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    hope this hasent been posted before.

    RipDEV chasing Cydia success with 'Icy'. Installer5 to replace Installer4.
    Is the ongoing disappointment with RipDEV set to continue? Following the recent release of the Mac OS desktop prog InstallerApp (priced at $7!), which SkylarEC has already suggested repository owners may want to consider blocking as it leeches without serving up advertising used to pay for bandwidth, the RipDEV team today released Icy, a direct competitor to Cydia.

    Icy is free and will apparently complement the soon-to-be-released Installer5 that will replace Installer4. Despite their mild digs at Saurik and Cydia in their blog the RipDEV team state that they intend to make sure Icy and Installer exist peacefully alongside Cydia.

    Update/ Early reports are not good... there's a definite step forward in RipDEV's development, a lot like the sleekness of the app and, so far, there's been no reports of a SWOD. However we advise that you don't use Icy at the moment. When installed Icy sets itself up as an Essential Package, which means it kicks up warning messages when you try and uninstall it. Then there's the fact that, similar to InstallerApp, it leeches bandwidth from repositories without serving the ads that fund the server use. Also, considering the reponses in this thread, IPTF members are already reporting they've seen Icy freeze, crash, not update and lag. Kick icy into touch for now and stick with Cydia is our advice. Lets hope RipDEV can pull themselves together for Installer5, but we won't be holding our breath.

    Update#2/ A few select tweets from RipDEV & Saurik from the 24hrs after Icy release provide more detail on the pros & cons of Icy.

    In the process of working on InstallerApp, we have extensively investigated how the technology behind Cydia works. Essentially, Cydia is a front-end to two open source technologies - APT and DPKG. DPKG is a system that installs and removes specially prepared packages (.deb files). APT allows these files to be organized in network "repositories" to be indexed and downloaded. Due to the highly unoptimal build of DPKG (as Jay Freeman, the author of Cydia, admits it in his article about Cydia) we had to compile DPKG and the tools needed from scratch. As a result, the same set of tools take only a little over than 1 megabyte as opposed to 32 installed by Cydia.

    While testing Cydia support for InstallerApp, we of course had to use Jay's creation a lot. And unfortunately it felt slow, and overloaded. We thought, well, why not make our own front-end to DPKG? It would be compatible with Cydia, but be focused on speed, elegance and be very, very thin. So one of our programmers sat down and made up in a week a new alternative installer that we are proud to reveal to you today, named Icy.

    IcyIcy 1.0 is pretty simple, and we plan on keeping it that way. It will only refresh repositories when you tell it to, and will not scroll pages of cool looking terminal text when installing or removing a package. Instead, it presents the installation process in a friendly and cool manner - enhanced with crisp black and white interface featuring icons by quite famous artist Max Rudberg. Icy uses the same DPKG that Cydia does, but without APT that handles downloading of repository indeces and packages - we chose to use a combination of libcurl and sqlite for that.

    Icy only downloads headers when refreshing repositories, so it won't download again the indeces that were not changed - this saves on your traffic and makes the refreshes faster. It will pick up existing Cydia repositories and also will allow you to add more through its Add Source interface.

    When we saw that Apple is moving towards supporting landscape mode more in the upcoming 3.0 firmware, we thought - hey, landscape is useful when browsing, too! So Icy supports landscape as well.

    Icy will always remain free. Despite what some people may think, we are not blind and we see what tremendious job Jay (saurik) Freeman and community source repository owners (such as The Big Boss, Fabiano Confuorto and others) have done over the past year - and this is our way to say "thank you" to them. We hope you will enjoy the "new kid on the block" - and we have extensive plans on enhancing it in the future versions - for example, 1.1 will have, among other things, a dependency graph for the packages.

    This being said, we will be slowly phasing out support of Installer 4 in favor of Icy and soon-to-be-announced Installer 5. Since we're a commercial entity with over 10 people in staff, we have the dedication and resources to make sure Icy and Installer exist and grow peacefully together with Cydia.

    Full story on the RipDEV blog. More details & 'how to install' on the Icy RipDEV page.

    How To InstallFrom Cydia: Add a new source apt.ripdev.com and then install Icy from the Packaging category.
    From Installer: Icy is available in the System category of Installer.
    What's Next?Keep an eye on our blog to see what is coming in the next updates to Icy.

    source : ipodtouchfans and ripdev
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    1. mr.sparky's Avatar
      mr.sparky -
      It's so small becauses cydia right? it won't work unless you have it installed a long with cydia
    1. gsr101's Avatar
      gsr101 -
      im not sure what u mean but i think yeah because it has all my cydia stuff on it , but its ok i cant get package updtes to work
    1. mr.sparky's Avatar
      mr.sparky -
      From what I understand it needs cydia to piggyback off of that's why it can be so small.
    1. gsr101's Avatar
      gsr101 -
      yeah =(
      i thik cydia is still beter
    1. Grassmasta's Avatar
      Grassmasta -
      Installer had its time and I for one am thankful for that, but I think RipDev's time would be better invested elsewhere. Just my 2 cents.
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      Quote Originally Posted by gsr101 View Post
      hope this hasent been posted before.

      RipDEV chasing Cydia success with 'Icy'. [/B][/U]
      There's a difference between "chasing success" and "blatantly stealing".
    1. vanik08's Avatar
      vanik08 -
      competitions always good
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      ^Its not a competition when our own packages magically appear inside installer. And we didnt put them there.
    1. loafomatic's Avatar
      loafomatic -
      I don't know. It might suck right now, but it is a pretty cool layout. I won't be installing it anytime soon, but it's a step in the right direction.
    1. runCMD's Avatar
      runCMD -
      Hey - Icy looks great. Big improvement over Installer 4. Cydia is robust - but reloads on top of reloads. I hope they can improve that.
      Seems like there are a lot of innovation h8rs on tonight. Stiff upper lip - keep up the good work.
    1. maz's Avatar
      maz -
      but but..... why r there no categories in icy???
    1. Apollo_316's Avatar
      Apollo_316 -
      You need to go to the sources tab and refresh once for the first time use. It will then populate all your categories the same as cydia has them.

      And for what it's worth, I like Icy alot!!! My only cons I can find are that there's no spot to see what the recent packages are, only updated apps. And I, for one, love that there's no adds in it...however I understand the need for them to keep things free and when it comes down to it, I would much rather have adds and free then no adds and have to pay! So I'm sure adds will be added very soon.

      I have not tried any updating of apps yet but I have installed a few and the install screen is GORGEOUS!!!! I'm very impressed with that!!

      I also wanted to say that I don't see what the big deal is that Icy piggy-backs off Cydia...they're both free! And Icy is a nice graphical improvement as well as much speedier, but doesn't capture all the things Cydia does either; such as the "payment features" and showing the recent additions to the repos. On top of that my impression of both the ripDev team and Jay Freeman (Saurik) is that they are not in this for fame or money, they are in this to bring useful features and additions to our phones and take away apples control over the things WE bought and supposedly own (Apple seems to have the idea that they still own our phones) I jailbreak iPhones, and other phones too, for friends just out of moral obligation haha! Also, Jay Freeman doesn't just do programming for the iphone, he works on the google Android OS, and I'm sure other OS's, too (in his free time from his full time job, no-less!), so I'm sure his time for all the branches in his digital-life is very thin. I can't speak for him but I would be flattered if someone liked what I did so much that they wanted to improve upon it!

      I like that Icy pulls over the repos and installed apps effortlessly!! Much like buying a new phone and being tasked with recreating all your contacts one by one, I was not looking forward to adding all the repos (or packages) manually when I first heard of Icy!

      That's just my two cents! Feel free to discuss!

    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      I prefer Icy. I hate that reloading in Cydia. Give icy the installer ui and features of Cydia then I might permanently use Icy.
    1. rudzha's Avatar
      rudzha -
      Nice... It looks awesome, works awesome...
      Maybe saurik and ripDEV should come together and make Icy as a frontend for Installer and Cydia...

      I would like to see categories for installed apps...
      As for the adds... I guess they are needed... and there is plenty of space to place them...
    1. Apollo_316's Avatar
      Apollo_316 -
      Ok, the biggest thing that's missing at the moment and is really needed is the ability to go to the more info links like you get in Cydia. I can see the description and download in Icy but not much else! I'd say once this and seeing recent updates are added that this app is a home run for a new front end to Cydia! (minus the app purchasing stuff of course!)

    1. bulletproofcupid's Avatar
      bulletproofcupid -
      Personally speaking, I love Cydia AND Icy. Why should they not work together? I have been disappointed with Installer for some time now and it will be interesting to see what 5 has to offer that will be different enough from Cydia!! My only gripe with Installer is that the ripdev team have only made the desktop Installer workable on Intel Macs!!!!!!!! Otherwise, great job guys and I mean all of you ;-)
    1. ifini's Avatar
      ifini -
      Cydia has been sold to Bill Gates

      Someone please please tell me this is an April Fool's day joke
    1. kkiran's Avatar
      kkiran -
      Yes it is buddy! Saurik tried to April fool you
    1. lostgame's Avatar
      lostgame -
      I'm not sure that ripDev deserves this attention. They had their chance to make a splash with installer 4 and failed miserably - they decided that making money was the path they wanted to go down instead.

      Here's a news flash for anybody hoping to sell anything to people with jb/d phones: people who hack their phones don't do it so they can pay for other stuff, they do it so they can get cool stuff for free. And so long as there's a working, perfectly fine, free alternative out there, nobody will pay. Especially because the jailbreaking community is largely based around piracy - **********, ******** and the like are huge reasons for a lot people to jailbreak. There are entire forums dedicated to just hacking the paid software on cydia and it's often as simple as adding a new repo to get around all the protection.

      The jailbroken community is meant to foster true innovation, unlike apple. Apple is concerned with making money and controlling the device. We should not be concerned with making money but rather looking towards new ideas and working together. Open source is truly the direction to go when dealing with matters of hacking.

      Boo ripDev, thanks saurik, for being the person we need to lead this community and all the jailbreakers out there in the right direciton.
    1. soulthoughts's Avatar
      soulthoughts -
      Quote Originally Posted by Apollo_316 View Post
      ...On top of that my impression of both the ripDev team and Jay Freeman (Saurik) is that they are not in this for fame or money, they are in this to bring useful features and additions to our phones and take away apples control over the things WE bought and supposedly own (Apple seems to have the idea that they still own our phones) I jailbreak iPhones, and other phones too, for friends just out of moral obligation haha!

      That's just my two cents! Feel free to discuss!

      I disagree. While they may not be in it for the fame, money is a factor. Saurik gets a cut of every app sold or something to that effect. I venture to say that it started out as a project for Saurik and he saw an oppurtunity to make some money for his efforts. I applaud him for that.

      I know he's done a ton for the community and we all appreciate it, but do not ever think money is not a factor. It's capitalism at its best. If people will buy it people will sell it.

      I feel safe knowing that Saurik will continue to provide us with a vehicle to get free apps and that the spirit of Cydia will still be a community of people wanting 'cool' things for our jailbroken phones. At the same time I think Saurik is looking for a commercial angle and wouldn't be mad at him for making a buck.