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  • Griffin AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone, Design Meets Tech [GIVEAWAY ENDED]

    Today I received a much anticipated package from Griffin Technology containing the AirCurve. It's basically an acoustic amplifier - the 'wow' factor being it doesn't need any electricity (or have any piece of wiring inside for that matter)! And no, it's not alien tech... just pure engineering sense.

    Griffin AirCurve is made for those who do not like the super expensive speakers available but would like a nice little solution for boosting up their iPhone's speakers. Griffin's AirCurve took traditional amplifiers to another level where there exists NO techy stuff inside - just <s>some simple</s> engineering tricks. It's the creators who can explain the secret behind it better than anyone else.

    AirCurve looks like a simple, elegantly minimal stand for your iPhone. But inside is a coiled waveguide "horn' that collects the sound from the built-in speaker of your iPhone, amplifies it (by about 10 decibels), and projects it into the room. AirCurve's waveguide has been mathematically engineered to deliver amazing amplification -- you'll swear there are full-sized speakers in there. And AirCurve's see-through translucent polycarbonate body lets you appreciate the graceful curves inside that do all the work.

    In simple words, it's made precisely such that all the sound gets collected from the iPhone's speaker at a single point and then amplified in a completely natural manner. In fact, when I tested this for myself, I could actually hear the music at the other end of room which wasn't the case before as it's a pretty HUGE room. It sure does make a pretty BIG difference.

    Not only does it work as advertised but looks great as well! The glass design looks classy and shows off the 'no wire and design only' concept in a stylish manner. Another cool thing about the product is you can even sync / charge your iPhone while using it with the AirCurve! There's no wireless magic here but the design offers a simple way to place the 30-pin connector of your iPhone's USB cable just where it's dock connector sits which makes it possible for you to connect and sync / charge.

    There are no second thoughts on this product! Worth the mere $20 price tag and a keeper for any iPhone owner - even if you just want a simple docking station. Get it directly from Griffin Technology here. It also comes with two dock adapters, each for original iPhone and the iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS which makes it compatible with the older generation.

    If you are thinking about getting one, we ARE giving away FIVE of these! To enter, just let me know by putting a "P-" at the starting of your comment! The winners will be announced on 8th August at 5pm GMT. This contest is open ONLY to the US residents, sorry guys.

    The contest has officially ended and the winners are Zeal, JazJon, StealthBravo, rwin84 and lillewis51. Be expecting a PM from me!
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    1. ceelo2008's Avatar
      ceelo2008 -
      P I really would like to try one of these
    1. PaperCross's Avatar
      PaperCross -
      P - Me want!!!
    1. scuba's Avatar
      scuba -
      P- Looks cool I would like to have it..Thanks
    1. superscreen's Avatar
      superscreen -
      P-I want one.
    1. kraziebone's Avatar
      kraziebone -
      P- I usually enter these contests just to get free stuff but this is actually a really cool idea. I love it, keep up the goods Griffin
    1. deejaycaius's Avatar
      deejaycaius -
      P- sounds like an interesting product/solution, count me in!

    1. emendonca79's Avatar
      emendonca79 -
      P- This was a great invention for a great affortable price...keep up the good job guys.

      8-) Me want one!
    1. supershick's Avatar
      supershick -
      P- Would love to have one of these. This is engineering at it's best...seriously
    1. khaine74's Avatar
      khaine74 -
      P- I, too saw one of these..would like to hear it before I buy it.
    1. submariner23's Avatar
      submariner23 -
      P- I need one for my office.
    1. UKFitch21's Avatar
      UKFitch21 -
      -P freaking sweet! Good luck to everyone!
    1. FURBY8704's Avatar
      FURBY8704 -
      looks real dope!...thanx for the post =]
    1. cadtek's Avatar
      cadtek -
      P- It's Similar to Bose Technology with the Wave Radio
    1. slacker4_1's Avatar
      slacker4_1 -
      P- hope i win
    1. elementvdz's Avatar
      elementvdz -
      P-This thing looks amazing, but I'm not very lucky so I probably won't win one.
    1. xSkaterOnex's Avatar
      xSkaterOnex -
      P- Always wanted something without taking a chunk out of my money to increase sound!!
    1. timbo's Avatar
      timbo -
      P-Count me in too
    1. rabbittpro's Avatar
      rabbittpro -
      P- This is really HOT!. I would love this for my desk in my office!
    1. kiddawg's Avatar
      kiddawg -
      P- Wow...never seen that before. I want one
    1. Kingz289's Avatar
      Kingz289 -
      "P-" wow that's cool I hope I can get one