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  • Exciting new stuff from Rock Your Phone! Anti-Bricker & Rock Extensions 0.94

    The Rock Your Phone automated recovery tool (named Anti-Bricker™)

    Today, I was given the opportunity to try out two new exciting additions to the Rock Your Phone family. First one was Anti-Bricker™, which is a automated spinning wheel of death recovery tool. This tool is especially exciting with 3.0 now released to the public. If you decide to blow off all warnings and install an app that is known to cause problems, Rock Your Phone has created you a safety net. Today I decided to install a few items that I knew would give me the dreaded SWOD. Anti-Bricker™ was able to see the boot problem and automatically fixed the issue and allowed me to boot to the springboard and remove the problem application in Cydia.

    From Rock Your Phone:
    The Rock Your Phone automated recovery tool (named Anti-Bricker™) will ensure you never experience the classic iPhone won't start issue.
    As there are so many combinations of independent application installations, there continues to be a possibility for a conflict. While we have taken every precaution on the phone to prevent the issue, the reality is not every scenario can be handled directly on the iPhone.

    To alleviate the need to restore your iPhone when a conflict does exist, the Rock Your Phone client automatically detects an error and prompts the user for permission to fix. Within ~75 seconds, your iPhone will be working perfectly again!
    Technical Info:

    - Partially removes Rock Extensions and MobileSubstrate - These two items are the hook into causing problems (although neither of them actually cause any issues). Allows you to boot your phone, so you can uninstall the offending problem. (You’ll have to reinstall both but this will save you from having to restore your phone).

    No More Guessing why you’re in Safe Mode! - Rock Extensions Auto Detects the root cause.

    The second update I installed is Rock Extensions 0.94 (now in beta). While it is exciting to have 3.0 finally released, there are still a lot of developers who are playing catch up to bring compatibility for 3.0 to their apps. If you have ever installed a mod or an application and had constant crashing into safe mode, this tool is for you. To alleviate the finger pointing, and help speed up bug resolutions, Rock Extensions 0.94 autodetects which library is causing the safe mode and submits a bug report which includes the method causing the problem. This will speed bug resolution greatly – as typically, developers have had no idea what’s causing the problem – now, with Rock Extensions pinpointing the issue, developers can focus on the root cause of problem as opposed to their entire code base (which has usually lead to ignoring the issue due to not knowing where to fix in the past). This extension will be a powerful tool for developers and allow the end user a more pleasurable experience

    To simulate a conflict, I used the power option in sbsettings. I went into safe mode three times in a row. On the third entry into safe mode I received a notice letting me know that the conflict might have to do with SBSettings.dylib. This is a very useful tool for developers and users to pin point their crashing issues.

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    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      Quote Originally Posted by metaljay View Post
      because he dontated our money he got the jailbreak. the bastard
      Lol. Some people are just uninformed.
    1. zoti's Avatar
      zoti -
      Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChaos View Post
      When I installed Intelliscreen it automatically installed Rock. Try it that way maybe.
      How do you install intelliscreen without having rockapp on your phone first?

      I also have a 3G with jailbroken 3.0 and I have purchased intelliscreen. I don't want to go through all the installation again so I'm trying to understand how it is done.
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Quote Originally Posted by capttanhowdy View Post
      wow When I downloaded this in cydia it froze my phone for 45 min! Thats Irony!!! DELETING NOW!
      Had the same problem...My phone was crashing non stop the entire next day, battery draining, and overall performance of my phone extremely slow. I deleted and everything is golden again. Not sure what the problem is here...
    1. boricua100pct's Avatar
      boricua100pct -
      how do i get that app anti bricker so i can download it 2 my phone
    1. jiggz06's Avatar
      jiggz06 -
      Instlalled this thing through cydia, weird reboot in the middle of installation, EVERBODY BEWARE, now cydia does not load. Had to delete this app manually. THEY WERENT KIDDING ABOUT THE TITLE, IT WILL DEFINITELY ROCK YOUR PHONE, LITERALLY
    1. Lil Street's Avatar
      Lil Street -
      Yeah still don't know how to run the antibricker so my phone can live again without staying in the boot screen or even stay stocked in the boot screen, so any help on how to run the antibricker tool?
    1. tigermad's Avatar
      tigermad -
      Installed the RYP app and windows software so I could try Myprofiles and it completely messed up my 2g iphone. Cydia would no longer open. So i decided to wipe the phone and try 3.0

      I dont like all the background stuff it does when installing the software on your iphone. It could be installing allsorts of crud you dont want.
    1. klouud's Avatar
      klouud -
      INFO: Running Windows Vista 32 ---> sucks! iPhone 2G 3.0 Jailbroken and unlocked with redsn0w

      Yes, how do I run the antibricker? I have rock on my PC and my iPhone right now. Don't quite understand how to antibrick.



      ps: rock and cydia keep fighting over which version of OpenSSL needs to be on the phone... anyone else have this issue?
    1. PCeasar's Avatar
      PCeasar -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      You can't compare Rock Your Phone to Cydia. Its apples and oranges.
      What do you mean? In terms of organization and app package displays? I surely wasn't talking about the amount of apps cause theres no comparison on those.

      For everyone else, unfortunately you have to install the RockYourPhone app and rock app extentions in order to install intelliscreen and other products by RYP. I hate that because I'd prefer no more than 2 app store type icons on my JB'ed phone, actually 1 would be great, since they serve no real purpose other than delivering apps&upgrades. But I do prefer the organization in the RYP app over cydia's, they also have nicer colors too hehe!

      Quote Originally Posted by klouud View Post
      ps: rock and cydia keep fighting over which version of OpenSSL needs to be on the phone... anyone else have this issue?
      Are others experiencing this on the 3.0 fw? if so I hope its fixed by the time my 3Gs is jb'ed cuz I need both apps.
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      Go to RYP website (NOT Intelliborn) and d/l and install the updated Intellishared extension 2.94.1, then register for an account (if you haven't done so yet) then d/l and install what you want. I have RYP extensions w/ Intelliscreen and Cydia working fine on my 3G 3.0 JB. Hope that helps.
    1. tyson1749's Avatar
      tyson1749 -
      Guys, you need to go to rockyourphone.com. It will walk you through the process called a soft jailbreak or something along those lines. The process is short sweet and easy. If you've jailbroken your phone before, and unlocked, it's even easier than those are. No downloading ipsw's or anything like that. It runs in tandem with cydia, but have to install it through rockyourphone.com. Then installed packages from ryp, will show up in cydia and you can removethrough cydia as well.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Although RYP's apps might be tempting, personally I would rather extract my own teeth without anaesthetic than try them.
      But that's just my opinion.
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      ^Be sure to post pics lol.

      So ironically enough I decided to see if they were still honoring my Intelliscreen license from waaaay back. They did. Now I get safemode sad faces all the time. It refreshed my memory as to why I got rid of Intelliscreen in the first place heh.
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      I had Intelliscreen (craked) under 2.2.1 working without problems. When I upgraded to 3.0 initially I had the "sad faces". I uploaded the updated Intellishared, created an account on RYP, paid and d/l Intelliscreen. No problems since. My RYP client is working flawlessly on my Mac, it synced my license with iPhone smoothly. No conflicts now.
      I am not advocating for RYP apps, just sharing my experience in the hopes it may help someone.
      My 2 pennies...
    1. Lil Street's Avatar
      Lil Street -
      Still anyone knows how to run the anti bricker tool on a mac?, I need this so I can fix my phone, would be appreciated all the help
    1. Windmeel's Avatar
      Windmeel -
      Quote Originally Posted by reanimationxp View Post
      Damn, Ive never seen that before. That was hella funny : )
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^ yea it's a fav of mine
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      To those who asked, not sure that there is a separate application, more like a function within the RYP client itself. Within a few hours of installing Intelliscreen, the Mac RYP client detected updated versions of the extensions and apps, uploaded them, asked permission to re-boot the phone, after re-boot the apps were updated. No crash or conflicts whatsoever. The first time after installing Intelliscreen I got the sad face, it rebooted my phone and after a re-start the conflict was gone.
      That's all I got.
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      I just updated too. We'll see.
    1. klouud's Avatar
      klouud -
      Is anti-bricker included automatically or do i have to buy an application from RYP in order to use it?

      --Disclaimer: I downloaded the newest software, used it, softjailbroke, and have the RYP app on my phone
      --I also am jailbroken thru redsn0w

      I still don't understand how to use the anti-bricker... does it automatically activate itself when there is a problem or do I have to hook my iPhone up to my computer to run it through the PC software?