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  • First official photos of a jailbroken 3G[s] released. Tool not too far away!

    Earlier this morning geohot posted the first official photos of a jailbroken iPhone 3G[s]. geohot uses an iboot patch to upload a LLB to the phone which utilizes the 24kpwn patch in the bootrom. He mentions on twitter that a simple change in the current redsn0w would allow the 3G[s] jailbreak:


    There is still lot of questions on whether geohot plans on releasing a jailbreak tool of his own or releasing his exploit to the other dev teams working on the project. Seeing as it would only take updating a few lines in redsn0w, I would hope he allows the dev team to update it and get the tool to the public as soon as possible. We almost haz jailbreak.

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    1. viettho's Avatar
      viettho -
      wow..cool, can't wait for this.
    1. Cardiac's Avatar
      Cardiac -
    1. vollnov's Avatar
      vollnov -
      Awesome, I can't wait until the Jailbreak comes out!
    1. zerobrand's Avatar
      zerobrand -
      ohhh please come out todayyyyyyyyy
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      I hope geohot can get together with the Dev Team and make this happen soon. thanks for your hard work as always!
    1. KoNeko's Avatar
      KoNeko -
      Finally glad to see some real proof :] And I don't care who gets the goods as long as a tool is released shortly! I'm very excited and will probably be refreshing this page allday, haha.
    1. pentatonic145's Avatar
      pentatonic145 -
      I just want to say - "boner" - that post made my morning. Thank you for being an innovator and for saying what we all were thinking.
    1. pacmac's Avatar
      pacmac -
      great!! i just got my 32GB S yesterday...updating from a t-mobile 1st gen iphone and my god its way faster and speed of 3G in my area is super sonic fast..

      cant wait for jailbreaking to come..thanks for the info

      i love my 32GB S
    1. GrabYourWeapons's Avatar
      GrabYourWeapons -
      Yes! I can't wait!
    1. pnutx007's Avatar
      pnutx007 -
      I can't wait to jailbreak this thing. It's just going to be that much better
    1. compnerd88's Avatar
      compnerd88 -
      I fit is truely a 10 Line change to RedSn0w.....we will have our 3GS jailbreak tool by tomorrow probably

      Thank You GeoHot / Dev Team.....for all you efforts

    1. mxpimp47's Avatar
      mxpimp47 -
      sweet cant wait till its out!
    1. ifonemaniac's Avatar
      ifonemaniac -
      in before 183 replies
    1. bigstevep's Avatar
      bigstevep -
      Looks like the JB is going to come from the Dev-Team...Geohot Twitter:

      @iPhonePulse I was exaggerating a bit, but it's a lot easier now for dev to release a tool than me, since they have all the backend done.
    1. ryan christopher's Avatar
      ryan christopher -
      I need this jailbreak!!!
    1. remz08's Avatar
      remz08 -
      Sweeet! I'm so pumped for this..I too will be refreshing this page all day long
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      This WILL NOT be released before the 3.0.1 firmware release from Apple.
    1. Brandon's Avatar
      Brandon -
      What`s the advantages of jailbreaking?
    1. GrabYourWeapons's Avatar
      GrabYourWeapons -
      ^ applications, themes, ringtones, everything!
    1. LastSonOfKrypton's Avatar
      LastSonOfKrypton -
      Sweet! I knew I wouldn't regret buying a 3gs yesterday.