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  • From Jailbreak to AppStore (and back?!?!) [GIVEAWAY INSIDE]

    Remember Buzzer? Or any of the MooCow apps like Band? How bout THTouch? Garf? Dactyl? iBlackjack?

    All of these were once in Installer (heck, remember Installer?!?) as jailbreak apps - pre-AppStore. Those were just some of the apps ModMyi hosted, and there's tons more that were on Installer on other sources - TapTap Revolution, NeverPutt, Lights Off, Twinkle, iBeer, WeDict, Trism, Sketches, DropCopy, iComic, Tunewiki, Labyrinth, Lexitron, Crosswalk, iWoman, MPG, CalcPaper, ShopList, Domino, ToDo, iSlots, and PocketMoney for example. When the AppStore went live, many devs were able to use their extensive testing in the jailbreak community to release great AppStore apps. (Here's iTunes links for the ones I named in first paragraph: Buzzer | Band | THTouch | Garf | Dactyl | iBlackjack (now Blackjack 21) ).

    The AppStore started as a brilliant new market for devs to gather success in, and guaranteed instant ROI for early entrants. Now, however, with the number of apps pushing past 60,000, the AppStore is fast becoming a cluttered file cabinet in which nothing can be found. $0.99 apps reign supreme on every top chart, forcing large companies to rethink decisions on million dollar budgets for flippin sweet games they could have sold at $9.99 (as they did early on) in favor of cheaper apps they can churn out monthly and sell at a buck or three. Sure, "there's an app for that," definitely rings true with 60k apps... but where's the innovation going to be if you drive all devs into $0.99 RefuseLand?

    Apple obviously banked on success with this model of profit (sell a sweet phone, make money off the software), but I'm pretty sure they didn't have a clue HOW successful it would be. The payment system and reporting areas for AppStore devs are anything BUT Apple-esque. They're confusing, strangely organized, and payments often come in late and unlabeled. Amounts are regularly off (assuming from the various tax laws) but with no clear explanation anywhere. Apps are approved in a day or in 90, with no standard and no reason. Dev's receive rejection letters citing outlandish reasoning, while other apps whose sole objection is to shake a baby to its death are approved (albeit quickly pulled when the media gets wind of it). Fart apps are told they can't be in the AppStore, then weeks later reach the top 10. It seems Apple needs to hire some more folks to keep up and revitalize.

    Meanwhile, the Cydia Store is becoming a more and more viable option for individual developers. With nearly a quarter million dollars in revenue already, developers are starting to pay more attention to Cydia as a sustainable source of income. While $250,000 in revenue over a few months is paltry compared to the AppStore's glory, it's impressive none-the-less - Cydia has less than 40 paid packages currently. It's got a user base of millions, and with a much smaller number of packages, sales are doing great for devs. I've got emails in my inbox from more than one AppStore dev thinking about pulling their app from Apple and vending in Cydia instead. And we're not the only one - other Cydia repo owners are already hosting lite versions of AppStore apps as advertisement, and incoming AppStore apps removed from Apple are the next logical step for many devs.

    Of course, this is not to say the AppStore isn't a solid way to generate income - it definitely is. The point being, until recently, it was the ONLY option, and is congested and feeling some growing pains. It's very interesting to see emails coming in from devs thinking about backing OUT of the AppStore into Cydia.


    Finally, why not give something away? Buzzer, one of those Cydia to AppStore apps, just hit the AppStore recently, and we've got 5 promo codes to give out. Only works in the US AppStore, so be aware of that. All you've gotta do to win one is reply to this thread with your thoughts on the story (if you've got one sentence to say, I'm not even gonna count it), and we'll choose 5 random winners Thursday morning (EST).
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    1. code3-ems's Avatar
      code3-ems -
      Ok, give me please...
    1. alanflowerman's Avatar
      alanflowerman -
      I'm not a "dev" but am currently trying to convince two separate devs to go to Cydia store, one guy has a brilliant app that will be ruined if its put in the AppStore. It will get lost in all the clutter and cr@p. To run at it's best it would need to run in the background and Apple ain't gonna let that happen. If he puts in the AppStore it will get hawked for $2.00 maybe $3.00. But running right systemwide its worth $10.00.
      Good apps are worth good $$$ I use CydiaStore and Rock Your Phone Apps not because they are free but because they are GOOD and push the phone to do what works for me. The AppStore is now little more than a junk yard so full of cr@p that I can't be bothered looking anymore..
      AlanF (UK)
    1. reggie6801's Avatar
      reggie6801 -
      to tell you the truth as cydia gains more and more exposure and popularity, I believe that it can one day compete with the appstore. the various venders and app developers are seeing the benefits of utilizing cydia over the appstore.
    1. mad102190's Avatar
      mad102190 -
      I feel that because of the whole "you can only sell a lot if you sell for $0.99" system, is the root cause of all the horrible apps on the AppStore. From a consumer perspective, it sucks. What ever happened to competition drives innovation? But from a developer perspective, it could almost be smarter to sell on Cydia; however I don't know what the numbers are on the "other side." Some really really cool apps could be made for the iPhone, but if you can only sell for $1, then I feel like the devs don't try as hard, and if they do try and then sell it for more, people are just gonna crack it and get it for free. Apple needs to do something about this loophole, and they need to do it quick. But anyways, I would like to win a promo code, because this game reminds me of the game on PS3, called Buzz! Quiz TV, which is like my favorite game ever!
    1. GHOSTYAIRO's Avatar
      This is definitively one of the reasons why apple wants the jailbreak to be illegal, they're loosing it, they want to be the king of the applications but the reject great applications like GV Mobile or google's app itself, and let application that doesn't do anything at all (I don't want to say names for respect to the developers).
      At this point even great games will be leaving apple for good and will take cydia as their "home sweet-app home"
      That would be really good, because that way the jailbreak community would grow even more.
      Because 1 thing I hate about appstore is the fact that some apps are crap, but we spend about a dollar buying them just to see if they are good. (that's why I love Appolous) I've brought about 15 apps from the appstore and 3 from cydia, so the percent based on the amount of app to sell tells me that cydia won, at least for me.
    1. taz1981m's Avatar
      taz1981m -
      Ah the old'en days of JB and pretty sweet apps that were FREE. can't beat that.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      I agree with the only one outlet to have developers put there work is rough. It is like opening only one store in a major city and no others are allowed in. The appstore has been packed with a lot of stuff that you have to sift through to find what you want. Also the apps that are developed for cydia are more useful because they harness the real power of the iPhone by letting it do major things. Such as DiDitDahText or yourtube which allow you to embed the program within local programs.
      Also to some that I have seen on other forums, having everything free is not the purpose of jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is for you to have a more open world, some of the stuff is free but quality is better rewarded.

      I wouldn't mind a free game but still a great article.
    1. an0ther's Avatar
      an0ther -
      I think it is great that Cydia is making money off of their new store. The App Store is nice and has some top notch programs, but it is very limited. There may be 60k apps, but 40k of them are probably worthless. Everytime I click on the "whats new" tab.. it's the same thing as last time. Cydia's "changes" tab is wonderful. Sure it's not all glamorous looking, but you don't need to press "load next 25." Then.. of course.. you have your awesome programs on Cydia that App Store would never allow. Winterboard, Yourtube, OpenSSH, Terminal, SBSettings, Cycorder for 2g/3g, and of course my favorite, iFile...

      One thing that I did not like about Cydia Store was the part where you need to verify with google or facebook. I don't like the fact that you need to enter your email password. I know that this does not go to Cydia, but it still caught me off guard. IMO for verification, you should have to enter your email and Cydia would send you a verification link. Simply click/activate and you are set.

      2nd.. I am no programmer by any means.. but I am really surprised that more specific apps have not hit Cydia yet. Why has no one jumped on the SABnzb ball? App Store has myNZB which freakin sucks because you can only load nzb's from Newzbin. I would easily pay $5.99+ for an SABnzb app that I could load my freshly downloaded .nzb files from the new Safari Downloader. Why has SendSong not been ported since the 1.1.3 days? Simply email your music "without guessing the file," or make a ringtone in seconds!! A bluetooth tool to send your phonebook to certain bluetooth devices would be nice too. These are just a few examples, but I could name plenty more.

      Overall, Cydia is great! I could care less about loading time that really doesn't take that long. If you were to make it look pretty, I think that would ruin the overall feel to it. I have 3 times as many apps installed from Cydia as I do the App Store. Keep up the great work Jay Freeman!

      btw.. if anyone would like specific details on what an good nzb program should include.. drop me a msg. I feel you could make some bank if you advertised correctly!
    1. agent005's Avatar
      agent005 -
      The jailbreak community has come a long way, hasn't it?

      I remember those old apps, and they really are gems. I can't believe that people are actually starting to make some serious cash off of just a little innovation...but that's the way things work. It's barely been a year...I wonder what else they will think of.

      I really hope that Apple changes something that will make the app store better. At first, I was able to browse and see many an app. Now? I can't find anything. Most apps just copy off one another...with different UI. The farting apps are a perfect example.

      Anyway. Here's to entering into another contest I'm sure I won't win, but hey, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take right?
    1. jmnorton82's Avatar
      jmnorton82 -
      I miss that game, that would be cool!!
    1. SuddleD's Avatar
      SuddleD -
      I think the Cydia store is a nice alternative to developers who cannot get past the apple review process. Its nice to see things go the other way as well for developers. I hope all good apps can make it our phones somehow, I don't really care if its via cydia or appstore, just keep the quality coming.
    1. soto806's Avatar
      soto806 -
      whooo! free apps!
    1. oldskoolkid13's Avatar
      oldskoolkid13 -
      Haha I remember all those apps way back when... I think i actually beta tested for iBlackjack. I think its good that they all got thier start on installer because they had a whole community to test thier app and give accurate feedback on its concept and function. In fact, I think more developers should put in cydia during testing and whatnot...
    1. Crosseyes's Avatar
      Crosseyes -
      It's about bloody time this happened! Cydia has always been a better choice for developers! With no rediculous sign-up fee for a developer program and no content restrictions, as well as the reasons in the first post, Im truly shocked it took the developers this long! I think we can add +1 for the jailbreak community, and still 0 for Apple (unless you factor in the sh!tstorm that turned into the iPhone 3GS, then it'd be -1)

      But of course, this will come with side effects. This will aggrivate Apple more than they already are from their newest loss of revenue (first, unlocking. Then App cracking). While I support the major devs switching, I just want them to be careful and not push Apple off the "assassinate-you-in-your-sleep" deep end.

      <3 you guys

      Edit: Another point I'd like to bring up is the contrast between app store customers and Cydia customers: most app store customers are young, naive, and/or stupid. They wouldn't know a good app if it bit them in their freshly descended [Redacted]. Thankfully, these are the kind of people who don't know how to or have never heard of jailbreak, or the ones that fall for Apple's propaganda. The common prescence of intelligence shared by Cydia customers makes us a responsible and trustworthy community "Blam!" system, so us as a whole will be able to ease stress on repo maintainers and keep the Cydia store clean.
    1. QuakeSocrates's Avatar
      QuakeSocrates -
      cydia will always be an underground resource for people who spend a lot of time trolling forums. The majority of people already know from their own experience that most applications available to date have very little reusability after a few rounds. That's why you see 99 cent apps everywhere.

      I commend your drive to pursue this alternative way of getting the apps to people but frankly if your unsigned with the mainstream crowd your chances are slim to make waves against the app store.

      gl though.

      I'm a Sagittarius...If you don't want to hear the truth then don't ask
    1. isanta's Avatar
      isanta -
      would love to win this app. I feel the same wy the appstore is just way to overcrowed, and a majority of the apps are complete garbage. it really just takes away from the people that put time in effort into making quality apps. I prefer the cydia store instead, I have actually spent ore there then I have in the appstore, I love yourtube and haptic pro
    1. river0's Avatar
      river0 -
      I remember when Installer disappeared. I was bereft and resented Cydia, which I now love. I imagine such a change will happen again and again I'll resent it, mostly because change reminds me I'm a creature of time and that I don't have an unlimited supply. But when all is said and done, 3-party apps are the life blood of a device, a pooling of creativity, ideas, fun, and community, real community. I remember the heady days of the Palm Pilot and how things went happily viral when HackMaster was slipped for FREE to the community at large, allowing many of us to execute our ideas without Palm looking over our shoulders and benefiting us all. So, here's to thirty party apps, whatever their repository!
    1. win1fight2's Avatar
      win1fight2 -
      Having option is good. We will keep supporting cydia. ;D
    1. Mareshalu's Avatar
      Mareshalu -
      If cydia was not my iphone would hurt a lot
      If Apple was open we could see Steve's arse
      If we wouldn't need phones the iphone would be not

      ...after only 6 becks
    1. KISDNetman's Avatar
      KISDNetman -
      Hello and thanks for the update on this game being available on the AppStore. This is one of the first programs I redownload after each FW upgrade. My kids love playing this game. Looking forward to winning one of the free one's from the AppStore. I like they way you can choose a genre or playlist for it to use instead of pulling from the whole library. It's pretty hard when you have 4000 songs or so to know exactly which song/album/cover it is showing. Great App, can't wait to see what it does in the Appstore. Thanks again for the reveiw!!