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  • Mophie Juice Pack, Juice up your iPhone 3G! (Giveaway Ended!)

    The new iPhone 3G comes with the new 3G connectivity and a new problem namely Batter Drainage. Mophie has taken the challenge to fix it with their new Juice Pack, which is the first Apple certified “Works with iPhone” battery and uses the Apple’s 30-pin dock connector. Now, this might not be very useful for everyone but for a hardcore user like me who’s always surfing and chatting, it’s a must!

    The packaging is just wonderful and especially the gift packaging I received. The battery backup comes with a Mini USB 2 cable for charging and a small instruction manual.

    Well, I previously owned a Storm Battery Backup and used it all the time with my 3G iPhone but it didn’t provide me enough “Juice” which was a big downside. Another fault was that it used to loosely hang on my phone but the Mophie terminates both of the problems for me!

    It’s a great concept that doubles as a battery backup and a case too. It feels quite nice in the hand with the extra rubber grip on sides. The color scheme of the case is zippy with the green colored inside. Its design is nice with the black matte finished body on the outside and green soft material inside. The edges are thick and curvy which ensures no harm to the phone. The pack is quite bulky but it’s obviously better than the ‘non-case’ type extra battery. Another great advantage of the design is that you can use the Mophie anytime and all the time and even when calling!

    But, the main feature as the company advertises is that it provides “more than double” power to the phone and as per my experience, this is quite true. With Wi-Fi switched on all the time and heavy chatting on Beejive, but rarely any calling, a fully charged Mophie combined with a fully charged phone lasts the whole day, till late night and it takes just 4 hours to charge! Another great feature of this pack is that while your phone is plugged, you can sync it too, which means that you don’t need to remove this everytime just to sync. It also sports a great new feature namely “Intelligent Power Distribution” which enables the use of Mophie instead of iPhone’s battery while charging at the same time! Also, some other small features include battery indicator on the back and uses a Mini USB 2 port to charge.

    Now, like everything else, it has some negatives too. First of all, as a case, it is bulky and doesn’t provide full protection to the phone, which means that you could harm the when you drop it, unlike if it’s in a decent protective case. Also, the back attracts lots of lint, which makes maintenance difficult. Other than the above, the only issue left is the price point (as always). Now, everybody won’t like to shell out those 99 bucks for just an extra battery but for the hardcore user like me, the extra buck does not matter for that much needed juice!

    You can get it off Mophie for $99 but for those who still feel it is too expensive, I have an extra Mophie Juice Pack 3G for giveaway! To get it, just comment with M- Why you need it (mandatory). The winner will be selected randomly by 7th February and the pack can be shipped worldwide. Finally, for those who do not own an iPhone 3G or just don’t want this, comment normally without the M and beware, I will verify the winner before sending prize.

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    1. sayam's Avatar
      sayam -
      Quote Originally Posted by gmpv View Post
      well i don't have business i don't travel .
      i just part of the hard workers in the usa Imagine all day just listening to the sound welding of seeds all day beating the worst is when you are completing this battery after listening to the radio station or your country and look where you live is 10% Battery good but one of the most troubling at the moment is the economy and oviustly is trying to save money these days what you want is to spend less after working 12 or 14 hours a day Monday through Sunday to pay all your accounts do not want spend that money as easy as I often use the browser to search for ways to save money on the internet but in my hours of rest and I have no battery because I have to wait to get home to do is thank you very much for taking the time to read. Sorry for the misspelling, but i do what i can I still am not very good for the English but I am learning
      i can't see the M, so i guess entry and user disqualified
    1. slacker4_1's Avatar
      slacker4_1 -
      M- Need this cuz im tired of charging the phone twice a day.. hope my luck is better than most so i win
    1. at004's Avatar
      at004 -
    1. Tizocman's Avatar
      Tizocman -

      I Got MobileME With Push and i always got to charge my phone but i goto school and never get time to charge so buy lunch i got no battery life what so ever.
    1. alexapple's Avatar
      alexapple -

      I would appreciate it because I work for a touring children's theater and use my 3g to navigate to schools to perform for the leaders of tomorrow. Of course the juice using GPS and 3g does not last long.

      If you graciously chose to award juice pack to me it would aid me in bringing literature to life for grades k-8.

      Check out our website at The Hampstead Stage Company


    1. Kruejl's Avatar
      Kruejl -

      I work 11 hour days and my iPhone never seems to quite make it through the day.

      Do I NEED it? No. All I NEED is air, water, food, clothing and my family.

      But I would really LIKE it.

      Thanks M8!!
    1. tallshorty's Avatar
      tallshorty -

      I need this because I play with my iPhone waaaayyyyy too much during the day, from phone calls, to text messages, to music listening, to watching movies, and to playing games. My battery usually runs out before I get home, which is a bummer sometimes when I really want to make a phone call. This Mophie Juice Pack will definately help me get through the day.

      I hope I win!

      Even if I don't win, thanks for the generosity!
    1. CptPalmer's Avatar
      CptPalmer -

      I want it, and would like to not pay for it, what more can I say? Free is always good.
    1. sr71blackbird92's Avatar
      sr71blackbird92 -
      Because the 3G battery wont last more than a day... it goes from full green to low battery in a few hours and since i cant always plug it in at night it ends up in my pocket doing nothing put display the "plug it in!" graphic every once in a while.

      Cool product, im glad someone realized that the battery is the weak point of the iphone 3g... Its a shame it would add so much bulk to the phone, having a case of sorts that had a battery in it like this would be really cool.... despite my beliefs that apple products are sexiest when they are naked.
    1. Abcdefs's Avatar
      Abcdefs -
      I need this because.
    1. rudeboy2k's Avatar
      rudeboy2k -
      There are so many reasons why I want this Morphie Juice Pack... so I decided to drop a beat and lay it out gangsta style...

      Yo M-, I see you looking at me
      texting me
      with your cool battery
      that lasts so long
      i won't flatter thee
      but you have the best case in the galaxy.

      now take a look closer
      at my pimply face
      and you'll see that my iphone
      is in an incase
      which ain't so bad
      except that it has no power
      and i beejive like you
      for half an hour

      and then it's dead,
      can't communicate
      i rely on my iphone
      i can't conversate.
      i use my irealsms
      and mail.app
      and when i have no juice
      well damn, it's crap

      so you're having a contest
      to giveaway a morphie juice pack
      it's nice b-cuz it's green abd black
      and i'm just thinking
      that if my rap ain't whack
      i just might win one
      then i'll be the mack

      or i'll be black and green
      like d-generation-x
      or perhaps girls will love me
      and i'll get tons of sex
      which sounds great, you know
      not that i need it
      cuz all the ladies love me
      when i load up "Stop It"

      speaking of which
      i'm gonna finish this in 5 seconds
      i hope i win the contest
      i'm not just hopin', i'm beggin'
      if they were 400 bucks each
      in this economy, i'd buy 'em
      but i'm hoping you'll help me out
      c'mon, hook me up sayam!

      keep hustlin'. microsoft WORD to your mother. and your father. and perhaps your siblings too.

      The other reason I need the Juice Pack is the same reason everyone else does. The built-in battery just doesn't last long enough. I'm writing this on my iPhone right now and as we speak, I'm already running out of battery so I don't even know if I'll be able to finish telling you why I ne

      Sent from my iPhone
    1. kodakon's Avatar
      kodakon -
      Ok, so I really NEED one of these. I am constantly having to use my wired external battery to juice up while on the golf course, as I use my iPhone as a GPS range finder. As you can probably assume, this drains the battery pretty good and makes for one clunky little setup in the golf cart. This would be a great improvement to my current situation.

      Can I PLEASE win?

      I asked nicely
    1. ThaMule's Avatar
      ThaMule -
      I need this because its convenient for me here in Iraq where plugs are not always available especially when traveling from base to base. This is what I use to stay in touch with my family and of course they can call me if an emergency arises to where I need to come home. Its never fun flying from base to base and your battery goes dead or if the aircraft goes down. I quick call from my phone would do the trick but not with a dead battery. Looks like a great product and an excellent review.
    1. deven71's Avatar
      deven71 -
      I am a single father and my 4 year old daughter goes with me everywhere.So that's means she cries when she is tired as normal kid will do,but my IPHONE saves me from all that i play her favorite cartoons and she loves it.BUT my battery runs out and she flips out even worse so please can you understand why this device be so useful to me and my kid ...thankyou
    1. klouud's Avatar
      klouud -

      I need it because when i try to use my iPhone Ninja-Monkies appear from the shadows and magically drain my battery! I need something that i can run my iPhone off of when the Ninja-Monkies disapear back into the shadows! Plus i need to learn Kung Fu so i can defend myself from the Giant Marshmellow pig robots that attack me when i try to play games on my iPhone...

      the life of an iPhone user is a hard one...

      pick me or i may die!

    1. solarseed's Avatar
      solarseed -

      my iphone runs out of battery when im on the subway in nyc. and when i need it it powers off... i would like extra juice!
    1. kcsports's Avatar
      kcsports -
      M- I need it because as a loving father I let my five year old son play before myself. So once I finally get it its always dead. Thanks guys!
    1. doomman's Avatar
      doomman -
      M- Why I need this is rather obvious...I need more battery to surf modmyi.com!

      But in all honesty, I do find myself without battery on the iphone way to often. This product seems perfect and would love to throw my battery worries aside!
    1. Oranges's Avatar
      Oranges -

      I need one because I don't have a case for it and it only last maybe 4 hours (standby time) now .

      Thank you
    1. pirarre's Avatar
      pirarre -
      M- I need that battery pack because I work long hours and sometimes I'm not able to actually connect my iphone3g to the charging cable. I am a police officer at a high school out here where I live. Another reason why I need the juice pack is because I don't feel comfortable leaving my iphone 3g unattended in my office whether the door is locked or unlocked. We have already had 3 reports of iphones being stolen and i would hate for mine to be the fourth. Having this juice pack will allow me to carry my iphone on me at all times and really wouldn't have to really worry about having to charge itor getting stolen.