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  • Chinese iPhone Imminent?

    Will the iPhone ever make it to China? According to Tech.QQ the answer is yes, by the end of September 2009 via China Unicom.
    • The Apple and China Unicom deal will be a 3-year exclusive.
    • The iPhone will be customized for the China market (e.g. Chinese language and preloaded with “for China” apps).
    • China Unicom will pay Apple 3,000 CNY ($439 USD) per unit.
    • China Unicom will subsidize iPhone by pricing the iPhone below the 3,000 CNY paid to Apple. This would take the official iPhone price below the grey-market price for smuggled iPhones.
    • China Unicom has promised to sell a minimum 1 million units per year with significantly higher sales targets.
    • The iPhone for China will make use of Apple’s China App Store.
    Maybe we can finally put the no yes no China iPhone news to rest.

    via iphonasia
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    1. terrorgen's Avatar
      terrorgen -
      the iPhone in China will be priced with a contract. However how long it will be is out of my knowledge.

      Also, the wifi feature in those phones will be taken out (no chip!), that's why it's priced lower.
    1. PlatoTheForms's Avatar
      PlatoTheForms -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sherm23 View Post
      You serious? Big Brother? Government Control? Communism? Ladies and gentleman I believe someone needs to go take a Survey of world politics class at their local community college. Try to find the pothead hippie for a teacher, easier grading and sometimes more animated in their teaching strategy.

      could this be a CDMA iphone? I seem to remember hearing that that was a deal maker/breaker for China. If so that yields some loverly possibilities!
      Thanks, I had it backwards I thought by "governmet spyware" he meant people creating applications to spy on government businesses.

      btw you seem to have your head in your *** when you say things like, "Ladies and gentleman I believe someone needs to go take a Survey of world politics class..."