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  • [SONG] iPheezie - Your iPhone in the Club

    Check this guy out - MMi member eXile, an SF rapper/hip-hop artist, has created an entire hip-hop tune dedicated to the "iPheezie" - fo shiz.

    Pimpin' ain't easy. "But you can dial up easy on the iPheezie and ask "hey shoatee, what it do?'... You can check out iTunes, for the hits that I provide you. MySpace me on the fly, and maybe I reply you."


    Press play below to listen.

    thanks for the email, eXile
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    1. RonHC's Avatar
      RonHC -
      sounds cool
    1. stehlin14's Avatar
      stehlin14 -
      ha dude this guy is the man.
      his lyrics got me laughin.
      legit song eXile.
    1. zoolander369's Avatar
      zoolander369 -
      I'm not a fan of rap, but this is pretty cool. Very well done and entertaining.
    1. Bar10der's Avatar
      Bar10der -
      all good!!! im goona grab this, Fo shizzle!
    1. Turanli's Avatar
      Turanli -
      Awesomeness! ...
    1. SkyGuy5's Avatar
      SkyGuy5 -

      I like the old-school cell ringer that pops up
    1. GregTheWang's Avatar
      GregTheWang -
      This had me laughing hard. I love the use of Marimba. rofl. awesome work
    1. flaviocontreras's Avatar
      flaviocontreras -
      good song i like it and i also like the beat
    1. xxfr0stbytexx's Avatar
      xxfr0stbytexx -
      not bad but tha auto tune blows im sick n tired of auto tune... other then tht yea its gud
    1. stash459's Avatar
      stash459 -
      Da **** is tight!!!! specially when the iphone's ringtone Marimba? comes on lol sweet this is like the iphone anthem!!!!
    1. Chubbawokee's Avatar
      Chubbawokee -
      i think it's pretty sick..
    1. chrisrotolo's Avatar
      chrisrotolo -
    1. Jomann's Avatar
      Jomann -
      atleast wapanese are better than wiggers
    1. eXileWorld's Avatar
      eXileWorld -
      lol, THANK YOU ALL for lettin me know your opinion, at first it started as a joke but then i got better and better and i thought of rollin with it.

      Really appreciate you guy taking a listen, Please tell your friends and family!!! I want this one to go on the RADIOS!! lol it would be awesome.

      everything is produced, performed and engineered by me, (except the little ringtone) THANKS!

      P.S. This demo CD is going to be on itunes very soon!!
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      hahaha, this is awesome!! gotta make it my ringtone...
    1. xjuliephanx's Avatar
      xjuliephanx -
      I didn't like it the first time because I think the use of "iPheezie" sounds kind of ridiculous but I have to admit, the beat is pretty catchy.
    1. Nukie's Avatar
      Nukie -
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      I just made a ringtone out of it. With the artist's permission, I'll post it here. Just let me know if it's okay!
    1. itsmejdn's Avatar
      itsmejdn -
      this **** is hot!!! lol
    1. mashom's Avatar
      mashom -
      man i need this songs i cant wait to play this in my car.