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  • Hello iPhone 3GS ultrasn0w
    [ame=http://www.vimeo.com/5431060]iPhone 3GS Unlock Demonstration on Vimeo[/ame]

    Lets keep this short and sweet. Yes, iPhone 3GS can be unlocked. No you can't yet (jailbreak and what not isn't released).

    Until then the devs say DO NOT UPGRADE to firmware 3.1 if you want to be sure you can unlock when the 3GS jailbreak is released.
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    1. ashannak's Avatar
      ashannak -
      How to unlock
    1. Neo-Tech's Avatar
      Neo-Tech -
      Quote Originally Posted by kennyl View Post
      Purplera1n RC2 working here- Tmobile USA. No issues for two days. I did notice that when you reboot, it will say no sim, no service, searching for approx. 3-4 min, then all is well and working. Wifi, SBSettings installed, ultrasn0w and everything is great
      That's exactly what happens to me on my 3G, it doesn't always pick up Wifi, but within a minute or so it does. And my SIM keeps dropping signal, saying no SIM etc but after a couple of minutes, it's fine My Dad's T-Mobile SIM isn't dtopping signal as much anymore either.
    1. eddross's Avatar
      eddross -
      Yeah, the unlock is touchy, On and Off all the time, Jailbreak is fine though although haven't tested many apps.
    1. dreynam2's Avatar
      dreynam2 -
      i dont know if everybody that done this is facing the problem that i have.
      first, the att signal works greet but after few seconds the signal goes off and then go back to normal and keep doing that every 10 seconds t-mobile works fine when i disable the 3g but after playing arround for good 15 min the phone did the same thing. if anyone have a solution for this please post it.
      thank u very much in advance
    1. Neo-Tech's Avatar
      Neo-Tech -
      @dreynam, turn off your iPhone and turn it back on and leave it, for about a few hours. It takes time for the unlock to settle in as it seems. Mine did the same after a restore, it's fine now