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  • Mophie Juice Pack, Juice up your iPhone 3G! (Giveaway Ended!)

    The new iPhone 3G comes with the new 3G connectivity and a new problem namely Batter Drainage. Mophie has taken the challenge to fix it with their new Juice Pack, which is the first Apple certified “Works with iPhone” battery and uses the Apple’s 30-pin dock connector. Now, this might not be very useful for everyone but for a hardcore user like me who’s always surfing and chatting, it’s a must!

    The packaging is just wonderful and especially the gift packaging I received. The battery backup comes with a Mini USB 2 cable for charging and a small instruction manual.

    Well, I previously owned a Storm Battery Backup and used it all the time with my 3G iPhone but it didn’t provide me enough “Juice” which was a big downside. Another fault was that it used to loosely hang on my phone but the Mophie terminates both of the problems for me!

    It’s a great concept that doubles as a battery backup and a case too. It feels quite nice in the hand with the extra rubber grip on sides. The color scheme of the case is zippy with the green colored inside. Its design is nice with the black matte finished body on the outside and green soft material inside. The edges are thick and curvy which ensures no harm to the phone. The pack is quite bulky but it’s obviously better than the ‘non-case’ type extra battery. Another great advantage of the design is that you can use the Mophie anytime and all the time and even when calling!

    But, the main feature as the company advertises is that it provides “more than double” power to the phone and as per my experience, this is quite true. With Wi-Fi switched on all the time and heavy chatting on Beejive, but rarely any calling, a fully charged Mophie combined with a fully charged phone lasts the whole day, till late night and it takes just 4 hours to charge! Another great feature of this pack is that while your phone is plugged, you can sync it too, which means that you don’t need to remove this everytime just to sync. It also sports a great new feature namely “Intelligent Power Distribution” which enables the use of Mophie instead of iPhone’s battery while charging at the same time! Also, some other small features include battery indicator on the back and uses a Mini USB 2 port to charge.

    Now, like everything else, it has some negatives too. First of all, as a case, it is bulky and doesn’t provide full protection to the phone, which means that you could harm the when you drop it, unlike if it’s in a decent protective case. Also, the back attracts lots of lint, which makes maintenance difficult. Other than the above, the only issue left is the price point (as always). Now, everybody won’t like to shell out those 99 bucks for just an extra battery but for the hardcore user like me, the extra buck does not matter for that much needed juice!

    You can get it off Mophie for $99 but for those who still feel it is too expensive, I have an extra Mophie Juice Pack 3G for giveaway! To get it, just comment with M- Why you need it (mandatory). The winner will be selected randomly by 7th February and the pack can be shipped worldwide. Finally, for those who do not own an iPhone 3G or just don’t want this, comment normally without the M and beware, I will verify the winner before sending prize.

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    1. richardjs's Avatar
      richardjs -
      M- Hi There,

      I'm a 3G user that is ALWAYS on my phone. I use Facebook (mostly for comm), 3 e-mail accounts (1 of which is Exchange on push and i generally recieve up to 200 mails a day!), b-jive (on auto backgrounded setting), intelliscreen, Remote Desktop, iRealSMS and a whole host of other things, constantly throughout the day (i love backgrounder, but it does take it's toll on the battery, as you well know). I'm on the road for almost 7 hours a day, as i'm a consultant and the battery doesn't usually last me long enough to get through the day, unfortunately. i have bought a host of other things to try to extend, but none do the trick. many like the solar thing just dont charge it at all! I bought a car charger, but my cig lighter plug is now broken, and that doesn't help me much.

      I have had the phone for 3 months and have 2 days and 4 hours of voice usage, not including Fring VoIP usage...

      it would be nice to get something like this to back me up day to day...

      It looks like quite a well made little accessory...

      Nice one mophie...
    1. NicoX's Avatar
      NicoX -

      Well finally it´s out! ... and guess what, i cant have it because i live in south america!!! damn it! ...

      Don´t you just hate when the 10% battery comes on and you have to "stop" using your phone in case someone needs to call you or you need to call somebody later ?!?!?

      would be nice to have one ... no need to worry about the battery in the middle of the day anymore ... well i can only dream!
    1. Compdoc's Avatar
      Compdoc -
      M- I need this for one simple reason: power.
      I run a computer repair business, and run everything off here. Remote support of customer's computers, multiple email acconts, using Skype via Fring and Backrounder eats it up VERY fast...not to mention that Datacase holds all of my repair files, and intense transfers while VNC'd can wear it down.
      So in order to help keep the Mac users of the web clean of errors, clutter and fragments, and to keep the windows users free of any/all viruses and spyware, this computer protection communication powerhouse needs moar jiggawatts, and that battery/case looks like it would fit the ticket just fine.
    1. eddiele76's Avatar
      eddiele76 -
      a lot like the InCase Power Slider:

      Power Slider for iPhone 3G : Incase Product

      very nice, i tried one out myself personally and the only complaint i had was it was a little on the large side.
      but it of course is apple certified as well and more importantly gives u a little more than double your regular battery life. =]
    1. duppsko's Avatar
      duppsko -
      I need this because something has happened with my battery. It lasts only a couple of hours. And my little brother has managed to broken off a bit of the backside corner. Now my Apple Store won't fix anything for free because of the "rough use".
    1. symondavis's Avatar
      symondavis -

      Not too sure on the whole green inside. Glad that'll be hidden away.
      Could certainly use the extra juice and the mini USB to charge when at work.
    1. OmegaSol's Avatar
      OmegaSol -
      M- I need this because i am a busy college student trying to work full time and be a full time student. Between tution... books, rent and my car payment i don't have much more money. Also many days its from college straight to work and i run out of batteries in the middle of the day. This would greatly help my 3g experience and get through the long days.
    1. Thailocalguy808's Avatar
      Thailocalguy808 -
      Dear M-

      Well here goes I think ur device is just what I have been in need of for sometime now I am always on the go with my iPhone my job requires me to travel alot and there's times that I really need an outlet due to my iPhones battery life shrinking every hour. I use this phone mainly to keep in touch with my family but I do use it for buisness as well cause it gives me easy access to the net to pay all my bills and keep tabs on stocks well I know there's a million reasons why out there so I'm gonna end this as is you have done an excellent job by making a product that will be beneficial to everyone theseare justsome of the main reasons I need ur device thanks for ur time and keep up the great work. -Nicholas
    1. JAG2621's Avatar
      JAG2621 -
      Quote Originally Posted by eddiele76 View Post
      a lot like the InCase Power Slider:

      Power Slider for iPhone 3G : Incase Product

      very nice, i tried one out myself personally and the only complaint i had was it was a little on the large side.
      but it of course is apple certified as well and more importantly gives u a little more than double your regular battery life. =]
      I have a power slider and i like ie a lot. Plus you can sync and charge without removing it from the case and it fully encloses the phone.IMO i like better.
    1. narry007's Avatar
      narry007 -
      This is awesome ! Now only if I could get it for free )
    1. joehowes's Avatar
      joehowes -

      I would like the mophie juice pack as I simply need more power, just like everyone else...although, i have never won n e thing b4 so feel this might be my chance!
    1. wPz's Avatar
      wPz -
      u miss the M :P

      nice product
    1. reyza's Avatar
      reyza -
      It's my Birthday today...and I would love one for free!
    1. ybhavarthi's Avatar
      ybhavarthi -
      M-I need it because i play lot of games, and my battery drains out quickly.
    1. ddn1204's Avatar
      ddn1204 -
      M- This is something that would be really help to me, because of the steep price tag, i'm not able to afford it on my own. I'm often out the whole day using my iphone and usually the batter drains to 20% a little over half the day from usage. Everytime it hits the 20% warning, I have to turn off vibrate, brightness, sounds and etc, to minimize battery use incase of phone calls. It would be nice to have this so i will be able to actually use my phone for an entire day and not worry about such a dilemma. Thanks
    1. Manicc's Avatar
      Manicc -
      M- I really need one, becouse i travell alot and i play lot of games and watch videos
    1. noelleon's Avatar
      noelleon -
      M- Because I don't want to pay for one.
    1. HHUK's Avatar
      HHUK -
      Looks awesome, so tempted to buy one but I can wait a while to see if I'm lucky in the competition.

      M- I'd like one because I often use up my iPhone's battery accidentally, I spent alot of time travelling on the train for work yesterday, then I had a spur of the moment idea to go out drinking with some old friends, I'd travelled that far I had 30% battery left, I was shocked.

      If I hadn't turned it off while I took a nap (y'know, that time between 4am drunken-ness and 7:30am "geeze where am I?" state) I may have not been able to call for a taxi back to the train station. This sort of thing is a lifesafer.
    1. molloype's Avatar
      molloype -
      M TO MAINTAIN A CHARGE AT WORK WHEN Ive forgottten the block and my USB ports are blocked.


    1. calingasan's Avatar
      calingasan -
      M- I'd like to have one because it's all green inside like the joint im smoking now. hope i get pick. if not, its all good coz im so stoned like this dude over here - >