we all dont have MMS yet is really Apples fault. So now that that stipulation has been lifted from the contract and an update (3.0) is suppose to allow MMS on 3g's and 3gs's ATT is now having to enable a simple little setting in snooper to allow "WAP Push" wich allows the iphone to send and receive MMS. Now im not exactly sure of the number of iphone users out there, but this would mean that att needs to run a sweep to enable this on everything. So they do test sweeps to see if it will be stable, and from what i have been told thats whats holding it up. Because there not getting a positive test sweep, they simply cant just say "F it" and do it.

      Either way, i agree that its lame that the phone didnt have it to begin with, but hey it didnt stop anyone from getting it
    1. PlatoTheForms's Avatar
      PlatoTheForms -
      Quote Originally Posted by buckeye826 View Post
      I have several Iphones and all under ATT service. I will be dropping the Iphone if it remains on the ATT network. I have never dropped as many calls in my whole mobile life as I do in one day with the IPhone.
      maybe they are not "dropped calls". Maybe the people on the other side hang up, OR they must have really bad service where you live. I live in new york and its full bars zero dropped calls.

      Quote Originally Posted by GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL View Post
      I'd probably go back with Sprint as their 3G is the fastest.
      lol that's what the sprint commercials say.
      ^ LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL, no, read sweetheart.

      Carrier Wars: T-Mobile results, wrap up : Boy Genius Report

      Why is it so hard to believe someone is having trouble with a carrier? It would be like saying T-Mobile has great coverage in most cities so it's probably your iPhone getting a poor signal.
    1. HighTymes's Avatar
      HighTymes -
      I have had each iPhone since launch and was a first time AT&T customer, formally with sprint. I am totally satified with iPhone and AT&T, the only thing I can complain about is no mms and somewhat higher plan cost.

      I'm a Land Surveyor and travel all over the place everyday, I have AT&T and my crew chief has verizon. My bread and butter is cell site expansions for crown castle, spectum, global signal, etc. I can tell you there are dead spots for every carrier out there, you are not going to get around it, you just have to find a carrier that best covers the areas you go.

      I tell you what, if you want to blame anyone for bad coverable, blame average Joe out there that wants cell service but complains when he sees cell tower out there. Now it costs way more to build a site because the damn thing has to look like it's a palm tree or pine tree or flag pole, etc. Maybe we should put a little blame off too on that property owners that have a perfect location for a cell site but want to be the biggest dicks in the world and not let the carrier put **** on their property even though they may be offered $1500-3500 a month just to have a tower sit on their land. I wish they would put one on my land, that's for sure.

      Simply put, spreading your coverage is a pain in the *** because of some people out there.
    1. sursture's Avatar
      sursture -
      US Cell Phone Plans Among World's Most Expensive

      and why... would that be....monopoly and no competition??
    1. begin607's Avatar
      begin607 -
      I have zero (none) bar at my home with AT&T... hate at&t
    1. boredpnoy's Avatar
      boredpnoy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nickfranco5 View Post
      T-Mobile and iPhone are the way to go.
      T-mobile is a joke...they pay to use at&t cell sites in order to get service in the area...they have been doing this since it was cingular
      Quote Originally Posted by boredpnoy View Post
      T-mobile is a joke...they pay to use at&t cell sites in order to get service in the area...they have been doing this since it was cingular
      WHAT??????????????? ROAMING??????????? I HAD NO CLUE T-MOBILE WAS SO SLIMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      omg @ some of you people
    1. HappyBunny's Avatar
      HappyBunny -
      Quote Originally Posted by boredpnoy View Post
      T-mobile is a joke...they pay to use at&t cell sites in order to get service in the area...they have been doing this since it was cingular
      Not exactly. The reverse was true in California--Cingular was paying to use T-Mobile's towers until a couple of years ago, until the built up the 850 network. This is why the AT&T network in Los Angeles needed so much money (and from what I hear from my coworkers, it still needs more!)

      All cell companies have places they roam. Dont be ridiculous.
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      I think all carriers suck and they should just carpet the world in wifi and make all calls VOIP then we'd be complaining about Comcasr/Time Warner
    1. qbnucca's Avatar
      qbnucca -
      Quote Originally Posted by willie498 View Post
      Recently after getting my phone bill this month for tmobile I saw they will start charging $1.50 now to send bills, if you dont want they fee, you have to go to the store which is kind of a pain. Otherwise yeah tmobile is the way to go.
      bro go online and sign up for green bills its free smart guy