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  • Early Leak of iPhone 3G S Unboxing Pics!

    A week early and pictures of the iPhone 3G S being unboxed have already surfaced! The gallery (below) includes images of the iPhone 3G S box, a rear shot with 32GB visible, and images of the screen with Compass and Voice Control.

    There is a bit of weirdness with these pics. First of all the bezel looks misleadingly gold. With careful inspection one can see that some images the bezel looks gold, some it looks chrome, and the box pic it appears to be half chrome half gold. The goldness is most likely bad reflections or improperly set white balance on the camera.

    More weirdness. These images are watermarked by Engadget. iClarified claims they pulled the images from an Engadget gallery at a url which is blank at the time of this writing. Engadget 中国版.

    Regardless, enjoy the pics below!

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    1. cricketlang's Avatar
      cricketlang -
      ohhhhhhh this looks so much like a 3g unboxing for some reason. hahaha. its whats inside that counts here
    1. keviNNz's Avatar
      keviNNz -
      oh god.. its the same ****
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^ huh? Can't wait, I bought my 32 GB today!
    1. warisjain's Avatar
      warisjain -
      its just the light effects making the bezel look gold i think. otherwise it looks pretty real to me.

      and stealth congrats on getting it. ^^
      i still have to wait cuz ****** rogers is not accepting preorders. :/
    1. sayam's Avatar
      sayam -
    1. BecomingxInsane's Avatar
      BecomingxInsane -
      I can easily see the phone selling pretty well.. I mean it's an iPhone... lol. But I don't think this phone will be anything like the sales of the 3G. I might be wrong, but that's just my opinion
    1. timbo's Avatar
      timbo -
      Are you thinking this is just a teaser release to a much better product down the road?
    1. adamnur's Avatar
      adamnur -
      that's...lackluster. I think the next iPhone will be the one with the real changes. 3Gs is just not worth the money IMO, if you already have a 3g anyway.
    1. TSMWIN85's Avatar
      TSMWIN85 -
      Honestly, imagine the white back piece and gold trim...

      Oh, Jesus, eye candy............

      (Runs to the bathroom, locks the door, does things so nasty everyone thinks this guy is a perv.)
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^ lmao
    1. iancdp's Avatar
      iancdp -
      Why is the admin on that site saying it has a gold trim i dont think apple would keep this quiet so that probably means those pictures arent his
    1. cricketlang's Avatar
      cricketlang -
      im gonna say the gold trim is a lighting mislead. also cash is only sighting HIS source of the info. if that source is bad you cant really hold him accountable. im sure he will change it
    1. xwinger's Avatar
      xwinger -
      looks the same as the old one lol. i kinda want it though... but my 3G works for now
    1. skizo's Avatar
      skizo -
      Does anyone know if its the exact same shape? Will my 3G case still fit?
    1. Fallguy's Avatar
      Fallguy -
      Looks like the gold trim is actually the reflection from the guys hand and the wood table . And the phone itself looks basically the same to me .
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      Quote Originally Posted by skizo View Post
      Does anyone know if its the exact same shape? Will my 3G case still fit?
      From where I've read it has the same dimensions as the 3G so all 3G cases should fit the 3GS. I think I read that on CNET.

      I am wondering if they will have a white version like last year, anyone know if a black OR white version will be available like last year?
    1. Rescuer's Avatar
      Rescuer -
      the compass is really one of the dumbest things ever for the iphone.

      i mean really. we have to wait on all these other things, and in the meantime they give us a large compass application.... as if the other appstore compass apps meant nothing.

      thanks for wasting your time apple, and all the advertising going into showing off the iphones capability of a compass application...
    1. screamankit's Avatar
      screamankit -
      cant wait to get my hands on the Black 3GS 32(GB)only thing is they are going to launch it here in August...hope the devteam arranges for it to be jailbroken by August.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      You'll find out when you get one!
      The dimensions are the same and I really doubt if it's different but no one has their hands on one yet. Does it matter?
    1. Pr0707P3's Avatar
      Pr0707P3 -
      Awesome! =D love the pics! Oh and If anyone is still wondering about if you get a discount if you already have the iPhone 3G, you actually DO get a reduced discount. (Also I might get the discount because I did have an original iPhone, but I had a different number.) Mine is $500 for the 32gb 3GS and I am getting $6.60 off the monthly plan and $5 off data for some reason! and You get to CHOOSE if you want to opt out of MMS or not! Soo If my assumption is correct...all iPhone 3GS will ALREADY have MMS activated.