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  • Find My iPhone is Live!

    MMi member jjh4ck3rs just contacted me and notified that the new MobileMe Find My iPhone feature is live. I logged into my .me account and there it was operating just fine.

    If you remember last week when it was announced, Find My iPhone allows you to track your iPhone's location, send a msg to it (with annoying audio alarm), and even remote-wipe all your data. The feature is meant to be used in case you iPhone is lost or stolen to help you recover it and remove personal information.

    I can confirm that location tracking is working and the send message feature is working. MMi member jjh4ck3rs says he tried the remote wipe feature and it worked instantly! The iPhone just shuts down with no warning, stays at the Apple for a long time booting up, and the starts with all your personal data removed.

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    1. MnVikingsFan26's Avatar
      MnVikingsFan26 -
      939 is a lot of unread emails.
    1. Asar's Avatar
      Asar -
      mine has been working since last week. its been live.
    1. plcrules's Avatar
      plcrules -
      i like find my i better u cant press ok to the message
      and win u wipe the data doesnt that take the passcode off??
    1. jibaro3's Avatar
      jibaro3 -
      This is good news I need this I lost my phone 3 times in vibration in my car now i can see where is at lol
      Bro read your emails lol
    1. TheSlimOne's Avatar
      TheSlimOne -
      I imagine you have to have location services turned on. I don't know about you all but I leave that off unless I am using it. Its a massive power whore.
    1. plcrules's Avatar
      plcrules -
      ^^^^wat r u talking about it doesnt take any power untill u use it
    1. macfan4life's Avatar
      macfan4life -
      When I upgraded my iPhone to 3.0GM last week this was the first thing I went to and it worked for me. I think this a great tool seeing how i always misplace my phone. Now if it could tell me what room it was it that would be awesome !!!!
    1. Ozzyman500's Avatar
      Ozzyman500 -
      How much does a Mobile Me account cost??
    1. cobhc99's Avatar
      cobhc99 -
      ah he sure has alot of mail
    1. r1994augusto's Avatar
      r1994augusto -
      the find my iPhone should be free... it could help me find my iphone or help me find someone of my family!

      Quote Originally Posted by Ozzyman500 View Post
      How much does a Mobile Me account cost??
      99 anual
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      Cash you need to read 1 or 2 emails
    1. toyvan's Avatar
      toyvan -
      Makes me appreciate your quick replies to my emails if u really have that many in ur inbox at one time ..
    1. Ozzyman500's Avatar
      Ozzyman500 -
      Quote Originally Posted by r1994augusto View Post

      99 anual
      Nevermind, that's not bad.
    1. jjh4ck3rs's Avatar
      jjh4ck3rs -
      Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
      what time 3.0 will be released??

      here allready 17/06/09 no update!!! what time it will gonna happen?????

      it will be released for the public on iTunes at 3:00 am Eastern Standard Time

      Download the new 3.0 GM (Final)
    1. blast123's Avatar
      blast123 -
      wait so i had my phone stolen so if i make a new mobile me account i can see where its at
    1. billj63's Avatar
      billj63 -
      im still trying to figure out how worth it is .... 100 bucks for mobileme...

      i use cylay that will track the phone if it was lost/stolen.
      there is an app to let you wipe the phone. and you can sync via google ota...
    1. JerseyScottie's Avatar
      JerseyScottie -
      i cant condone paying 100 bucks for an email client that will just give us tracking features.People should just hold onto their phones.
    1. mudslag's Avatar
      mudslag -
      I take it there is no free service out yet that allows iphone tracking? Or a cheaper service???