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  • 3.0 is Here. iPhone / iPod Touch Come and Get it.

    Here it is folks! You can get iPhone OS 3.0 immediately, as of now, this very moment, ahora mismo, from iTunes. Not sure how to do it? Open iTunes, making sure your iPhone is connected to your comp. Click your iPhone/iPod Touch's icon on the left.

    Then just click the "Check for Update" button.

    iTunes will let you know 3.0 is available - grab it. Then just do as it says to continue upgrading.

    NOTE: If youo're not seeing it yet in iTunes, grab it from the following download links:

    iPhone 1G - Download
    iPhone 3G - Download

    Use Firefox to get it (or IE - blech), as Safari decompresses the file when it saves it. Then, when the .ipsw file is on your Desktop (or wherever), go back into iTunes, hold down the Option key (Shift in Windows) and press the Restore button in your device's tab in iTunes. iTunes will ask you what file you want to restore with - choose the appropriate 3.0 file you just grabbed.

    For all you paranoid folks, here's the rundown on upgrading:
    • BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP. Of course everything will go smooth and safe, but IF something happens, you want to make sure you've backed up your contacts, photos, important SMS, etc.
    • You WILL lose all Cydia apps. This is the same with EVERY firmware upgrade - iTunes has no idea you've got 'em on there, and sure isn't going to politely put them back for you after you upgrade. This includes all Cydia app settings, etc. Backup your stuff from those too if you haven't yet and need to.
    • 3.0 WILL have an official PwnageTool jailbreak (yup, including Cydia) shortly following the release of the 3.0 firmware (which just happened), according to MuscleNerd when he demoed the 3.0 unlock.
    • That being said, 3.0 will NOT BE UNLOCKABLE UNTIL FRIDAY. The DevTeam has already unlocked both the iPhone 1G and 3G running 3.0 with the new unlock tool, ultrasn0w, but they will not be releasing the tool until Friday. We'll let you know as soon as it happens, but for now - if you NEED to be unlocked, do NOT upgrade until Friday. Otherwise, you can upgrade just fine today and still unlock on Friday.
    • You DON'T need to wipe your device, go to stock 2.2.1 first, or anything - whether you're jailbroken or not, unlocked or locked, you can simply press "Update" in iTunes to upgrade to 3.0 - and you'll be fine.
    • Like you really need a list of features first, but we've got em detailed here.
    • iTunes 8.2 is required and fine to use. Jailbreak, unlock, all that will work fine in 8.2!

    New features include:

    *MMS (iPhone 3G and 3GS only) (Available later this summer for AT&T users)
    *Tethering (iPhone 3G and 3GS only)(Available later this summer for AT&T users)
    *Stereo Bluetooth
    *Landscape Keyboard in all apps
    *Cut & Paste
    *Spotlight Search
    *Voice Notes
    *Upgraded Calendar to include Exchange sync
    *Buy/Rent movies and shows directly on your iPhone
    *Enhanced Stocks
    *Increased speed
    *Shake to shuffle for the iPod.
    *Mobile Me improvements including Find My Phone and Remote Wipe.

    Please read the following before asking questions

    General Rules to Upgrading your Firmware:

    1. Back up your iPhone in iTunes first. If your phone is currently jailbroken and you have any apps hidden or in categories you will need to unhide them before making your back-up. This will avoid the "where are all my icons?" questions after you arrive at 3.0.
    2. If your phone is currently jailbroken you will need to use the RESTORE button, not the upgrade button. If you upgrade you will automatically lose about 500mb of disk space and never recover it until you finally restore. (This is due to Cydia moving files around). If your phone is not jailbroken then you can use the upgrade button without any issues.
    3. After you restore you can use your back-up in iTunes to get all your contacts, SMS, photos and App Store apps back. Do NOT ask about cracked apps!
    4. When you restore you will lose all your jailbroken apps which you will have to manually re-download from Cydia. Some apps are not 3.0 compatible yet.
    5. If you have an iPhone 3G this will upgrade your baseband and lock your phone. The unlock is not scheduled for release until Friday June 19th.
    6. If you have a first generation iPhone you can restore to 3.0 and re-jailbreak (when Quickpwn is updated). The baseband stays the same so you will not have to re-unlock.
    7. The initial release of Quickpwn and Pwnage Tool will be available for download on the iPhone Dev-Team blog. http://blog.iphone-dev.org/
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    1. grahampaull's Avatar
      grahampaull -
      Quote Originally Posted by bergmanb View Post
      This 3.0 release is the exact same build as the 3.0 GM (7A341) so if you have the 3.0 GM already I would not do a restore on your iPhone unless you just want to waste time. There is no difference in this "Official" release.

      For Push notifications - the section won't appear in the Settings until you install an app that supports it like TapTap Revenge 2 from the app store which is free. Then you will see the "Notifications" section.
      Cheers for answering this
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      cash the post order keeps gettin messed up?
      whats goin on?
      server overload?
    1. RonHC's Avatar
      RonHC -
      Am i the only one disappointed with the 3.0

      i mean wheres all the 100 features Apple talked about
      i already know about the MMS coming later this summer but IMO i only see like 20+ features

      And has anyone had a little Black Box at the Low Left corner when trying to take a picture

      like its the button to view your photos
    1. RonHC's Avatar
      RonHC -
      sorry somehow it double posted
    1. Mbeck0265's Avatar
      Mbeck0265 -
      Server is jammed up right now so keep trying and you will eventually get in. I did it as a Restore and got it.
    1. Chin's Avatar
      Chin -
      Quote Originally Posted by JonFolse View Post
      Ok what if you are already jailbroken and unlocked on 2.2.1 and have a 2g iphone. Can I just update? Or do I have till Friday so that I can stay unlocked and jailbroken on Tmobile's network?
      no there is a way to upgrade and stau unlocked and activated. as i am already on 3.0 with a 2g... ill see if i can find the write up
    1. hellokaity's Avatar
      hellokaity -
      Quote Originally Posted by eatjello View Post
      WARNING: If you used categories, you MUST take your apps out of the folders before updating, or they will disapear until it is available on 3.0
      i had to restore because i forgot
      I did the same thing with the Poof app. All my hidden apps are no longer there. Now I'm waiting for my phone to restore. Oops!
    1. darchinst's Avatar
      darchinst -
      is push only for 3rd party applications or will it work with the default email? before 3.0 i had to set it to fetch every 15 minutes because the push toggle only worked with mobile me. is it different now?
    1. djdraco's Avatar
      djdraco -
      haha, took me about 10 times to get through the activation server. now begins the wait to late summer. is it still possible to change the ipcc and call tier 2 support to activate mms? i know before you'd just say you were a dev and they could "switch" it on.
    1. spongebobiwan's Avatar
      spongebobiwan -
      "Where's the video camera?" "Where's mms?"...Good grief!! When did people become so lazy and expect everybody else to do their homework for them? UGH!
    1. jdm.accord's Avatar
      jdm.accord -
      How does this affect Beta 5? Because I'm running B5 and when I try to update to this, it tells me my current FW is the newest available. Also, when I try and do the restore (to force it to take the 3.0) it give me an error dialog box saying its missing something to do the restore.

      I don't want my B5 to expire and leave me high and dry when I can't update to this one.
    1. midlight's Avatar
      midlight -
      wont let me even update yet =/
    1. honeybrain's Avatar
      honeybrain -
      I am running beta 5 jailbroken and trying to restore to the new state with new updates. But while restoring, it gives me error. Any help is appreciated. I have iTunes 8.2 , just installed
      The iPhone cannot be restored at this time. because the iphone activation server is temporarily unavailable
    1. RonHC's Avatar
      RonHC -
      Am i the only one disappointed with the 3.0

      i mean wheres all the 100 features Apple talked about
      i already know about the MMS coming later this summer but IMO i only see like 20+ features

      And has anyone had a little Black Box at the Low Left corner when trying to take a picture

      like its the button to view your photos
    1. ty22's Avatar
      ty22 -
      The fact that video is only for the 3GS is rediculous!! Ever heard of cycorder??? It's all about money!!
    1. phaseshift's Avatar
      phaseshift -
      Sorry for this post but I must know the answer, I've been so confused lol I have a jailbroken 3g. If I want to upgrade I must do a restore right? If I do a backup for my sms, music, and pictures can I still sync once the restore and 3.0 installation is done?
    1. djdraco's Avatar
      djdraco -
      i had b5. i downloaded the file in the first post of this thread and did a shift restore then selected the new file. at first i kept getting a server error but thats because everyone is trying right now. just had to keep on keepin.
    1. Begin's Avatar
      Begin -
      Quote Originally Posted by midlight View Post
      wont let me even update yet =/
      Yeah, I'm getting a similar message. I guess we just have to wait a little longer.
    1. iLeetabix's Avatar
      iLeetabix -

      WTF HELP ME!?!?!?! I can't update to 3.0 i been trying this for 3and a half hours and this is all i get when it trys to "Contact the activation server" If you help me i will bake you a cake!
    1. djdraco's Avatar
      djdraco -
      i read earlier that someone said you can disable your internet connection and try. i dont know about that but you can give it a shot.
      edit: i like chocolate cake