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  • PushMail, Fulfill your 'Push' e-mail needs (GIVEAWAY ENDED!)

    PushMail is a new app available on the AppStore, created by a developer named Simon Patarin. Generally, I don't use apps on my iPhone / iPod Touch much but this one with it's nice and simple productivity features surprised me.

    The app does one thing, and does it well - gives you a PUSH notification whenever you receive a new e-mail. For infinite number of e-mail addresses on any server - Hotmail, GMail, UNIX or even your company's private one (like @modmyi.com). There's no lengthy setup either! The Push feature in the app has been implemented in an intelligent way, not new, but feels fresher than other Push mail apps in the store.

    When you first open the app, you enter in a username and a password for a NEW e-mail account. After you're done, all you have to do is set-up all your desired e-mail addresses to forward a copy (NOT the original!) of any e-mail to yourusername@dopushmail.com. In web mails like GMail you can even set a filter on what to forward, like preventing any e-mails from your bank to be forwarded. Now, the problem here for most of you must be security. The developer ensures that the e-mail is kept on their server ONLY until a push notification is created and is then deleted. Even better, you don't have to put any credentials for your other e-mail accounts! Simon does give another pretty good logic regarding the security problems.

    The mails you forward to the dopushmail server are sent in clear, sure, but that's exactly what they did to reach your own mail provider in the first place, so that does not change the overall security of the system.
    The developer also provides with the set-up instructions on the app's webpage if you have a GMail account or UNIX-based address.

    The only question is how much can you depend on its efficiency? Well, you can't stake your life on it, but can't blame the developer for it... in fact, all failure can be from Apple's side ONLY or if you don't have an active/fast connection. It also does depend if you're on 3G / EDGE or GPRS because notification on Wi-Fi is instantaneous - to be more accurate, notification was received in about 2 seconds of receiving an e-mail on my 2 MBPS connection. Another simple issue with the current version which can be improved in future is if you have multiple addresses forwarding your e-mail to the app, you won't know from which address it comes.

    If you really believe that you need to be informed about e-mails 24x7 without sitting on your computer, checking it all the time then this app is meant for you and won't really hurt at $4.99 though it does get a bit up there! Buy it from AppStore here (iTunes Link).

    For those still skeptical, Simon's been nice enough to provide with TEN promo codes for a giveaway! If you want to win ONE of the TEN, just leave a comment below in the format "PM- Your comment". You're good to go if you have a US iTunes account - blame Apple, not us. If you don't put the 'PM-' in there, you won't be entered... This giveaway ends on 18th August at <s>5 pm</s> 4:30 pm GMT. The winners will be announced within 24 hours after the giveaway ends.

    P.S. Apple's implementation of PUSH Notification is poor, so you will be notified only of the latest e-mail out of all your e-mail accounts.

    The contest has officially ended and the winners are supershick, GHOSTYAIRO, fsdpmc, nwcorey, Nickfranco5, billchase2, skb875, agent005, operate and DarkDragonAn

    UPDATE: The code received by each in the first PM is an expired one. I've sent the replacement to all in second PM.
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    1. vincentpjimenez's Avatar
      vincentpjimenez -
      PM- great genius app! wanna try one for sure!
    1. agent005's Avatar
      agent005 -
      PM- This looks interesting... Seems to be put together really well
    1. tmokorn's Avatar
      tmokorn -
      PM- Cool thx
    1. klouud's Avatar
      klouud -
      PM- the beans, they are a cool.
    1. geo411m's Avatar
      geo411m -
      PM- I'm surprised no one made this sooner. It seems like such a simple idea for a missing iphone feature.
    1. 24trepid's Avatar
      24trepid -
      PM- Awesome !!!!!!!!!
    1. xxhorseriderxxx's Avatar
      xxhorseriderxxx -
      PM- I'd love to use this, I'll even do a free review on iPodTouchFans! (since there's already one in this thread)
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by algojobathosai View Post
      Logicly YES!!!
      No... not at all actually

      So I took the plunge and just bought it. Works great, but still not sure if it was worth the 5 bucks. Overnight (about 6-8 hours of idle time) my phone saves about 4% battery (drains 6% instead of 10%) having turned off 15 minute fetch e-mails. For me, the money comes in the battery savings more than the instant emails. 15 minutes was just fine for me. It really is instant, or damn near close. I get a push notification about 2-5 seconds after the email is received (based one some tests). I did notice that if I email myself (on gmail) it will not send a push notification, but I think that has more to do with gmail than this service.
    1. reaves205's Avatar
      reaves205 -
      PM - Great!!
    1. dhsteiner's Avatar
      dhsteiner -
      PM- This is awesome!
    1. wtfwtf222's Avatar
      wtfwtf222 -
      PM - Looks useful.
    1. DaveLaSoul's Avatar
      DaveLaSoul -
      PM- I'll give it a shot.
    1. trackside2's Avatar
      trackside2 -
      PM -Nice work!!
    1. evilr6's Avatar
      evilr6 -
      PM- I would like to give this a try!
    1. Fist vs Tact's Avatar
      Fist vs Tact -
      PM- I'm totally in for this.
    1. minoba82's Avatar
      minoba82 -
      PM- Sounds great. I hope I win.
    1. debbcity's Avatar
      debbcity -
      PM- . <3 modmyi
    1. bharder9's Avatar
      bharder9 -
      PM- Sweet. Love to try it.
    1. Cardiac's Avatar
      Cardiac -
      PM- Its the only thing I miss from my CrackBerry...
    1. darius359's Avatar
      darius359 -
      PM - Looking forward to using this finally!!