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  • Mophie Juice Pack, Juice up your iPhone 3G! (Giveaway Ended!)

    The new iPhone 3G comes with the new 3G connectivity and a new problem namely Batter Drainage. Mophie has taken the challenge to fix it with their new Juice Pack, which is the first Apple certified “Works with iPhone” battery and uses the Apple’s 30-pin dock connector. Now, this might not be very useful for everyone but for a hardcore user like me who’s always surfing and chatting, it’s a must!

    The packaging is just wonderful and especially the gift packaging I received. The battery backup comes with a Mini USB 2 cable for charging and a small instruction manual.

    Well, I previously owned a Storm Battery Backup and used it all the time with my 3G iPhone but it didn’t provide me enough “Juice” which was a big downside. Another fault was that it used to loosely hang on my phone but the Mophie terminates both of the problems for me!

    It’s a great concept that doubles as a battery backup and a case too. It feels quite nice in the hand with the extra rubber grip on sides. The color scheme of the case is zippy with the green colored inside. Its design is nice with the black matte finished body on the outside and green soft material inside. The edges are thick and curvy which ensures no harm to the phone. The pack is quite bulky but it’s obviously better than the ‘non-case’ type extra battery. Another great advantage of the design is that you can use the Mophie anytime and all the time and even when calling!

    But, the main feature as the company advertises is that it provides “more than double” power to the phone and as per my experience, this is quite true. With Wi-Fi switched on all the time and heavy chatting on Beejive, but rarely any calling, a fully charged Mophie combined with a fully charged phone lasts the whole day, till late night and it takes just 4 hours to charge! Another great feature of this pack is that while your phone is plugged, you can sync it too, which means that you don’t need to remove this everytime just to sync. It also sports a great new feature namely “Intelligent Power Distribution” which enables the use of Mophie instead of iPhone’s battery while charging at the same time! Also, some other small features include battery indicator on the back and uses a Mini USB 2 port to charge.

    Now, like everything else, it has some negatives too. First of all, as a case, it is bulky and doesn’t provide full protection to the phone, which means that you could harm the when you drop it, unlike if it’s in a decent protective case. Also, the back attracts lots of lint, which makes maintenance difficult. Other than the above, the only issue left is the price point (as always). Now, everybody won’t like to shell out those 99 bucks for just an extra battery but for the hardcore user like me, the extra buck does not matter for that much needed juice!

    You can get it off Mophie for $99 but for those who still feel it is too expensive, I have an extra Mophie Juice Pack 3G for giveaway! To get it, just comment with M- Why you need it (mandatory). The winner will be selected randomly by 7th February and the pack can be shipped worldwide. Finally, for those who do not own an iPhone 3G or just don’t want this, comment normally without the M and beware, I will verify the winner before sending prize.

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    1. jaime_21985's Avatar
      jaime_21985 -

      I really need this iphone because i cannot affort to purchase one since it cost $100...

      I have an iphone because I was able to afford one when AT&T had the 1st gen iPhone refurnished for sale on their website a very long time ago, I have unlocked it and I use it with T-mobile...

      The iPhone battery doesn't really last that long, not even half a day, I am not able to return it or exchange it with apple or AT&T since I don't have an account with them...

      It would've very, very appreciated & helpful to me if I could win it...

      Thank You!
    1. shaun755's Avatar
      shaun755 -
      Simple yet Complex.. full time college student and full time work leaves no time to charge anyhting for the amount of calls (more buisness than pleasure) and hours used for the Insomnia + voice notes i used to record the professor..most of the time its dead halfway through school.. cant say its a need but it would be nice and helpful..im sure the sob stories are getting old but congrats to the winner
    1. djdon's Avatar
      djdon -

      I would love to own one of those packs.. Reason because.. Im a college student and i use my phone a lot.. as i live on my own too i have to pay rent.. i can't afford internet at home nor home phone.. so my iphone basically is my all in one device and it kills my battery a lot. someonetimes my phone is dead at school so i have to go home and charge it.. i can't afford the 99$ as im already short with cash plus the monthly bill for this phone is already high around 110$. So it really is hard for me to pay 99$ it would be great if i can get it. It will come in handy to me a lot. Not for entertainment use but also to use for school related use.
    1. Krazedkid1221's Avatar
      Krazedkid1221 -
      Oh I need it so bad because I use mine for games, calls, and chatting, and I NEVER can make it through the entire day!
    1. energiesource's Avatar
      energiesource -
      I want this battery charger, I keep draining mine listening to music or texting, and then when the battery gets down to 20, 10% is typically how my luck works is when i need an actual important call and my battery dies, not too many people have iphones around here so i cant just use a friends charger, lol.
    1. Truckerbear's Avatar
      Truckerbear -

      I have been following up on this case/battery backup and others like it. I travel around the globe with my iPhone and use it in all different countries rarely having a plug available to me. I currently use two phones my old Edge iPhone and the new 3G iPhone to accomplish all day usage. I am a public speaker and use my phone to keep me on task and largely track what and where I am going next. I feel "I need it" but really more of a want, to continue to contribute to my work without having to keep swapping my sim chips between phones.

      Thanks for having this forum and thanks for allowing me to enter the giveaway.
    1. wildgene789's Avatar
      wildgene789 -
      Hello i would love to win this case for a number of reasons. First most of my family lives far from me like my dad and since im always on the go i have to call him but we all know how the battery on this damn thing is soo my conversations are short. Also i a music maniac, i listen to music up to 24/7 since thats all it allows haha. I hate the fact that i need to plug it in everynight because im not always at a home to plug it into.I dont really know what else to say except this phone is basically my life haha and when it dies i die
    1. Jeffwo's Avatar
      Jeffwo -

      Cool! I need this because I download too much new apps and games and run my battery down while away from my home charger.
    1. swiftdemise's Avatar
      swiftdemise -
      It would be nice to track my cycling routes with GPS without worrying about getting lost and not being able to check google maps because of a dead battery
    1. david.d92's Avatar
      david.d92 -

      i won't come to you say you that's is my birthday or that i'm a big executive that recieves a big amount of email's jejeje well but my number 1 reason of using my iphone it's because i love it, dont you love to play game with your iphone(like moving the iphone to right to left up and down..) or watch movies or even much simpler play music!!! that's what our iphones are all about!!! it's like an entretainment machine so the thing why i need extra juice its because would't you hate while you play music or playing a game your iphone just black out!!! and you said WWTTFFFF?!?!? I had won that game!!!! or i didn't know who killed jack (in the movie) jejejeje thanksss
    1. ben471's Avatar
      ben471 -
      I have been looking at this for a long time but don't have the money for one. I am still in school and play sports so the long bus rides to away games absolutely kill my battery. It's a bummer to come home on the 3 hours bus ride and not even be able to listen to music.
    1. vhicke's Avatar
      vhicke -
      M- i need this because my car lighter does not work so i have to use a fm tuner to get my music and it kills my battery really fast....Please help me with a free one.Thanks
    1. carlbgc's Avatar
      carlbgc -

      I need this for the safety of myself and my passengers!

      As a pilot, I'm constanty using my iPhone apps to check weather, aircraft weight and balance, checking crosswinds, and planning my flight.

      These days, the battery just isn't what it used to be, meaning I sometimes can't check the latest weather forecast.

      What happens if a thunderstorm has rolled in to my destination, M.

    1. wearmaize's Avatar
      wearmaize -
      M- First off, thank you for giving this away!

      Now, to why I need this:
      I got a new iPhone a couple of months ago. I am majoring in anatomy in college, and all of the iPhone applications for doctors are really helpful. However, they also drain the battery quite a bit. Even doing everything I can to conserve battery, I always have to give up on using my iPod because it simply does not last all day.

      With this extra battery pack, I can be assured that my iPhone's battery will last the day.

    1. jabij1's Avatar
      jabij1 -
      I want this mainly due to the fact that it is the most awesomest thing I have ever seen!! but too expensive ...This would be so useful in the car, bus, airplane, anywhere actually!...So I would greatly appreciate this awesome accessory for the greatest phone ever created, wooot! and thanks for the opportunity, really appreciate it
    1. Carrbone's Avatar
      Carrbone -
      I could use it because my battery never lasts a full day.

      Im always stuck on the train for an hour with no way to charge a a dead battery.
      Its such a terrible end to a working day.
      Stuck with no music, games or videos to watch or play.
      Always forced to listen to annoying people jabbing on their cell phones with no regard to the people on the train with them
    1. philmankim's Avatar
      philmankim -
      im a happy iphone 3g owner but not all the time. i turn to my iphone for just about everything because, well, it does just about everything (and fairly well too!). its real downer when my iphone is out of battery
      what good is a godly device if it has no power?
    1. brandenwan's Avatar
      brandenwan -
      M- Hey There!

      Its about time this came out! I just can't take the drain anymore. I play tons of games, browse the web, send and receive tons of emails, text, watch movies, listen to music, on myspace and facebook, listen to IHeartRadio, and once in a blue moon actually talk on the phone!

      If my battery could talk, it would say "This ***** is exhausted!!!"

      I really need this like a hotdog on the 4th of July!
    1. brandenwan's Avatar
      brandenwan -
      My battery would say "This perra is exhausted"

    1. xellaphan's Avatar
      xellaphan -
      M- I really need this for my iphone 3g and feel that it's necessary for me to receive it so that i can make it through the day without having to recharge. Now maybe i wont have those missed calls because I had to watch a movie at work!

      modmyi rox!