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  • 3.0 Jailbreak - PwnageTool Status Report

    The official 3.0 jailbreak release is pretty much ready, and I know you're all wondering "so when can I get it?"

    Just a quick status update the Dev Team posted this morning:

    Update 2 (Thursday morning):
    • We have two issues that we’ve been trying to resolve:
    • There are new 3.0 complications with YouTube.app if you’re on a hacktivated (unofficially activated) device
    • There’s a bug in Apple’s new version of asr that our custom IPSW’s are tickling and causing crashes on, on some devices. (For the nerdy or curious among us, the details of that bug were tweeted by planetbeing a month ago.)
    • As of Thursday morning we now have a workaround for #2. For #1, we’ll try our best to get it fixed but we may end up releasing a preliminary jailbreak in which YouTube doesn’t work for hacktivated devices, and then follow that up with a more complete jailbreak when we can.
    That pretty much sums it up. We'll let you know as soon as its ready - you can also follow MuscleNerd on Twitter to stay current.
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    1. jaipee's Avatar
      jaipee -
      i rekon us windows users gotta wait till at least tommorrow.. do you rekon any desperato's got a copy of OS X of some one just to jailbreak without waiting? hahah
      zero should make a vid of that
    1. aggiven's Avatar
      aggiven -
      Is anyone having a problem with quickpwn 3.0 for mac crashing while it is creating the ipsw restore file? I have tried two different computers and cant get it to work. I have Leopard on one, and Tiger on the other...
    1. tidefever's Avatar
      tidefever -
      It cost $10 to upgrade for the ipod owners. Hello!!
    1. ToasterBoyOhFour's Avatar
      ToasterBoyOhFour -
      Ive been waking up throughout the night hitting refresh. I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve, lol. Hopefully we see something today as I dont want to appear rude while spending Father's Day with my Dad and my laptop upgrading my fw, lol.
    1. amandej's Avatar
      amandej -
      this 3.0 is real buggy the Cydia keeps dropping when i launch it
    1. Neeks's Avatar
      Neeks -
      i just jailbroke my phone and now i have 0 reception! help
    1. serverleader's Avatar
      serverleader -
      Quote Originally Posted by Neeks View Post
      i just jailbroke my phone and now i have 0 reception! help
      try turning off push
    1. Neeks's Avatar
      Neeks -
      Quote Originally Posted by oo3 View Post
      Yeah dev team usually releases the Mac versions first. The only time it came out for Windows first was quickpwn.


      Download complete...building ipsw as I type. Let's see if this is for real.

      BTW...I know people are gonna post after attempting to jb ***I GET NO BARS!!!! HEEELLLLP!!!

      uncheck the activate box if you're on at&t!!!!!!
      i'm trying this first. if that doesnt work i'll try turning off push. thanks
    1. Neeks's Avatar
      Neeks -
      For the Tweeks, can you turn them off or once you download a "tweeks" does it automatically remove what came on the standard iPhone>?