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  • California Court Grants Sony Restraining Order Against Geohot

    The Washington Post is reporting this morning that a California court has approved Sony's restraining order against Geohot.

    Less than three weeks ago, the consumer electronics giant Sony proceeded to file the order against jailbreaker extraordinaire George Hotz, aka Geohot. Hotz and his team were in Sony's legal line of sight for allegedly bypassing "effective technological protective measures" in PlayStation 3 firmware version 3.55. Earlier this month, Geohot released a controversial jailbreak which enables PlayStation 3 hackers to run custom packages on the console.

    [Hotz] maintains that he never intended the hack to aid game piracy and, in fact, told the G4 network show "Attack of the Show" that he took measures to keep the code from being used in that manner.
    Sony has previously encountered some resistance in its pursuit of a temporary restraining order when Judge Susan Illston "expressed reservations over whether or not her jurisdiction extended to the case." The California court, however, ultimately sided with Sony. And the rest is now history.

    According to published reports, Sony's temporary restraining order (TRO) requires Geohot to stop putting hacker-related information and instructions on the web about the PS3 hack. Hotz has all but 10 days to comply with the court order and fork over his computers to the PlayStation maker. But as the Post notes, Geohot's hack is "readily available through mirror sites across the Internet." And Sony's restraining order is powerless to change that reality.

    So what is Sony trying to accomplish? Without question, Sony is trying to make an example out of Geohot. But will it work? As tech reporter Hayley Tsukayama observed in her Washington Post coverage, Hotz has "become something of a cult hero in the hacking community." Sony persecution will likely serve to only increase Geohot's celebrity status.

    Washington Post
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    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Wow, just wow! Nice picture George.
    1. feidhlim1986's Avatar
      feidhlim1986 -
      Hope George hacks the PSP2 next!
    1. jibaro3's Avatar
      jibaro3 -
      Apple will try this against jailbreake community creators I guaranty this.
    1. Turb02's Avatar
      Turb02 -
      They(Apple) sure will. This is the nail in the (JB)coffin.
    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      Sony sucks. They were so concerned about piracy one time they put a rootkit on their CD's. I'm not saying they shouldn't do something about piracy, but why spend more money stopping it than it will cost you?
    1. steeda763's Avatar
      steeda763 -
      I don't understand what turning his computers over to Sony is going to accomplish. What's to say he can't delete information? Or copy it all to his next computer?

      With his budding celebrity status and the empathy of millions in the community, I'm sure he'll have no problems in receiving donations to build a new computer...if Microsoft doesn't bribe him with a new rig, that is.
    1. Nickaroni22's Avatar
      Nickaroni22 -
      Sony is such a cry baby! The jailbreak is out, deal with it. If not GeoHot someone else, this battle can't be one. It's just cat and mouse game. It's gonna be interesting to see what Apple's gonna do.
    1. ipod touch u's Avatar
      ipod touch u -
      if jailbreaking is legal in the US, why would it be possible for apple to persecute someone for making a jailbreak? they had no intentions of causing piracy, its a known fact that piracy would be made easier on a jailbroken device. but why make it legal in the first place if you knew it was inevitable
    1. phoenix81's Avatar
      phoenix81 -
      I'd be pissed about giving up my property. It's official Sony sucks.
    1. Malojoven's Avatar
      Malojoven -
      ....Best Pic of 2011...

      << be Cool Bro >>
    1. Devilish4eveR's Avatar
      Devilish4eveR -
      This is sooooo f'ing LAME!!! Can't believe that stupid court ruled in favor of Sony... Pfff...

      This shows you that where there's $$$, there will always be injustice!!!

      Dude... You can ALWAYS count on us... If I need to make a donation to have u build a new PC or buy a Mac or whatever, lemme know.

      If it wasn't for ppl like GeoHot, jailbreaking & unlocking wouldn't be ANYTHING like it is right now....!!!!
    1. dhamien's Avatar
      dhamien -
      Not only is it lame, it's insane.

      If bypassing the security is actually illegal, there's no need for security at all. Sony can just tell its customers that it'll prosecute them and have them put in jail if said customers do something Sony doesn't like.
    1. OleBayCrab's Avatar
      OleBayCrab -
      He had to go and pick a gaming system. They are considered CPU's. Geo needed to just stick with the smartphones. They are protected. Now he's SCREWED. SONY ain't gonna just take it. They have more lawyers, they will make his life miserable. The "intent" doesn't matter, its the end result that's got him in hot water.
    1. nitrogen521's Avatar
      nitrogen521 -
      Well, he could just copy everything from his HD to his other HD.

      Watch microsoft hires him, give him a faster better PC, and trolls Sony.
    1. OleBayCrab's Avatar
      OleBayCrab -
      Also, a "California" court ruled this. They are the most liberal! He's SCREWED. He'll be literally drinking "LimeRa1n" with Jack Daniels by the end of the day. LOL!
    1. zeroskater61's Avatar
      zeroskater61 -
      But can they still do this after JB was made legal?? I mean isn't that what he is doing JB his PS3. It's his system there for he has the right to do what ever he wants with it. Same for with everyone else.

      But I do get the piracy part.
      Either way crazy stuff!!
    1. kingmofo's Avatar
      kingmofo -
      Wondering if Sony offered the judge to fully furnish her home with Sony products before she made the decision.
    1. amazad's Avatar
      amazad -
      I'd like to believe that Apple was the one who actually came up with the idea of suing geohot in the first place, but they decided to let Sony do it and see how it goes
    1. maddawg05's Avatar
      maddawg05 -
    1. Captinsmooth's Avatar
      Captinsmooth -
      This is going to have a serious impact if he can be held liable.