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  • Element Case, BULK Now Classier! (Giveaway Ended)

    Element Cases are the most unique iPhone/ iPhone 3G cases. They consist of 4 parts, a front “flip lid”, a plastic frame, a metallic body colored as per your choice and an anodized aluminum back- painted to match the case color. The anodized back can also have a high quality laser engraved design. All these parts are kept together in place with the help of a few screws. You can select from the pre-made designs, limited editions or go for a special edition of yours with custom graphic and color.

    All Element Cases are hand-made. They ARE a bit big - but they do their job well. Also, if you have had an experience with external battery cases like a Mophie Juice Pack or Incase Power Slider, you won’t have any problem. This case is designed keeping gamers in mind and thus offers a great grip and feels nice in hand (s) that way (though a bit uneasy in pocket).

    The front lid as well as the anodized back panel can have a custom graphic and color of your choice thus making each piece unique. These have open ports for dock connector, power button, headphone jack, camera and the volume button as well. The phone is kept firmly in place with the help of plastic frame screwed to the body. This makes the installation a pain- to put the phone in or take it out, you need to remove the screws with the help of a special ‘screwdriver’ included that can be kept in your wallet all the time due to it’s tiny size. Also, the flip lid is kept in place with magnets that clamp to the screws. While using the phone, the lid can be clamped to the back as well. These magnets don’t affect the signal at all as per my observations.

    The only potential improvement in the case could be making the flip lid touch compatible - that'd be some tech though.

    All in all, these cases are really wonderful though the installation is really difficult and removing the flip lid everytime to use the phone can get irritating. But, if you do not care about the small glitches, you can get these cases from Element. The price ranges from $100 to $200 and they ship internationally - oh, and we are giving away a white element case with grey anodized panel. 2 flip lids- a blue and an orange- included. The back has a default element logo and flip lids have random designs. You also get an extra screw and a “screw driver” with some instructions of how to put the case on your phone. To participate, just leave a comment in the format “E- Any thing you would like to say about the case” (mandatory). The format is strict and any comment ignoring it will not be counted as an entry. All double entries and PM entries will be disqualified. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced in a week. The prize can be shipped worldwide as well.

    P.S. If you don’t own an iPhone or iPhone 3G, please give others a chance

    UPDATE: whateverman24791 won this giveaway!
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    1. FreeHooch's Avatar
      FreeHooch -
      E - Who cares about the bulky size--when you need a case, you need a case, and if you're going to pay $100-$200 per case, you clearly need one. I know that something that sturdy would stand up against all the pit bulls I rescue. I also love the fact that it's engravable; it's a lot easier to forgive size when you have other aesthetics.
    1. xepher2792's Avatar
      xepher2792 -
      E- ive never seen these cases before but they look awesome
    1. IvanPK's Avatar
      IvanPK -
      E- Looks cool, interesting to say the least. Like the design on the back. Good luck to whoever wins!
    1. Prelude2tragedy's Avatar
      Prelude2tragedy -
      E- these looks awesome
    1. aly2026's Avatar
      aly2026 -
      E- by gum what a classic case to show off with
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      E- these cases are sick. I just went to the website and was checking out their products. I really like them, but they are a little out of my price range so winning one would be amazing. And would definitely help me keep it safe considering I'm a little clumsy and a hazard to my phones lol. although, I've been pretty good with the 3G so far.
    1. scottjl's Avatar
      scottjl -
      E- sure, enter me. I'd love to protect my iPhone!
    1. mobsta's Avatar
      mobsta -
      I SO WANTED 1 OF THESE WHEN I SEEN THE OLD 1s or 1 similar...
      and my BIRTHDAY IS APRIL 12th..
      make it mine (LIKE THE APP lol)
      P L E A S E
    1. keviNNz's Avatar
      keviNNz -

      Last 2 phones and an iphone got run over by a car, go figure, this thing will save it from those devil cars
    1. blineweaver's Avatar
      blineweaver -
      E- Looks great. Best looking case I've seen so far.
    1. kadinh's Avatar
      kadinh -
      E- i want one of these so much. if i dont win, i will probably buy one bc they are so cool!
    1. treble26's Avatar
      treble26 -
      E-i have seen these cases before and when i first saw them i was in shock, amazing case, beautiful style, and some of the craziest artwork on iphone and ipod cases that i have seen. i wanted to buy one but when i saw the price i had second thoughts. i would love to have one, my friends would be so jealous.

      YouTube - xpt2613's Channel
    1. sliff101's Avatar
      sliff101 -
      E- thats a sweet case I hope some day I could own one!!!! and thanks mmi for this giveaway you guys are the BEST
    1. GoDJr's Avatar
      GoDJr -
      E- that looks awsome makes my case look like crap
    1. Sumichu's Avatar
      Sumichu -
      E- I don't have a iPhone case yet. Hawaii don't have a very good selection. But this case is KAKKOI (COOL)!!! I would totally buy it for my iPhone. The design is very unique and stylish. It captures the attention of the buyers. Just a slide glance and you get people wondering, "What kind of case is that?"

      - Masumi
    1. coryqb17's Avatar
      coryqb17 -
      E- I like the way it looks, the price seems to say it is exactly the durability you need for your baby! I want one!!
    1. InvertedS2c's Avatar
      InvertedS2c -
      E- Looks like a great addition to my iPhone, I realllllllly want it!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. shizumi's Avatar
      shizumi -
      E- Was thinking of buying this, i made a thread bout it though the only problem with this is the $$$. $200 is alot X.X since you don't know how durable it is, i would love to have a custom plate as well if their a coupon code for it like $150 i probably buy it including no extra charge for custom
    1. guadalupe_lopez's Avatar
      guadalupe_lopez -
      ...Ive customized my case through element like 10 times...Im afraid that it might be too big, especially for $100!! Hope i get one for free!!
    1. (Name Here)'s Avatar
      (Name Here) -
      E- The back seems to have a mix of a nice clean metal and wood; it even has an artistic etching. Very polished and very stylish. As for it's size, it depends on the consumer. Frankly, I think size wouldn't matter; besides, it adds as extra protection.