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  • Google Voice Coming via Webapp

    Google [and the FCC] wasn't too impressed by Apple's decision to block their Google Voice app from the App Store and has proceeded on another solution. Now they are working on a webapp (something that doesn't need Apple's approval) specifically designed for the iPhone with a appearance identical to the app that Apple rejected.
    Google says it is readying a replacement for the Google Voice app that will offer exactly the same features as the rejected app—except that it will take the form of a specialized, iPhone-shaped Web page. For all intents and purposes, it will behave exactly the same as the app would have; you can even install it as an icon on your Home screen.
    Nice move Google, not as cool as GV Mobile releasing on Cydia, but still . . .

    via nytimes
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    1. ihaveabu's Avatar
      ihaveabu -
      Quote Originally Posted by udance4ever View Post
      wow - can web-based apps access the iPhone's address book?

      would seem like a security issue to me!

      this is definitely good news nonetheless!
      i'm pretty sure it'll just use your google contacts. google voice wasn't supposed to use your iphone contacts to begin with...
    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      how you like THEM apples... apple lol
    1. Faxmonkey's Avatar
      Faxmonkey -
      But this kills my dreams for push notifications for incoming texts -- although I can have GV forwards texts to email so if I just get push notifications on gmail I guess that'll be the same thing.
    1. dirtidancinboy's Avatar
      dirtidancinboy -
      hey i know this is an old thread - just thought i'd throw it out there SMS GV Extension works on my iPhone 4 and iPad 1 like a charm - been lovin it the last few days!