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  • Mophie Juice Pack, Juice up your iPhone 3G! (Giveaway Ended!)

    The new iPhone 3G comes with the new 3G connectivity and a new problem namely Batter Drainage. Mophie has taken the challenge to fix it with their new Juice Pack, which is the first Apple certified “Works with iPhone” battery and uses the Apple’s 30-pin dock connector. Now, this might not be very useful for everyone but for a hardcore user like me who’s always surfing and chatting, it’s a must!

    The packaging is just wonderful and especially the gift packaging I received. The battery backup comes with a Mini USB 2 cable for charging and a small instruction manual.

    Well, I previously owned a Storm Battery Backup and used it all the time with my 3G iPhone but it didn’t provide me enough “Juice” which was a big downside. Another fault was that it used to loosely hang on my phone but the Mophie terminates both of the problems for me!

    It’s a great concept that doubles as a battery backup and a case too. It feels quite nice in the hand with the extra rubber grip on sides. The color scheme of the case is zippy with the green colored inside. Its design is nice with the black matte finished body on the outside and green soft material inside. The edges are thick and curvy which ensures no harm to the phone. The pack is quite bulky but it’s obviously better than the ‘non-case’ type extra battery. Another great advantage of the design is that you can use the Mophie anytime and all the time and even when calling!

    But, the main feature as the company advertises is that it provides “more than double” power to the phone and as per my experience, this is quite true. With Wi-Fi switched on all the time and heavy chatting on Beejive, but rarely any calling, a fully charged Mophie combined with a fully charged phone lasts the whole day, till late night and it takes just 4 hours to charge! Another great feature of this pack is that while your phone is plugged, you can sync it too, which means that you don’t need to remove this everytime just to sync. It also sports a great new feature namely “Intelligent Power Distribution” which enables the use of Mophie instead of iPhone’s battery while charging at the same time! Also, some other small features include battery indicator on the back and uses a Mini USB 2 port to charge.

    Now, like everything else, it has some negatives too. First of all, as a case, it is bulky and doesn’t provide full protection to the phone, which means that you could harm the when you drop it, unlike if it’s in a decent protective case. Also, the back attracts lots of lint, which makes maintenance difficult. Other than the above, the only issue left is the price point (as always). Now, everybody won’t like to shell out those 99 bucks for just an extra battery but for the hardcore user like me, the extra buck does not matter for that much needed juice!

    You can get it off Mophie for $99 but for those who still feel it is too expensive, I have an extra Mophie Juice Pack 3G for giveaway! To get it, just comment with M- Why you need it (mandatory). The winner will be selected randomly by 7th February and the pack can be shipped worldwide. Finally, for those who do not own an iPhone 3G or just don’t want this, comment normally without the M and beware, I will verify the winner before sending prize.

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    1. wesleyx7's Avatar
      wesleyx7 -
      I don't expect you to even read all these messages because all this begging proble makes one sick so I'll try to keep It simple. I work on top of a ski mountain with little signal, my iphone uses almost all the battery searching for a signal because the 1 bar I get up thier comes and goes frequently. If I charge my phone over night, then go up the mountain, I can't use my phone all day because I need to find a way down after 8 hours of work. When I work a whole day with out useing my iphone more than 15 mins, it is drained to 2o percent by the end of the day.. AND I LOVE TO USE MY IPHONE, I use it for all my planning and when ever I'm bored. Its my life line!. My best friend tells me frequently he's never seen my phone with out low battery. I've spent a lot of time searching for a battery pack I can aford, but unfortunatly I don't have a credit card required to buy 95% of them. Well I guess that wasn't to short, but I condensed it as much as possible. Please consider me for the prize.

      Thanks for the time,
      Wesley (wesleyx7)
    1. thepro's Avatar
      thepro -
      Dear M-
      i want it because i am hardcore user like u
    1. bkoplin's Avatar
      bkoplin -

      Is there any other reason to get something for your iPhone: it looks cool and I want it?
    1. socialchameleon's Avatar
      socialchameleon -
      M- I've got to be honest mate I'm just a greedy f*ck who loves to use his iPhone all the time, work, home, in the car, absolutely anywhere! It's the best bit of kit I own so juicing it up some more with longer battery life would be c*ck on!

      That is all.
    1. CausticGrip's Avatar
      CausticGrip -

      I am not a father (as far as I know...)
      I have my own company
      I am constantly on the phone
      I am greedy
      I want this cause I feel I need it.
      I travel
      I am on the phone all the time
      I am constantly looking for reasons to use my iPhone

      But these are all pedantic reasons that IMO hold little merit on their own.
      Here's why I deserve it......

      Most of my time is spent DLing all the great apps, tweaks and themes off of Cydia from MMi and other repo's, but what's more...I spend a ridiculous amount of time developing themes (as a couple have been published here, most notably "iSkulled") and I want this (if for no other reason) to continue developing desirable and usable things for the community at large and definately could use the extra juice to help me.

      This is why I feel I deserve this give-away
    1. Ramsin5894's Avatar
      Ramsin5894 -
      M- I need this because there is something wrong with my battery. I can only use it for 2-3 hours and it dies out. I don't even play that many games since my battery started doing that. So please I really need this...
    1. nickisslamin's Avatar
      nickisslamin -
      actually i was at target and they have a better one exactly like this from incase that covers the entire iphone and it is currently 99.00
    1. gregroe's Avatar
      gregroe -
      I work on a helicopter for the Fire Dept. When I'm at campaign fire,or on other missions, my iPhone can be dead by early evening. Leaving me cut off from my family, and dispatch (in areas where we get cell service but our radios are either down or busy with enough traffic you can use your phone for contact) To be able to increase battery life is the answer to a real need I have.
      I have been looking at the many options available now and the Mophie has been on the top of the short list.
    1. UFMatt's Avatar
      UFMatt -
      I need this because I too am a poor college student, and with spring break coming up I'm going to be using my iphone to it's fullest during the whole week, most of the time not being near a computer. You wouldn't want to let a poor college student have his phone die on spring break now would you?! Think of the horror!! :P
    1. dillonsmith9147's Avatar
      dillonsmith9147 -
    1. sayam's Avatar
      sayam -
      Guys, contest ends right now!

      Winner is dallasnights (post #74). I read many reasons actually (yeah i did!) and chose him because of his reason being a good one.

      For all those of you who didn't win, don't worry as I'll be having tons of giveaways soon!

      P.S. Those 2 raps I saw were nice but better luck next time.
    1. xenbomb's Avatar
      xenbomb -
      i have cancer of the balls and this would make me live longer..
    1. socialchameleon's Avatar
      socialchameleon -
      Quote Originally Posted by xenbomb View Post
      i have cancer of the balls and this would make me live longer..
      You unfunny ****!
    1. theking2206's Avatar
      theking2206 -
      I can really this extra juice pack for my iphone 3g. I work for a finacial aid company and I am constantly sending, receiving emails, calls and text. This drains my phone pretty quickly. I try to dim my screen light to have my phone last a little longer. I have to charge my phone at least 3 times or more a day and it takes up my time having to wait for it to charge. $99 is alot to pay for a juice pack especially the way the economy is at the time. I would really appreciate having this juice pack for an everyday use!

    1. thxride's Avatar
      thxride -
    1. theking2206's Avatar
      theking2206 -
      yea and not have to worry about my phone dying on me during the day
    1. thxride's Avatar
      thxride -
      Seems like a great product. Would definitely stop the need of having to take your charger
      everywhere you go. It would be perfect if it was smaller.
    1. theking2206's Avatar
      theking2206 -
      Thats true do u own an ifone 3g.. And wuts up with that iflash? Is it gonna be available anytime soon?
    1. kevinl's Avatar
      kevinl -
      M- me needs because me wants. is that not enough? the iPhone 3G battery lasts me pretty much all day but with this i could defintely get into some gaming for a large part of the day.
    1. izzyinla's Avatar
      izzyinla -
      i really love this battery pack i have been looking for some thing like this for a very long time!!! i am on facebook 24/7 to keep up with all of my Ipone usere that I help out on twitter and I have 6 diffent emial I go threw i get about 300 emails a day on every account i have i about 30 iphone users that i help out with there question i am not a developer or any thing like that i am just a hacker and I an very good at what i do i mainly help them out on how to mod there Iphoen how to make it theres how to tweak its to there liking so i love helping out the IPone community i have a full time job so well at work i am up and down being an x-ray tech i am constantly helping out as many people as i can and i dont have the time to connect it to charge afraid that it might not be thee when get back i usually get to 2o% half way into my work day witch means i have to turn off my phone in case i need to make a phone call on the way home from work so this would really help me out and not just me but the other iphone community users because i would be able to help them out more time thank u for your time