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  • 97% Love iPhone 3GS 55% Dislike AT&T

    According to the most recent ChangeWave survey the iPhone rates very high in customer approval while less than half of users like AT&T. The survey pulled nearly 2000 iPhone users to come up with their results.

    The survey showed some interesting results with the iPhone getting a "near-perfect satisfaction rating." 8 out of 10 iPhone owners gave the device "very satisfied" while 17% said that they were "somewhat satisfied."

    Paul Carton, research director at ChangeWave Research commented
    Extraordinary . . . That's the highest ratings we have ever had for any smartphone, including previous iPhones.
    The good news stopped there. The survey also covered iPhone users satisfaction with the carrier AT&T which yielded less than stellar results. 50% said that AT&T was the #1 dislike of the iPhone. 32% named iPhone lock-in with AT&T as their top dislike while 23% named AT&T's coverage, service, and data speeds as their top dislike. Those add up to 55% of the iPhone users polled naming AT&T and their #1 dislike.

    These results come while AT&T is working on pushing their exclusivity contract with Apple through 2010. Survey results like these may make Apple think twice before continuing exclusivity in the US.

    via computerworld
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    1. Periodic's Avatar
      Periodic -
      I think this picture describes it much better There are two reasons i dislike at&t first because i'm not on at&t . And second because if you sign up with at&t you have to go with the full $80+ plan.

      Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
      I think all carriers suck and they should just carpet the world in wifi and make all calls VOIP then we'd be complaining about Comcasr/Time Warner
      Agreed im suprised no one has really tried to develop a stronger wifi signal that could be used like that. They have the satellite internet but you need a dish and modem and what not to receive it .