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  • [PICS] Standing in Line for the iPhone 3GS

    We're standing here in line at the Tampa International Plaza Apple Store. The time is 6:30AM, and you can see from the images below there's already over 50 people in line - so much for 6AM being early. There's no WiFi available out here in the parking lot, so good ol' PdaNet is my strength when the net is weak.

    The Apple store will be opening at 7AM. Of course we pre-ordered, so we should be in there with an iPhone 3GS within the hour. Our inside Apple guy tells us employees have been in the store since before 5. Keep checking this post for more pics and info as we get in the store and get the phone.

    EDIT: Looks like the first guy in line got here at noon yesterday... and the second guy was 8PM yesterday. There was about a half dozen folks who actually spent the night here in Tampa.

    EDIT TWO: Apple guys say the guy who got there at noon yesterday isn't even the account holder on his account - meaning he just got sent home. Niiiiiice.

    Are you in line? Shoot us an email with a photo or two and we'll get it posted to this thread... or just attach it in a post yourself if you've got WiFi and a laptop. over now!

    EDIT THREE: And now we've got it! 32GB White... ready for that upcoming jailbreak and unlock.

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    1. samsponian's Avatar
      samsponian -
      looks exciting!
    1. denimdragon's Avatar
      denimdragon -
      Quote Originally Posted by meda903 View Post
      mmmmmm got mine i wuv it but im scared to hurt it its so gentle
      Nice How big of a speed difference is there from the Original 3G? Is it mind blowing are just a decent upgrade from the original? I would think mind blowing since they doubled the RAM and uncapped the CPUs potential. There's still 67MHZ dangling out there though
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      All my photos from the line/purchase are on my twitter:

      Chase (billchase2) on Twitter
    1. johnboy797's Avatar
      johnboy797 -
      I passed Bestbuy on my way to the At&t store and there was noone in line there. I got to the At&t store at 646 and there was only 5 people in line, when the doors opened there was maybe 10 in line, I was home with my 3GS by 730, and it ROCKS... I'm in St Petersburg by the way.
    1. gbarielmoreno's Avatar
      gbarielmoreno -
      this phone is not worth standing in line for two hours
    1. icedx2's Avatar
      icedx2 -
      I stopped by the AT&T store on my way to work at 8:10 not planning to get one was just seeing if anyone was there, No Line at all, walked right in and walked out with a new 3Gs! - Boynton Beach,FL
    1. eclipseballer08's Avatar
      eclipseballer08 -
      got mine by 830
      i love it

      Lakeland, FL
    1. darkcloud28's Avatar
      darkcloud28 -
      my building have UPS inside where is the dry cleaner why stay in line , like last Year ? :P:P
    1. name00's Avatar
      name00 -
      Quote Originally Posted by meda903 View Post
      mmmmmm got mine i wuv it but im scared to hurt it its so gentle
      ha ha ha its so true
    1. ipodboy61's Avatar
      ipodboy61 -
      Hey guys,

      I got MMS and Tethering done on my new 3GS AT&T USA

      same process as 3g though
    1. name00's Avatar
      name00 -
      the last two times, i did stand in line, but this time i forgot to set my clock so i got up so fuking late, 8:30. thought i couldnt have the chance to get i line so just stay home and see wats going on !! then i was like, damn it!!!!!!
    1. Ozzyman500's Avatar
      Ozzyman500 -
      October can't get here fast enough.
    1. TheOrioles33's Avatar
      TheOrioles33 -
      I dont need no stinkin line! Mine just got here!! 9:35 am eastern time!! Time to play!
    1. lostwhiteboyy's Avatar
      lostwhiteboyy -
      man i went to the at&t store at 835am eastern, and there was no one in line. so i walked right in got a 32gb black, and im home at 920am! i did not have a pre-ordered either! Pittsburgh,pa (west mifflin)
    1. lukasss's Avatar
      lukasss -
      i love that mall
      i live like 5 mnutes away
    1. eclipseballer08's Avatar
      eclipseballer08 -
      3GS has all my stuff on it now..

      all i need is jailbreak
    1. Amraam's Avatar
      Amraam -
      Anyone know hoe it went here in the UK at the O2 stores?
    1. smittyjf's Avatar
      smittyjf -
      Got a call last night from the store saying 7 am till 9am for preorders. I got there at 7:15 and there was 1 person in the store. A lady walked up just looking to upgrade and they let her in anyway since ther was noone there she had her phone in 15 minutes. I guess its where you are located as to the lines.
    1. teddyf1's Avatar
      teddyf1 -
      Same here! I live in New York City and my local store in Queens, NY (1 of the 5 boroughs/counties in NYC proper) had NO LINE and had about 7-10 salespeople waiting for customers. I walked in, purchased my upgrade, left in about 15 minutes! LOVE IT!!!!!
    1. sailhome1's Avatar
      sailhome1 -
      iPhone 3G S ordered 6/8 + overnight delivery. Ships 6/16. Customs cleared 6/16 in AK. UPS delivery expect 6/17. Then Apple pokes me in eye.

      6/17 UPS changes status to held for "Recipient" delivery date change. Lie. Status changed 6/18 after a swarm of "recipient" calls to UPS.

      UPS = Apple Puppet. UPS demonstrates lack of concern for buyer/customer. 6/17-6/19 iPhone sits at UPS. 6/19 "out for delivery". Daughter gets iPhone at Apple store at 8:37AM 6/19. I still wait.

      Moral - Apple stills doesn't care about user more than self image. Will love phone, not Apple. Why not let pre-orders arrive a day early?

      [despite text below ID, have jailbroken repeatedly for two years now] ;-)