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  • FlowChat - IRC on the iPhone [ GIVEAWAY INSIDE ]

    IRC is not dead. While its popularity has waned with the advent of the instant messenger and social site's chat apps like Facebook and MySpace, IRC remains an easy way to join groups of people and chat. And tons of news happens in IRC! There's hundred of thousands of chat rooms ranging from hunting to hacking, and yet a VERY few iPhone apps to get to these rooms. Enter FlowChat.

    The guys at Brancipater (yah, you know these guys... mbranes, francis, and pater) have put together a real nice looking app for reaching all your IRC friends and enemies. And yes, it does landscape.

    Functionally, its smooth and makes sense. Once you open the app, it automatically logs you into their IRC room, and you can easily add whichever servers you'd like by hitting the familiar plus sign in the top right corner. Adding a server has a LOT of info (more than I ever seem to need), but good stuff for you real IRC addicts I suppose.

    The app is separated into 4 main screens - Servers (which shows you the servers you have set up and whether you're connected or not to them), Chats (the actual rooms/PM's you are in), Logs (yup, every chat is logged automatically, although you could turn it off if you wanted), and Settings (obvious, and packed with features).

    Chats brings up a list at the top of the screen of all the rooms/PM's you are in at the moment, and has a nice badging system for number of messages in that chat you haven't seen. To navigate between the chats you simply tap them, and for multiple rooms/PM's FlowChat displays a bar at top which you can slide back and forth to see the various chats. It works well, and one cool feature is that PM's actually pop up in a notification bubble when you're in a room.

    Logs are easy to browse - organized by server, then date, then room. They display in the same view an actual chat would, and are easily searchable.

    Settings are also full featured, including a much-needed and appreciated "Lock in Portrait Mode" (why doesn't the iPhone have this stock?!?!??!?!!?), and a variety of IRC related settings. Themes are even included for the app look and feel.

    This is a great app, worth the $4.99 if you are an IRC fan... I use it often when I'm out and about and need to get ahold of folks, or am just bored. And guess what? We got ahold of francis, one of the FlowChat developers, who agreed to give out 5 freebies on this one - all you've got to do is comment on the app here in this thread. Winners will be chosen at random and announced Tuesday evening (my time... GMT-5).

    FlowChat.me iTunes Direct Link
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    1. Shady6's Avatar
      Shady6 -
      Nice looking app. Very useful as well.
    1. coalsi's Avatar
      coalsi -
      I would be very interested in this app. And if i do not win. I would probably still be interested in this app.
    1. vs6817's Avatar
      vs6817 -
      This app is awesome!!! I would love a freebie =)
    1. rconnetta's Avatar
      rconnetta -
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Loved IRC for many many years. This for sure looks like a go. Thanks.
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      Can't live without the IRC! Using Colloquy right now and would be more than glad to chuck it for this app and to let others know about it as well!
    1. Tyr0's Avatar
      Tyr0 -
      i absolutely LOVE this app! Great interface, as well as features!
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^ OMG its Tyr0!

      IntDev in the house!
    1. Chief Interpreter's Avatar
      Chief Interpreter -
      This so brings me back to the early 80's!!!

      Why is it that the more advanced technology gets, the more nostalgic we become of the early days of internet? lol
    1. Tower72's Avatar
      Tower72 -
      Lol ive not used IRC since probably 2002 maybe 03 for an old CS clan I was part of....Wouldnt mind giving it another shot...How easy is it to set up ones own server?
    1. D to the M's Avatar
      D to the M -
      oh man i remember my old IRC days! i used to write script for mIRC!!!

      i wants a freebie!
    1. appleiphoneapps's Avatar
      appleiphoneapps -
      looks very clean.
    1. Mastroz's Avatar
      Mastroz -
      Awesome app idea! The app seem is endless
    1. shadowck5000's Avatar
      shadowck5000 -
      what the heck ill try to win one of these things
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      I want to win too
    1. MJedi's Avatar
      MJedi -
      Ah, IRC. Those were the days. I sure could use it on my iPhone.
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      ^ so you can have two?
    1. algojobathosai's Avatar
      algojobathosai -
      Remind me of how crazy I was with IRC.....
      But the only different now is I can chat thru Iphone instead of PC.....WOW....Chat everywhere.....
      From the past to the future.......
    1. H3LLGWAR's Avatar
      H3LLGWAR -
      i was wondering how long till they develop an IRC app that covers all the bases.it looks pretty solid!
    1. popdog23's Avatar
      popdog23 -
      Random? Pick me!