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  • Dashboard on its Way to the iPhone

    In lieu of his announcement that he will not be continuing development of Stacks after version 2.2 Steven Troughton-Smith has revealed that his next iPhone project will be Dashboard. For those that are unfamiliar with OS X, Dashboard is a nifty little area that holds/displays widgets like clock, currency converters, weather, dictionary, and countless more all on one screen.

    Dashboard on the iPhone could be a very neat way to throw a bunch of useful but compact widgets on one screen of the iPhone for quick access and we hope to see it released sometime soon. The video above is by Steven and is his Dashboard program running within the SDK. Looks smooth so far.
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    1. spintek's Avatar
      spintek -
      It looks nice, but I wouldn't use it.
    1. sale666's Avatar
      sale666 -
      good job man! FANTASTIC JOB ACTUALY! now this will be usefull!
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      The term "Springboard" was a spin-off of "Dashboard." In other words, Springboard is to iPhone as Dashboard is to OS X. It's completely pointless to have a Dashboard on the iPhone.
    1. wgm214's Avatar
      wgm214 -
      very well explained indian cheese. i dont understand why he quit on stacks due to lack of time, and is now making this project?
    1. llckll's Avatar
      llckll -
      I think it will clutter up the iphone more than it really needs to be. Sometimes, less is more.
    1. dualcorex's Avatar
      dualcorex -
      why not just use sbsettings
    1. reznor9's Avatar
      reznor9 -
      It would be nice if he would incorporate this with winterboard and have it so we could do this with all our icons...
      Lets say we poof 100% of the icons and then use this dashboard to bring up all the icons... and we would be able to arrange them in whatever config we want, size them and they wouldnt have to follow any apple designated grid pattern.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by AppleDummy View Post
      Not everyone has the clock above at the home screen ive got my own name on it and cant see the clock
      You need your own name more than the clock?
      And I thought I had a bad memory
    1. barry1970's Avatar
      barry1970 -
    1. wgm214's Avatar
      wgm214 -
      maybe this would be cool as a standalone app, its the kinda thing i could see showing up in the appstore if he did that
    1. rasbill's Avatar
      rasbill -
      so he takes stacks off cydia because he doesnt want to promote jailbreaking, yet is going to release anouther app that you need to jailbreak your phone for, somebodys confused
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      You seem to believe jailbreaking and theft are the same word?

      (which doesn't mean I understand all the reasoning -- I believe that isn't it )
    1. kwickone's Avatar
      kwickone -
      I think this would be the coolest app ever...IF...it could basically replace the screen with a new "shell", and have that shell contain shortcuts (to apps), folders (with shortcuts), and widgets...all of which would be drag and drop anywhere.

      Now that would ROCK!

      To be honest, I am quite surprised that some iphone developer has not already come up with a replacement shell for Springboard.
    1. greenstretracer's Avatar
      greenstretracer -
      stacks is still available on cydia via the ste packaging source. I just downloaded it 2 days ago.

      as far as this app. Has cool potential for those quick things you want but dont want to start an app for them. For example notes. By the time the app launches and keyboard comes up you forget what you wanted to write.
    1. kkiran's Avatar
      kkiran -
      Sounds super cool! I hope he releases it soon
    1. rasbill's Avatar
      rasbill -
      Steven Troughton-Smith said...

      Two points:

      • I don't want to continue promoting jailbreaking when it's responsible for piracy.

      • I can't leave Stack on Cydia because of the endless flood of support requests and other e-mails it brings

      I'm working on a better way that just discontinuing it, so bear with me.

      thats why i said he doesnt want to promote jailbreaking
    1. seattle7's Avatar
      seattle7 -
      i think its awesome, only because alot of the notes i make i forget about, so if it was open on the home screen it would be pretty cool, i wish the notes app had a badge #
    1. AppleDummy's Avatar
      AppleDummy -
      Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
      You need your own name more than the clock?
      And I thought I had a bad memory
      hehe ofcourse i need my own name on it its my ipod the clock looks ugly anyway^^

      EDIT: btw Quick Gold is using that button again ( one click home button ) so i guess he has to change that :/
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      Quote Originally Posted by rasbill View Post
      thats why i said he doesnt want to promote jailbreaking
      ah i missed that.
    1. cricketlang's Avatar
      cricketlang -
      steven has grounds for his reasoning. he is a great developer and needs to be respected for his work and decissions. thats my take on it. i would like to see a possible SDK or somethign for widgets...so maybe people could make like ipod, sms, email etc widgets. that would be nice