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  • Order Unsubsidized iPhone 3GS By Hacking Apple Online Store & Get it Delivered
    This is a great news for all people who'd like to have an unsubsidized iPhone 3GS. Now there's no need to go to Apple stores and get in the queue to get one - as you can get it directly from Apple's Online store, delivered at your doorstep on June 19th!

    To get it, you must follow the little trick below. It has been confirmed to work by an Apple rep.
    1. Install Firebug extension for firefox.
    2. Open any Non-apple product page on Apple store, for eg the Mophie Juice pack.
    3. Click on the little bug in bottom bar and then select Inspect.
    4. Click on Add To Cart button.
    5. Replace the prduct code (TV943VC/A in the above example) with one of the below for the desired product.
      • iPhone 3G 8GB ($499): MB046LL/A
      • iPhone 3GS 16GB Black ($599): MB715LL/A
      • iPhone 3GS 16GB White ($599): MB716LL/A
      • iPhone 3GS 32GB Black ($699): MB717LL/A
      • iPhone 3GS 32GB White ($699): MB718LL/A
    6. Finally, click the "Add To Cart" button again and the phone will be added without an AT&T contract.

    All the credit for this find goes to the administrator at iTalkiPhone.com

    P.S. The phone will be unsubsidized, NOT unlocked!

    Thanks to yifanlu!
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    1. IPHONEPLZZ's Avatar
      yes but only if you have the phone for less than one month, this is because after the 3g was released you could cancel within 3 days and keep the phone, that is why you must have the phone for 1 month and pay the bill for the 1st months service then cancel and pay etf, i am pretty sure this is still how it goes, i dont know of the TOS were updated since then
    1. sinnerchrno's Avatar
      sinnerchrno -
      I dont think there is a contract...i mean even though it says that att price plan included...we didnt actually choose one. I dont think they can just automatically assign us one.

      They probably still consider it as unsubsidized.
    1. IPHONEPLZZ's Avatar
      wouldn't they notice though that 300 isnt 700 lol?
    1. sinnerchrno's Avatar
      sinnerchrno -
      True...idk...i just bought 2 so i see how that goes...if anything i could just return it i guess.
    1. IPHONEPLZZ's Avatar
      can you PM what you did, thanks, my paycheck will thank you if your trick still works
    1. redfoxgotowned's Avatar
      redfoxgotowned -
      i know im just a dumb newb leecher, but could someone pm me the patched hack for the $99 non-contract 8gb iphone 3g
    1. Mr. Nice's Avatar
      Mr. Nice -
    1. fongky's Avatar
      fongky -
      I have just received by shipment notice. Estimated delivery Jun 24. I order on the 17 Jun at $699. Will be extremely grateful if someone can PM me how to get another one for $299.
    1. titaniumdot's Avatar
      titaniumdot -
      I would like to get up to date with the latest iPhone and retire my banged up 2G. If someone could also PM me the info to get a 3Gs for $299 I would be very grateful.
    1. Mr. Nice's Avatar
      Mr. Nice -
    1. fundoc71's Avatar
      fundoc71 -
      Please PM me about the $299 firebug exploit.

      Thanks in advance
    1. serverleader's Avatar
      serverleader -
      I'm in the same boat...
    1. honeydew's Avatar
      honeydew -
      I'm not sure about this but If I may add, Apple one line store is hooked up with att customer database, If someone isn't eligible for buying iphones based on their data which comes from ssn number or their credit scores, then webpage itself lead us to visit a store nearby where we live.. So I assuming that variations gonna be work in some way, even if it's not gonna work, it isn't such a big deal because I can simply turn it back to the store and get a refund. Okay, I'm in montana and as you all know, this place isn't att coverage area. But I have gotten confirmation letter from apple online store and it's on the way.

      Perhaps, they have a brain tumor. How come Apple didn't notice there was a hole? Probably not... oh man, I need to cross my fingers until I'm sure about this...

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      I see trouble on the way
      I see earthquakes and lightening
      I see bad times today

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      There's a bad moon on the rise..

    1. ameerkhan's Avatar
      ameerkhan -
      yes! i received mine through the hack!
    1. RadianceNL's Avatar
      RadianceNL -
      Could you know post the hack then (or pm it)
    1. ice_b0x's Avatar
      ice_b0x -
      Quote Originally Posted by ameerkhan View Post
      yes! i received mine through the hack!
      did you get it for subsidized or unsubsidized price?
    1. timdafweak's Avatar
      timdafweak -
      Come on.. get shipped already. The status shows "Not yet shipped" since I placed the order 9:00PM Friday night (Pacific).
    1. F450Mikey's Avatar
      F450Mikey -
      I bought two for $299 each and they work with the SIM cards out of the 3G phones. I am an existing customer not eligible for the subsidized price. I did not sign any extension or new line contract nor did I give my SS number. My iTunes account had a phone synced to it so it went through hassle free. The receipt said with plan or something to that affect but I think that is a standard boiler plate email. In addition, one of the emails said you will get your new phone number shortly. I never gave my area code or preferences for a number. I think that too is a standard boiler plate email. What is the process for a new subscriber that purchases a phone from the Apple store online? I bet you have to go to an AT&T store to get the SIM activated and that is where the trap door is.
    1. timdafweak's Avatar
      timdafweak -
      That's awesome... glad that it worked for you. I wonder if my 2G iPhone SIM card would work fine with the 3GS. Or must I upgrade to a higher cost data+sms plan. Blah.
    1. albinoblack's Avatar
      albinoblack -
      Hey guys, obviously I'm a new member here.
      Obviously, I am also trying to get in on this hack;
      however, I am not just some newb who is going to spread this all over the interwebz, and has no idea what I am doing.

      I am a trusted senior member at another hacking/modding/cheating site (CN) and I also pretty much know how this hack works, I just cant get it right and the suspense is killing me. I have tried carrier codes from italy, tmobile etc. but none of them work.

      So if someone could PM me the 299 hack that would be great! (Also Im pretty sure that this can work with the 3G for $99, along whatever lines the current hack is using.)