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  • Otterbox Defender for iPhone 3G / 3GS, One hell of a tough case (GIVEAWAY ENDED)
    A few days ago, I received the Otterbox Defender case for iPhone 3G / 3GS. I've heard many people saying it's extremely strong - but I don't believe before I see for myself. And this case lives up to the hype!

    People call it a "tank" - and I agree, it actually is. The case is bulky for a reason - ultimate protection! Moreover, the company has succeeded to design the case in such a way that it feels much more slick. In fact, they've even slimmed down the packaging, which is quite different from the old 'box-type' I've seen in certain videos - pictures below.

    It's really a chore to put this case on the first time. After that, it takes no more than a minute or so. They even provide instructions to put on the case. It's got a hard plastic body - two parts - and a real thick silicone cover to put over it for extra drop protection - it bounced for me even after dropping the phone from 7 feet! They also provide you with a holster clip which can be set at 24 different angles. The phone is placed with the other parts on with the face inwards and holds real snug in place, so tight that it becomes hard to remove let alone that the phone will ever fall.

    The case itself looks really nice and feels nice in the hand. Everything is covered with the silicone on from the headphone jack to the dock connector. The case even has a built in camera protection and a screen protector, which works pretty well. The screen protector does give a watermark effect but it doesn't really bother me. Otterbox does provide a temporary solution:

    Use the natural oil from your skin and apply to the screen.
    Visit our knowledge base to learn how: How do I get rid of the bubbles/oil-slick on the screen of my iPhone case?
    The only other problem I faced was you need to insert your nail in to turn the silent mode on / off, as it's pretty recessed other than that, all is easily accessible. Overall, this case is a must buy at the price tag of $49.95 if you really need to protect your investment. It's available at Otterbox here in FOUR colors though they currently have ONLY black in stock.

    Otterbox has been nice enough to provide us with TWO extra giveaway pieces! To enter, just let me know by putting a "O-" at the starting of your comment! The winners will be announced on 15th August at 5pm GMT. This contest is open to everyone and the case can be shipped WORLDWIDE! Please do not enter more than once.

    P.S. This case is NOT waterproof... so don't even try. :P

    The contest has officially ended and the winners are unlockingsky and Greenelbow

    UPDATE: As Greenelbow never replied, I am replacing him with kadinh.
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    1. fsdpmc's Avatar
      fsdpmc -
      O- looks good
    1. bmx1234's Avatar
      bmx1234 -
      I want a tank as my iPhone!
    1. alghawas's Avatar
      alghawas -

      Oh great! This would be great for a birthday present (It's my birthday today).

      (I know I'm not going to win ... NO. YES I WILL) Please?
    1. kadinh's Avatar
      kadinh -
      O- these cases work really good. Just don't get sawdust inside them. After that they're pretty much gone. But really nice cases nonetheless.
    1. fwillhoft's Avatar
      fwillhoft -
      o- thats nice.
    1. alaiwy's Avatar
      alaiwy -
      O- how I would love to have one of these cases!
    1. Bonee90's Avatar
      Bonee90 -
      Looks gr8
    1. Paccoco's Avatar
      Paccoco -
      O- These look Nice and if it can protect like you say WIN
    1. dknlego's Avatar
      dknlego -
    1. hondakorn's Avatar
      hondakorn -
      O- I could soooo use this case at the site and not be afraid of pulling my iphone out to use it.
    1. sscerberus's Avatar
      sscerberus -
      O- pick me! I have tried several cases and haven't liked any of them this would def meet the desires i'm looking for.
    1. darylzero's Avatar
      darylzero -
      O-words cant express how much i Want U
    1. yakface's Avatar
      yakface -
      O- This would be perfect for mountain biking! Much better that popping my SIM in a crappy phone!
    1. Borgstif's Avatar
      Borgstif -
      O- i think
    1. wakka102's Avatar
      wakka102 -
      O- I want one!
    1. tdvb85's Avatar
      tdvb85 -
      O-Please give me one!
    1. mgdsbc's Avatar
      mgdsbc -
      O- that things is a beast
    1. jeystar's Avatar
      jeystar -
      I hope i get one.
    1. hfinmyblood's Avatar
      hfinmyblood -
      O- damn, i hope i win something once in my life. Let the Iphone protection gods be on my side. *Crosses fingers*
    1. scottfrobb's Avatar
      scottfrobb -
      O- That is one hell of a case