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  • Did You Leave Verizon for the iPhone?

    It appears that Verizon is worried that they missed out when they refused to be THE carrier for the iPhone back in 2007. There have been rumors since then that Verizon would be getting the iPhone but to date AT&T is still king.

    According to a Boy Genius report Verizon is trying to figure out exactly how many people it lost thanks to its iPhone mistake. In a survey sent out to previous Verizon customers the question “What could Verizon Wireless have offered to keep you as a customer?” is asked. Not surprisingly one of the possible answers to the question is "The iPhone."

    One question asking you if you left Verizon for the iPhone isn't enough. Verizon asks twice. "What is the PRIMARY REASON you chose your new carrier?" with the possible answer of "Wanted the iPhone."

    Two times not enough for you? Don't worry, Verizon asked about you and your iPhone three times in their one survey . . . .

    Since Verizon probably isn't going to share their poll results with us average Joes we are running our own poll!

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    1. ihaveabu's Avatar
      ihaveabu -
      I had t-mobile, then switched to AT&T. Verizon sucks in Chicago for some reason. Now, i'm at Buffalo, NY, and Verizon is apparently king here. T-mobile has horrible reception, so i switched to At&t.

      the other reason for never using verizon is that verizon never had good deals on letstalk.com

      When i had Tmobile, i got 2 Samsung T809's for free. And when i switched to AT&T, i got a lg something or other, RAZR2 and a HTC Tilt for a total of $25. lol

      verizon couldn't beat that. and i just really don't like the custom phone bloatware verizon uses
    1. Kofic101's Avatar
      Kofic101 -
      I did a while back and I love my iPhone! Verizon had nothing to offer! Their reps were powerless against a product that could be the killer but with too many restriction it is jut avarage at best. Too bad jailbreak is the only way. Bad Apple! Bad AT&T!
    1. Riviera's Avatar
      Riviera -
      I have never left AT&T since I got my first cellphone back in late 1996 and my cellphone number is still the same. I never change it. My first cellphone was a Nokia. I forgot the model, but it was big and bulky.
    1. Crafty42's Avatar
      Crafty42 -
      I voted No, though I did just leave Verizon for AT&T last month. Now, my story is.... I switched because AT&T has the sim card. I cannot bring camera phones into work, and I love having a good smartphone. I know VZW has a few smartphones sans camera, but I wasn't crazy about the choices. My solution was to switch, so I can simply pop out the sim card when I get to work and bring in a Go phone, or some other cheap cameraless phone, that I can then switch back into my iPhone when I leave. PIA, yes, but now that I've experienced the iPhone, I love it!

      I never had any problems with VZW, and actually felt bad for leaving. Customer service always treated me well, refunding me when I had issues, which was rare enough anyway. AT&T service in my area seems spotty, so I'm not happy about that. Also, 99% of the people I know are VZW, so there goes all my Mobile to Mobile free minutes and texts, thus causing me to buy into a more expensive plan.