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  • iPhone Shortage in Canada, Internationally. Not US.
    Apple doesn't have enough iPhones being produced to meet customer demand. Rogers (Canada) is advising potential iPhone 3G and 3GS customers that they are out of stock and that the device will be back in stock and available for sale in coming weeks. Fido (subsidiary of Rogers) is also saying the same thing.

    Rogers Spokeswoman Liz Hamilton commented on the shortage saying
    We are out of stock and still taking orders as our inventory continues to come in week to week . . While we have continuous incoming inventory, we are filling back orders on a priority basis and we appreciate the enthusiasm and patience of our customers.
    Canada isn't the only country with an iphone shortage. Reports from many other courtries are coming in that they are running low our out of iPhones. Australia said earlier in the month that their supply is completely exhausted.

    US carrier AT&T hasn't shown any effects of the shortage that international carriers is feeling. Why? Because Apple has made damn sure that the US has priority when it comes to iPhone supply. According to senior analyst for mobility at IDC Canada Kevin Restivo
    If you're in short supply and the smart-phone companies are [fighting] it out in a war, you want to protect your beachhead. You want to be able to fight the battle in the most important areas of the world, and quite frankly that's the United States. You've got to reserve your supply for the biggest battle grounds . . Rogers can't be thrilled about the supply situation.
    Apple dropped the ball here. People want to buy the iPhone and can't. It appears that the iPhone 3GS is selling in much higher numbers even during this economic downturn than Apple could have predicted. Apple has declined to comment about the shortage.

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    1. denniswang44's Avatar
      denniswang44 -
      bloody americans

      Quote Originally Posted by smuggler View Post
      If the US isn't the greatest country, why do we have a problem with so many people trying to come here? If 75% of the United States wouldn't agree we're the best country in the world, then why don't they move elsewhere? I can understand why 90% of the world would disagree because they're jealous of our success. Especially Great Britain 'cause we beat those bastards 235 years ago. So if the US isn't the greatest country in the world, then could you please name one that's better? Those statistics you've used are just completely and utterly wrong, my fellow Apple fan. If it wasn't for the US, the world wouldn't even have an innovative company like Apple 'cause we're the only ones that believe in free enterprise, it is in this type of economy that innovation becomes a strategy for competition.
      america is the greatest? right..... sarcasm
    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      sucks to be them :-p
      then again it sucks to be us lol
      3GS's getting stolen left and right around here
    1. appelkie's Avatar
      appelkie -
      Best of all in South Africa... when you call the Vodashops to ask when stock will arrive, they all give you a different answer - (EVEN AT THE SAME SHOP!) like "next week sir" / "we dont' know sir" / "the stock has been allocated sir, it's on it's way here sir"
      So far the best answer I got was from a guy at an iPhone shop, he said stock will arrive at the end of August..........yeeeee haaah WTF I've been waiting for 2 months now!!!!! Very FRUSTRATING.
    1. Kiserai's Avatar
      Kiserai -
      This actually makes me feel a little sorry for other countries. I mean, I'm glad that I have mine but it kinda sucks that Apple chooses to give preference to the country whose exclusive carrier is the one who locks the phone down the hardest and doesn't support many of the new OS 3.0 features. Yet.

      ...but still I've gotten tired of holding my breath.

      The problem is that so many people have an iPhone that it's hard not to know somebody with an iPhone and be totally jealous of it. So here, especially in such a commercially over-saturated culture like we have in America, pretty much everybody I know wants one. Or has one.

      It's a surprise AT&Ts stock isn't doing better, considering how much money they're raking in on iPhone data plans and subscribers jumping ship from their previous carriers to get one. Might be a good time to buy stock...and finally have a reason to unhide my Stocks App icon for the first time in ages...
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      Quote Originally Posted by Zeal View Post
      I blame Canada.
      Why do americans always blame Canadians? Oh ya, I no we r the only country to beat u in a war (but u probably don't learn about it because u lost)
    1. Melech518's Avatar
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      Nah...its because Canada just plain sucks
    1. djdraco's Avatar
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      Steve Jobs is a true American, a g-d d-mned yankee doodle (for anyone who remembers oceans 13)
    1. smuggler's Avatar
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      gotta love bein' an american

      Quote Originally Posted by denniswang44 View Post
      bloody americans

      america is the greatest? right..... sarcasm
      it is better than that arctic frozen wasteland of a country you've got. "bloody" canadians. keep you're negative comments ABOOT us americans to yourselves. just 'cause we've got all the electronics we want, you gotta go and have a hate fest on us.