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  • Apple Stores Open at 8am, AT&T at 7am on June 19th for iPhone 3G S

    On June 19th the iPhone 3G S will be available from both Apple and AT&T stores at 8am and 7am respectively.

    AT&T has also released a video (above) on youtube clarifying how things are going to pan out on iPhone day. Right now you can pre-order the iPhone online for delivery or at a company owned AT&T store to pick up on June 19th.

    There will two lines at AT&T stores on June 19th, one for those who have pre-ordered and one for those who haven't. Once the doors open those that have pre-ordered will have priority over those who haven't.

    If you want the best chance of getting your iPhone 3G S on June 19th be sure to pre-order, and then be in the front of the pre-order line on June 19th. If history is any indication iPhones will be in short supply for the month or so after initial release, and stores will be stocked with limited quantity.

    edit: to be able to pick it up in store on June 19th you must pre-order in person at the AT&T store you plan on visiting.

    Prices are as we already know for new customers or those who qualify for upgrades. $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model.
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    1. cricketlang's Avatar
      cricketlang -
      maybe he is mistaken and refering to the baseband???? who knows. i HAVE to wait. i dont really have a choice, nor the money to throw around for a phone that wont work with my service provider. i really want a 3gs though. but you gotta do what ya gotta do right?
    1. A Retired Mod's Avatar
      A Retired Mod -
      Just placed my order with Apple.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by keiffer6 View Post
      I did notice that the data plan went up since I originally bought my iPhone 2g. $30 now instead of $20.
      The data plan was upped to $20 with the 3G service 1 year ago.
    1. ephone's Avatar
      ephone -
      pre-ordered a 32gb from AT&T online, $299.....painless trasaction, actually much easier than the first two on iDAY....
    1. river0's Avatar
      river0 -

      Know the feeling. I'm hanging on to my 2G until next year when Apple releases the 4G with video cam hidden behind screen to allow video Skype. :-)
    1. wgm214's Avatar
      wgm214 -
      i got my 2g iphone on 9/24/07 with a 2 year contract on at & t...do i have to wait till september? I've heard of early upgrades on at&t b4 but that was with different phones...and i refuse to pay an extra 200 bc my contract isnt up yet.
    1. PotatoHead's Avatar
      PotatoHead -
      Well this is the first year I won't be selling the iPhone and will be buying one. I ordered it on apples site yesterday. Tried on Monday but I was having issues. Got fired from at&t, but they pulled me in when they gave me the original iPhone. Now I'm one of those apple fanboys I used to hate. I finally saw the light!

      Quote Originally Posted by wgm214 View Post
      i got my 2g iphone on 9/24/07 with a 2 year contract on at & t...do i have to wait till september? I've heard of early upgrades on at&t b4 but that was with different phones...and i refuse to pay an extra 200 bc my contract isnt up yet.
      You should be ok. Usually after 20 months your become eligible for an upgrade. Check at&t or apples site, it will tell you what price you have to pay.
    1. allthingsea's Avatar
      allthingsea -
      i just pre ordered mine at the AT&T store. simple and easy. i got the no contract 32G white iphone 3g s <3 so excited!
      The guy said that when they receive the shipment it automatically charges the card on file on my account. so basically i can see when they receive my iPhone but cant get it till launch. thats just going to make me go crazy lol.
    1. josh900's Avatar
      josh900 -
      ordered mine *******!!!!!
    1. flaviocontreras's Avatar
      flaviocontreras -
      I want one but i am going to wait till i get the discount on 8/25/09 the weird thing is that is going to be a year with my iphone 3g and i could upgrade in August is not that long anyways time fly's. One thing i notice and being a Financial Analyze i feel apple is not going to do that great with the new 3Gs as they did for the 3G and sales are not going to be that high. If they would of done it like last year with everyone upgrading the sales would of when up the roof even though we are in a bad economy. So guys don't worry the 3G's are not going to run out and after all this i still like apple and i think is the iphone is the best phone ever so far.
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      oldskoolkid13: Try again. Your link to ATT may have not been updated. They want to sell as many as possible.
    1. djdraco's Avatar
      djdraco -
      Enjoy the AM lines guys and girls I won't be joining you this time around. Maybe on the next iPhone release.
    1. Raspster's Avatar
      Raspster -
      How do you pre-order for in-store pick-up from at&t website online? I only see this option from apple..?
    1. aamodr's Avatar
      aamodr -
      Say does anyone know when it will be launched world wide?

      Say does anyone know when it will be launched world wide?
    1. RaMod's Avatar
      RaMod -
      Quote Originally Posted by RonHC View Post
      So i have a cell phone that is not an iPhone, [razor] and the 2 year contract ends this june 14th... hopefully enough time to pre order. and so when the contract ends, how much will it cost for me to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS 16 GB?

      I already know the $30 per month and so forth, i am just asking the price for the upgrade
      It's not going to cost you anything, since you don't have an iPhone on your account. The upgrade fee is only for accounts that have an iPhone. You will have to pay the $199 plus tax and $30 data plan plus the text and minutes, but the last ones you will pay when the bills comes out to you after one month!!
      Enjoy your iPhone!!

    1. A_DuB187's Avatar
      A_DuB187 -
      I just placed my upgrade pre-order on AT&T's website. I like how they are just going to ship the phone right out to our doorstep on the launch date or maybe even the day before if we get lucky who knows. Hell i stood in line last year for the 3g launch and that was enough for me...im glad i wont have to do that again. I dont know why anyone would pre-order in the store just to have to go right back there the morning of the launch and stand in line for god knows how long when you can simply have the phone ship'd to your doorstep. But good luck to those of you that decide to do that. I hope its not hot as hell where you live
    1. knowtheobscure's Avatar
      knowtheobscure -
      Quote Originally Posted by wareagle5693 View Post
      I'll probably just walk up to the store the day it comes out, or the day after, who knows I guess I can try to go up there tomorrow or something, but I don't think Its going to be that big of a deal down here, Montgomery usually doesn't have the same lines and everythign as everywhere else.

      The upgrade is gonna be 200 for you. Since you will be eligible for an upgrade
      If your with AT&T, you can preorder now from either the apple or att website. Just go to the apple site and click on buy 3gs, it will tell you what your prices are. Usually if you're 18 months into the contract they will give you full subsidizing price.

      EDIT: This was for RONHC
    1. khaoticsquirrel's Avatar
      khaoticsquirrel -
      So is there any difference in monthly fees?? I still have the 1st Gen iPhone, and never made the switch to 3G because it's not in my area and the plan is more expensive, but I like the 32gb option.

      Is the 3G S going to be a more expensive plan than the original 3G??
    1. derekthered's Avatar
      derekthered -
      It looks like (at least if you have the 3g) they're only making you wait 12 months. I got mine on day 1 (7/11) and I'm eligible for the lower price on 7/12 according to Apple's site.
    1. wgm214's Avatar
      wgm214 -
      i think the upgrade point is after 20 months, i got my 2g iphone on contract 9/24/07 and it says im eligible for an upgrade now