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  • 3.0 June 17th. Or Today.

    3.0 chatter has been going on a while now (and is already jailbroken and officially has Cydia ready and released for it, you faithful hackery types), and WWDC marked the official date announcement - June 17th (pf.edit, thanks guys - not the 19th). Developers were given out the gold master today - bye bye betas.

    We've already been over most of the 3.0 improvements, and Apple tossed us a couple bones as well:
    • MMS supported from 29 carriers as of game day, although AT&T will get that to us "later this summer". Thanks, AT&T.
    • Safari has got some solid speed increases - JavaScript 3x faster, HTML 5 support, HTTP streaming a/v, and auto-fill (nice).
    • Tethering supported from 22 carriers. Of course AT&T won't be on that list, but are sure they'll get to it soon.
    • You can now RENT and PURCHASE movies from the iPhone through iTunes, including audiobooks.

    iPod Touch users save your pennies - the upgrade will be free for iPhone users, but $9.95 for iPod Touch folks, same as 2.0 was.

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    1. NessLookAlike's Avatar
      NessLookAlike -
      Quote Originally Posted by jmjmoz View Post
      do u still need to be a registered dev. or can everyone update the phone today?
      As soon as they release the iPod Touch 1G 3.0 GM firmware I'll be more than happy to find out.
    1. jimbean's Avatar
      jimbean -
      whos sb?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
    1. cwright630's Avatar
      cwright630 -
      took me a minute to figure out the hint for the megaupload, but i found it. how do i go about installing this though and do you have to be a dev or will this work for anyone. thanks in advance.
    1. Luife's Avatar
      Luife -
      So This Final 3.0 update can be jailbroken and unlocked with this QuickPwn recently release for he previous 3.0 beta ?
    1. neckaros's Avatar
      neckaros -
      Quote Originally Posted by jboone View Post
      I download the 3.0 GM from megaupload, can i use it without having my UDID registered? Is it still using the same dev registration scheme?
      It say the same thing in the new Read Me PDF but didn't try it out
    1. Brandon's Avatar
      Brandon -
      When is the iPhone 3GS coming to Canada?
    1. jcrod73's Avatar
      jcrod73 -
      With ALL these enhancements i bet they haven't even gotten FLASH to work on it with Safari...apple aHOLES!!! They are always lookin to stick it to the users that have been supporting the damned thing in the first place...

      Who is that scrwany little guy again that announces the technology updates at the conferences?? I want to KICK THE F@<&ING LIVING S#!] OUT OF HIM!!!! He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING and makes it like he is the S#!] that thought up all the addons and updates that were made and that they are the best updates in the universe!!!

      THANK GOD FOR THE DEV TEAM!!!!! If jailbreaking weren't around i would not have an iPhone right now...I'm not even done venting but i'll spare you all...i'm going to look for an apple employee to beat up!!!
    1. mariojas's Avatar
      mariojas -
      how about an Ipod 1,1 ?
    1. rufio's Avatar
      rufio -
      just finished the update. solid, no compass app. this is the devloper version of the final of 3. the final 3.0 which comes out on the 17th will be the actual final version.

      build # 7A341

      its legit.
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      AT&T sucks. We get screwed everytime
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      A. WE DO NOT allow links to 3.0 downloads. DO NOT ask. Any posting there of after this will result in warnings, infractions.

      B. This is NOT a 3.0 installation/blah blah thread. Dont turn it into one. We already have several.
    1. joeya7x's Avatar
      joeya7x -
      Quote Originally Posted by NessLookAlike View Post
      Its already been leaked. If you look around hard enough you can find an iPhone (3G?) link to a megaupload page.


      *wink wink*
      Thanks a Ton!!
    1. jltdhome's Avatar
      jltdhome -
      Installing now, hopefully all goes well. Will update once its finished.
    1. bergmanb's Avatar
      bergmanb -
      I'm installing the Golden Master Seed 7A341 version now as well. I'm crossing my fingers.
    1. Channan's Avatar
      Channan -
      I've waited 3 months for 3.0, but waiting a week and two more days is going to be so hard!
    1. jltdhome's Avatar
      jltdhome -
      Has anyone gotten it to work? im on try #2 and it fails right at the end. Im doing SHIFT RESTORE on an iPhone 3G
    1. ipodboy61's Avatar
      ipodboy61 -
      soooo, is it ok for me to ask

      if someone could be tight and let me in there UDID list

      or can i activate without it?
    1. Hyperextension's Avatar
      Hyperextension -
      Quote Originally Posted by Brandon View Post
      When is the iPhone 3GS coming to Canada?
      June 19 in the first wave of sales.
    1. bergmanb's Avatar
      bergmanb -
      ok that was fast... didn't work for me. Said my iphone could not be restored. I'm guessing that's because my iPhone isn't registered? Restoring 2.2.1 now.