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  • Did You Leave Verizon for the iPhone?

    It appears that Verizon is worried that they missed out when they refused to be THE carrier for the iPhone back in 2007. There have been rumors since then that Verizon would be getting the iPhone but to date AT&T is still king.

    According to a Boy Genius report Verizon is trying to figure out exactly how many people it lost thanks to its iPhone mistake. In a survey sent out to previous Verizon customers the question “What could Verizon Wireless have offered to keep you as a customer?” is asked. Not surprisingly one of the possible answers to the question is "The iPhone."

    One question asking you if you left Verizon for the iPhone isn't enough. Verizon asks twice. "What is the PRIMARY REASON you chose your new carrier?" with the possible answer of "Wanted the iPhone."

    Two times not enough for you? Don't worry, Verizon asked about you and your iPhone three times in their one survey . . . .

    Since Verizon probably isn't going to share their poll results with us average Joes we are running our own poll!

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    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      I don't know what it's like in the US but here in the UK, while most providers cover most of the population, there are still areas where coverage is better on one network than another. That does not necessarily make them bad networks just because they don't cover your area.

      We never had the discussion about CDMA - it just wasn't an option. So I have no idea as to it's technical merits.

      Rather like Betamax was technically superior to VHS, it doesn't matter if everyone is using VHS.
    1. qnc's Avatar
      qnc -
      I worked for the company but had an iPhone hacked on T-Mobile. When I left the company I switched to AT&T 2 days later and bought 3 more iPhones. Never looked back either.

      With them going LTE will it be possible for iPhone to be on Verizon later?
    1. dunlapface's Avatar
      dunlapface -
      I left verizon for the iphone as well. I was kind of hesitant at first because I have had all the cell phone services and cigular at the time sucked and so did AT&T. Well now that I have the service I am really surprised at how much better the service is now and I have no issues so far. I am very pleased that I switched for the iPhone but I do have to say that if verizon came out with an iPhone I'd switch back because I think verizon has the best service by far.
    1. kmonty1's Avatar
      kmonty1 -
      I left Verizon for the iPhone. I even paid to get out of my contract on 2 phone numbers. Have not had a problem since I left them.
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      My friend actually switched just for the iPhone. I thought he was crazy. Then I remembered that it was an iPhone.
    1. Sadhunni's Avatar
      Sadhunni -
      I never had verizon. I wish there is a survey for TmObile. I would do the same. ahaha
    1. georgew6's Avatar
      georgew6 -
      If I could have added to Verizon's survey, I would have told them that I was more than happy with my little old Motorola cell phone and Verizon's wireless with Verizon Mobile Office. I guess they felt users were getting too much by being able to use the cell phone as a modem with a laptop. For awhile I had a great time with my system that did not cost much. I could access the Internet almost anywhere with my Verizon wireless card equipped laptop. My available time was always sufficient with their wireless account that was no more than I had for voice only.

      When the Motorola phone broke I went to Verizon to replace it. They did not carry this phone or Office anymore. I had to buy an expensive new phone and sign up for VERY expensive services to go back on the Internet only through on the phone.

      Eventually, especially after replacing the phone due to a theft, I guit the plan giving me the Internet, and paid Verizon a heavy fee. As soon as possible, I bought the iPhone and went to AT&T. I also decided that a Mac would be a better laptop for me and bought a MacBook. I eventually switched my home phone to COX since Verizon doesn't even do that part of their business well.

      Now I have Cox for my Internet, landline phone, and Cable TV. Only have AT&T to use my iPhone which has become indispensable.
    1. Jr1321's Avatar
      Jr1321 -
      I cancelled a two line contract to get the iPhone, and man it was the best thing me and my wife ever did. But I must say that the coverage was better with Verizon. My wife seems to drop calls once in a while with the iPhone but rarely ever did with verizon.

      But thats my only plus I'm giving Verizon, other than that they SUCKED!!
    1. box_69's Avatar
      box_69 -
      i got my entire family to switch to at&t with iphones. and everyone came from verizon, i had the old lg vx9800 and the rest had the lg voyager. they hated their new iphones for about 2 days til i went through it with them and showed them what it can do now they love them.

      as for service, verizon USED TO be good for us we had been with them for over 8 years and over time it has just gotten worse and worse. when we switched it was to the point where my phone wouldnt even register calls, someone would call me and it would ring and go to my voice mail and i was dropping calls like crazy. at&t has been much more reliable for me so far and i love it and dont regret switching at all
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Never left t-mobile for the iphone!! ha
    1. traeday3's Avatar
      traeday3 -
      Hated leaving "the network" but love the iPhone
    1. SevenMinusT's Avatar
      SevenMinusT -
      I left Verizon for AT&T due to the desire for the iPhone.
    1. iN2K's Avatar
      iN2K -
      Actually I left Sprint for the new iPhone. I had the iPhone wanna be Samsung Instinct, I should of never wasted my money.
    1. mastaq1's Avatar
      mastaq1 -
      My father left them today for a new 3G S. He mentioned wanting to possibly get one but I dent expect him do do it today. Now it looks like I have another iPhone 3G S to tinker with. What theme should I give him??

      Auto correct made me sound like an idiot ** didn't expect him to do it today**
    1. ronblade's Avatar
      ronblade -
      I wanted to leave Verizon for iphone but could not do it because i was with an contract with o2. I didn't find any other way.
    1. JUSTQUAN2's Avatar
      JUSTQUAN2 -
      i left verizon for the iphone 3G S. im not a fan of apple or macs at all to be honest with you. but i have to admit the iphone is just about a complete phone. i love my blackberry but all around fun factor i choose the iphone. i kept my blackberry for business reasons. but i love the feel of the iphone more than anything. great freakin phone. at&t service... so far its just like vzw. i do not like how either companies treat customers.
    1. bmxtreme's Avatar
      bmxtreme -
      Dumbest "vote" ever. Who else would frequent this forum if they don't own an iphone already. Why not also ask "Who left Sprint". Isn't it an obvious winner?
    1. HayWire's Avatar
      HayWire -
      I left t-mobile for the iphone, even paid a HEFTY deposit to get started, but i had some of my tax return for that so I didn't really feel the hit, plus I've wanted and Iphone since it came out. I really like the service/ coverage with at&T.. I just wish the rest of my family had switched to att like I thought they would, instead they went to sprint because my dad is obsessed with palm and he wanted the pre. But I love my 3G. Definetly plan on keeping it for the duration of my two years, which for me is very rare to find a phone I can say that about!
    1. PorthosPirate's Avatar
      PorthosPirate -
      Everyone seems to miss one of the other obvious problems with Verizon. I left verizon not just for the iPhone, but because of their crap customer service. I know AT&T sucks too, but wow. When you spend over $200/mo on service and you have a phone that has been replaced 3 times (2-3 hours in store each time because they have to take it for 2 hours and 'troubleshoot it') for the same issue and they say "sorry we can't authorize an early upgrade"... I said I would leave the service, and they said 'we can't authorize an early upgrade and you will have to pay termination fees.'

      Nice, you want to retain me as a customer, so naturally you threaten me.

      I pointed out that the termination fees were less than a month of service, they still didn't believe I would leave. Well, I left, and 2 weeks after got a postal mail saying "sorry you had a bad experience, won't you come back, we'll give you the upgrade."

      I sent my 9 word response back: "Too little, too late, and I have the iPhone."

      A metaphor about locking the barn door comes to mind...
    1. mastaq1's Avatar
      mastaq1 -
      Great story pothos. My buddy works for verizon he wishes he could haw good phones. "The Network" b***s goats.