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  • Griffin Clarifi for iPhone 3G - Fulfill Your Photography Needs! (Giveaway Ended!)

    Griffin has been one of the biggest accessory makers for Apple products, offering a great selection of cases and other products. I got a chance to try the Clarifi - and I must say, the guys do their job very well!

    The Griffin Clarifi is a classy looking two piece case - like most of the Incase sliders. The bottom portion is removable to easily dock the phone. The back is half matte and half glossy which gives a nice touch to the overall design as well.

    But the Clarifi is not just another iPhone case. Not only does it protect your iPhone from scratches, it also has a great camera enhancement feature built-in. Once you slide on the camera lens "cover", your macro and close-up shots becomes much more crisp due to the extra lens built onto the slider - meant for the very purpose.In addition, when not in use, you can simply cover the iPhone's lens with the slider. Per the company's claim, the normal iPhone has a focal length of 18-inches - but with the Clarifi on, it gets reduced to just 4-inches giving really great close-up shots. And this is not just their claim - I've tested the case myself and the results turned out to be really good!

    Don't believe me? Judge for yourself by having a look at the pictures below!

    Without the extra lens:

    With the extra lens:

    I DO recommend it to all those who do use their iPhone's camera at all. For those who go with professional ware and want just a case for protection, this might not be your type. You can get the case from Griffin directly for $34.99. Or, if you really like one but don't have some extra bucks to spend, why not try your luck in our contest below?

    We're giving away three of these Griffin Clarifi cases to the readers. All you have to do to enter this awesome contest is leave a comment in the format "C- Your Comment". You'll be entered into the contest automatically. The contest will end on June 18, 2009 at 11:00 am GMT and the winners will be selected randomly!

    P.S. This contest is valid for U.S Residents ONLY! Sorry but rules are rules.

    UPDATE: You can use the discount code DAD2009 to get 20% off if you're getting it directly from them.

    I know am late but the winners are..
    andypropaganda, jwilcox09 and ninthchamber99. PM me with your details to claim the prize!
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    1. devorama's Avatar
      devorama -
      C- I was looking at one of these. It makes not upgrading to the 3GS tolerable since the camera will be more useful. Also, as a camera geek, I must point out that the focal length is not 18 inches. That's the minimum focusing distance. If it had an 18 inch focal length, it would be like using a 450mm telephoto lens!
    1. tnisatard's Avatar
      tnisatard -
      C- Ive always wanted this case
    1. GmAz's Avatar
      GmAz -
      C- I have this case for my 3G and I love it. I use the macro lens on it way more than without it. Its also a great case too.
    1. johnboy797's Avatar
      johnboy797 -
      C- Can I haz one
    1. mikelsaurus's Avatar
      mikelsaurus -
      C- I want one!
    1. toyvan's Avatar
      toyvan -
      C- It's about time you reward me with a gift after all the traffic me and my great Glass Orb theme have brought to mmi
    1. modmyiguy's Avatar
      modmyiguy -
      C- Just what I need!!! I have been looking for a camera enhancer/case combo.
    1. fsdpmc's Avatar
      fsdpmc -
      C- Its great site........lov it...
    1. dnice1979's Avatar
      dnice1979 -
      C- i want one too
    1. Darkjuvex89's Avatar
      Darkjuvex89 -
      C- this would be an
      awesome enhancement on the 3G 2mp camera
      unlike the fancy 3mp on 3GS new iphone.
    1. call_me_ant's Avatar
      call_me_ant -
      C- Looks like like a quality case.
    1. mooser's Avatar
      mooser -
      C- Man this thing looks really cool, hopefully I win.
    1. eclipseballer08's Avatar
      eclipseballer08 -
      so would this make the 3GS lens like super macro?

      the 3G goes from 18 inches to 4 inches with this case.
      the 3GS can take pictures up to 10 cm away.

      i wonder..
    1. bite the curb's Avatar
      bite the curb -
      C- lucky me?
    1. jamesbishop's Avatar
      jamesbishop -
      c- i would like to win something in my life for the first time
    1. posrjak's Avatar
      posrjak -
      "C- Please and Thanks you"
    1. alirulzz's Avatar
      alirulzz -
      C- glad to b one this site.. wudnt mind having one of those sexy covers that too on my birthday
    1. zacharybleu's Avatar
      zacharybleu -
      C- dig.. now if only they built a flash in to the case as well..
    1. edssti's Avatar
      edssti -
      C - Looks awesome, I'm buying one even if i don't win
    1. truncj's Avatar
      truncj -
      C-I <3 modmyi