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  • TomTom Turn by Turn GPS - $100 in AppStore Now

    TomTom iPhone navigation software has been rumored for over a year, and kept appearing in the media... and it's finally here.

    Priced at a wallet-crunching $99.99, TomTom U.S. and Canada is just as good as the TomTom products - with a few big usability features that shine, mostly benefits of the iPhone OS itself. Pinch and zoom on the map works as expected, as well as plugging in an address from your recent searches or anyone in your contacts. Of course it also works in both landscape and portrait mode.

    I haven't tried out the IQ Routes TomTom touts as "award-winning technology," but the premise is it calculates the smartest, most efficient route - not just the shortest - based on the actual driving experience of millions of TomTom users.

    The app currently has maps for the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. The developer name they are using is TomTom International BV, which makes you think they'll be adding new countries soon... and at over 1.2 GB for this one, I'm betting they'll be separate apps. Hope you don't travel too much.

    A car mount is listed from TomTom, although there's no word on pricing or availability yet... which is strange since they link to that page from their AppStore listing.

    TomTom (iTunes Link)

    [thanks to JazJon and all who sent this one in]
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    1. chaingang54's Avatar
      chaingang54 -
      Now I just need to buy this for my iPhone 2g, https://www.orangegadgets.com/shop/p...&products_id=1 so that the GPS function works.
    1. xfsasx's Avatar
      xfsasx -
      Quote Originally Posted by chaingang54 View Post
      Now I just need to buy this for my iPhone 2g, https://www.orangegadgets.com/shop/p...&products_id=1 so that the GPS function works.
      i got the igpsd cable and a holux-1200 for 50 bucks and it worked amazing, it even has bluetooth(not working though....yet). I only used it a couple times though cause i got a 3g now lol
    1. jadi929's Avatar
      jadi929 -
      i dont suppose this works with the original 1st gen iphone?
    1. kwickone's Avatar
      kwickone -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jorgepinzon10 View Post
      Why would someone spend 100 bucks on this, if the built in map app does exactly the same thing?
      Well because the built-in map does not do the exact same thing. The built in map is just that...a map. Sure it can do a route for you, but it is not close to a full Turn-by-turn navigation app.

      I must say, I do agree that $100 is too steep....however, I am also a die hard TomTom user for a long time. I will likely get it despite the cost. I have heard mixed reviews of the other Navi apps available....TomTom has always put out a quality product.
    1. jetlorider's Avatar
      jetlorider -
      This guy is going to make bank!!! if people actually buy this app........

      common really???....are apps that bad in demand...is this app like the RAREST of the RAREST or something?...common REALLY? $99 just for driving directions? are people that really lost out there on the road??? If im going to pay $99 for a app like that...it better teleport me from point A to point B.

      drop the price yo! even rich people would say that would be too high of a price for an app like that....n rich people dont even drive...they fly in their private jet or have someone drive them.
    1. odbtgdy's Avatar
      odbtgdy -
      hey Tom Tom you think we're that Dum Dum !!!!
    1. Zeal's Avatar
      Zeal -
      Only 100$??

    1. jayson9's Avatar
      jayson9 -
      Quote Originally Posted by odbtgdy View Post
      hey Tom Tom you think we're that Dum Dum !!!!
      They are willing to bet $100 that you are!
    1. agent005's Avatar
      agent005 -
      I know! I can save a $100 and learn to use an actual physical map! Call me crazy....
    1. Rescuer's Avatar
      Rescuer -
      I love my jailbroken phone

      nuff said
    1. Napoleon_PhoneApart's Avatar
      Napoleon_PhoneApart -
      Just a thought - buy a refurb unit:

      Newegg.com - Recertified: Tom Tom One 130 3.5"GPS Navigation with Spoken instruction

      Newegg.com - Recertified: TomTom XL330S 4.3" GPS Navigation with Text-to-Speech

      I just bought second one (with TTS) and it looks new and works great.
    1. Fallguy's Avatar
      Fallguy -
      I think I will stick to my $50 TOMTOM one I already have .
    1. Go Gators's Avatar
      Go Gators -
      How stupid!! The map app that comes with the iphone does the same thing for free. Who would spend a $100 just so their map app talks to them when it's time to turn? I could see $30-40 but $100 is crazy!
    1. scoot3r90's Avatar
      scoot3r90 -
      awesome app, but not worth it.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      This could be an ok deal IF they provide frequent updates to their maps FOR FREE. Map pack software costs about 60 bucks a year. If we can get updates more frequent than yearly, I can see this as a decent deal. Otherwise I will stick with my Garmin.

      Quote Originally Posted by Go Gators View Post
      How stupid!! The map app that comes with the iphone does the same thing for free. Who would spend a $100 just so their map app talks to them when it's time to turn? I could see $30-40 but $100 is crazy!
      No it doesn't do the same thing. If it DID, why would you justify even 30-40 bucks? This does vocal turn by turn, live 3D maps, among other things. When you are trying to get someplace and you are alone in your car it is MUCH safer and more convenient to have a voice telling you where to go and visuals on where to turn automatically rather than having to tab through google maps. Google maps is great, but it does not have the full features of a true turn by turn gps as this tomtom app does. The argument is like wondering why someone would pay for email/online storage when we can get the same things for free. Sometimes when all features are rolled into a simple convenient package it is worth the premium for people. I agree it is overpriced, but hvaving used iPhone's navigon and standalone GPS units I would have to say that they are MUCH more than the standard maps app that the iPhone has.
    1. Taz1981's Avatar
      Taz1981 -
      I have the navigon car GPS and love it. they have an app and if it is anything like the car I would go that way I kow it is a heck of a lot cheaper
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      wow. This thread needs more complaints
    1. pcguysam's Avatar
      pcguysam -
      Navigon did not work well for me in Puerto Rico this past week. It would give me an error connecting to the Satellite in places where XGPS and Maps was working fine. I was a bit disappointed and reverted to my regular Magellan GPS. Hopefully TomTom is better.
    1. adp's Avatar
      adp -
      Been reading the reviews. Apparently maps are outdated, as are the POI's. Also, no spoken-street names. Big letdown for me. I'll stick to Navigon and buy the TomTom car kit to enhance the antenna. The app is defintely overpriced.
    1. stizzi's Avatar
      stizzi -
      Lmao jailllllbroken Iphones = epic day