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  • Rebel Scholar Case for iPhone 3G / 3GS, Incase Beware! (GIVEAWAY ENDED)
    This is a review of the Rebel Scholar case, which definitely is a grand competitor to the reigning Incase sliders!

    If you haven't heard of Rebel Scholar, it's not surprising as they've <s>just</s> become the new kid on the block - but you'll be glad to know about them. They have great packaging and ship stuff fast - I received my package in only 3 days.

    They make cases very similar to most people's favorite, the Incase sliders, but with a 'twist' added - they have pretty cool designs printed on the back! And the printed ones cost the same as the normal Incase sliders. You'll love them, if the smaller color range doesn't bug you.

    I have tried both their special 'Mystery Meat' collection and the normal printed ones and both feel... pretty much the same. The only difference is the precisely and brilliantly laser etched Asian design on the back of the Mystery Meat cases which makes it unique. Personally, I don't like the limited edition Incase sliders (although the simple ones look pretty cool), so the Rebel Scholar is a good alternative to me. Another nice thing about the 'Mystery Meat' case - it comes in a swanky box. Very high profile. The box can be used as a case stand as well (it comes with special foam thing inside which can hold up to five cases like this).

    Check out a video demo of their etching process below:

    Like most other cases, these have perfect cut-outs for everything from dock-connector to headphone jack etc. It's a pretty snug fit as well, but I do feel that there is a minor defect in the case. When put on the iPhone, the bottom part is not in a perfect straight line with the top portion, it's a little bit off - but you might not notice it. EDIT - RebelScholar notes the slight misalignment was only because I had a review unit - their production units are spot on. Other than that, it feels much more "plasticky" - doesn't have that smooth Incase feel. EDIT: They do not accept returns, but gladly exchange any item (with a couple caveats).

    These cases are available directly from their site. The normal printed ones cost $35 but the more expensive Mystery Meat ones are $100 each! The price for the normal case is alright but the 'Mystery Meat' does get a bit up there.

    Finally, the company has been nice enough to provide me with FIVE extra $35 pieces, all with different designs. As you might have guessed, we will be giving these out randomly to you people! And no, there's not going to be any choice of designs for the winners. If you want to win one of the five, just leave a comment below in the format "RS- Your comment". I will ship these internationally and remember, if you don't put the 'RS' in there, you won't be entered... This giveaway ends on 3rd August at 5 pm GMT. The winners will be announced within 24 hours after the giveaway ends.

    UPDATE: We are giving away the following designs:

    1. Victory (White)
    2. Cupid Last Arrow (White)*
    3. Mystic Shadow (Blue)
    4. I Heart NY
    5. Fu Lu Shou

    To see how they look, check out the Rebel Scholar site.

    The contest has officially ended and the winners are kadinh, coloradoxmfan, zinjen, eclipseballer08 and timbo. Be expecting a PM from me!

    UPDATE: As kadinh never replied, I am replacing him with Zwayne.
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    1. usmcxmodmyi's Avatar
      usmcxmodmyi -
      RS-very nice designs,very elegant.
    1. jsounantha's Avatar
      jsounantha -
    1. myst789's Avatar
      myst789 -
      RS-Beautiful designs! I'm loving the stare case and the velvet cases! hmmm...i might have to pick up both...i'll pick one up as soon as i find a job!
    1. Boker's Avatar
      Boker -
      RS - o.O woot. A case with MMi on it would be sick.
    1. aqan's Avatar
      aqan -
      Wow.. just imagine how long would it take for a man to do this.
    1. FeistyGirl's Avatar
      FeistyGirl -
      RS- Pretty! I want one!
    1. poetofsound's Avatar
      poetofsound -
      RS - was going to buy one of these but was waiting to see what others thought of them
    1. kevintran3000's Avatar
      kevintran3000 -
      RS- these looks awesome!
    1. Tophertron's Avatar
      Tophertron -
      RS - I meant Incase sliders... Are they better than Incase sliders... Lol
    1. csworrell's Avatar
      csworrell -
      RS- Awesome.
    1. aqan's Avatar
      aqan -
      RS - Count me in
    1. ommak's Avatar
      ommak -
      RS- that's very amazing, the casings look pretty nice
    1. flacogp23's Avatar
      flacogp23 -
      RS- sign me up!
    1. jonppaa's Avatar
      jonppaa -
      RS- Looks good to me!
    1. fattylumpkin's Avatar
      fattylumpkin -
      RS - These look pretty decent. Thanks for the info!
    1. aerosolfaith's Avatar
      aerosolfaith -
      RS- count me in, but pls hurry B4 the new health care plan kills me :-)
    1. kennyleeme's Avatar
      kennyleeme -
      Rs - i love them!!! Give me please :d
    1. haruko05's Avatar
      haruko05 -
      RS - They look pretty.
    1. gamerguru's Avatar
      gamerguru -
      RS - I want one!
    1. robhard24's Avatar
      robhard24 -
      RS - those look really good. A lot better than the original case. And they are actually a great case to own.