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  • Mophie Juice Pack, Juice up your iPhone 3G! (Giveaway Ended!)

    The new iPhone 3G comes with the new 3G connectivity and a new problem namely Batter Drainage. Mophie has taken the challenge to fix it with their new Juice Pack, which is the first Apple certified “Works with iPhone” battery and uses the Apple’s 30-pin dock connector. Now, this might not be very useful for everyone but for a hardcore user like me who’s always surfing and chatting, it’s a must!

    The packaging is just wonderful and especially the gift packaging I received. The battery backup comes with a Mini USB 2 cable for charging and a small instruction manual.

    Well, I previously owned a Storm Battery Backup and used it all the time with my 3G iPhone but it didn’t provide me enough “Juice” which was a big downside. Another fault was that it used to loosely hang on my phone but the Mophie terminates both of the problems for me!

    It’s a great concept that doubles as a battery backup and a case too. It feels quite nice in the hand with the extra rubber grip on sides. The color scheme of the case is zippy with the green colored inside. Its design is nice with the black matte finished body on the outside and green soft material inside. The edges are thick and curvy which ensures no harm to the phone. The pack is quite bulky but it’s obviously better than the ‘non-case’ type extra battery. Another great advantage of the design is that you can use the Mophie anytime and all the time and even when calling!

    But, the main feature as the company advertises is that it provides “more than double” power to the phone and as per my experience, this is quite true. With Wi-Fi switched on all the time and heavy chatting on Beejive, but rarely any calling, a fully charged Mophie combined with a fully charged phone lasts the whole day, till late night and it takes just 4 hours to charge! Another great feature of this pack is that while your phone is plugged, you can sync it too, which means that you don’t need to remove this everytime just to sync. It also sports a great new feature namely “Intelligent Power Distribution” which enables the use of Mophie instead of iPhone’s battery while charging at the same time! Also, some other small features include battery indicator on the back and uses a Mini USB 2 port to charge.

    Now, like everything else, it has some negatives too. First of all, as a case, it is bulky and doesn’t provide full protection to the phone, which means that you could harm the when you drop it, unlike if it’s in a decent protective case. Also, the back attracts lots of lint, which makes maintenance difficult. Other than the above, the only issue left is the price point (as always). Now, everybody won’t like to shell out those 99 bucks for just an extra battery but for the hardcore user like me, the extra buck does not matter for that much needed juice!

    You can get it off Mophie for $99 but for those who still feel it is too expensive, I have an extra Mophie Juice Pack 3G for giveaway! To get it, just comment with M- Why you need it (mandatory). The winner will be selected randomly by 7th February and the pack can be shipped worldwide. Finally, for those who do not own an iPhone 3G or just don’t want this, comment normally without the M and beware, I will verify the winner before sending prize.

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    1. MrWHOx's Avatar
      MrWHOx -
      M- Why I want/need it:

      Hello there. I live in California and am in need of an extra power source since I use my 3G heavily at school, and it's at 50% by the end of the school day. Then, when I get into the Robotics Club, I have a fear of using it because I don't want to drain it to the point where I have to let it sit and charge for ten hours for it to fully recover from such a shock of high usage.

      Please help me out here... I am certain your battery pack will be put into good use!
    1. keviNNz's Avatar
      keviNNz -

      My brothers 3g has a damaged battery that wont charge, the case will supply power to the iphone to make it usable again.
    1. ijaxter's Avatar
      ijaxter -
      it's easy you see
      if you only knew me
      how many i watch of the iphone movee

      it's not that i can't find an outlet on wall
      it's just when i start, i can't move at all

      so engrossed do i get with watching movee
      that the one thing i NEED is that nice mophie
    1. ryanlberg's Avatar
      ryanlberg -
      M - i work in law enforcement and cant have my phone plugged into a cpu all day the juice pack would let me use my phone all day with out havening a dead batt.

    1. OctopusPrime's Avatar
      OctopusPrime -

      Because I spend 14-16 hours at work a day working on an SAP conversion, and my phone dies every single night before I get home.
    1. Amraam's Avatar
      Amraam -

      Because my Birthday (Friday 13th! ) will soon be upon us, and what better a gift?

      Listening to music, emailing colleagues and general use take a major toll on the 3G battery, and this looks to be an excellent solution!

      Finally, thanks very much to sayam for this great opportunity, best of luck to everyone!
    1. Flying Phil's Avatar
      Flying Phil -
      I need it cause my daughter uses all my battery when she plays games on my phone.
    1. reznor9's Avatar
      reznor9 -
      M- I need it because I work 10 hour shifts at the airport working for the department of homeland security and Im tired of stopping to charge my phone every chance I get. I need to be free!
    1. kingosama's Avatar
      kingosama -
      I can actually make a list of reasons. Starting from thinking that my iPhone is too slim and I need something to make it a bit bulckey making it's appearance more public

      But the truth is I'm on a wheelchair and I'm always out with friends, and as I can't keep my hands off my iPhone either playing games or surfing the net or chatting, so do my friends who drain my battery out. So help me advertise the iPhone and save me the trouble looking for an electric outlet to charge it while I can be more depending on the iPhone.
    1. LongJohnnyE's Avatar
      LongJohnnyE -

      The Internet is for p**n.
    1. Labluver's Avatar
      Labluver -
      Hi. I am a Paramedic working ambulance and work long shifts—12hr, 24hr, 36hr, 48hr and sometimes longer shifts. I use my iPhone virtually all day long and power consumption is a real problem. I have a lot of medical apps that are imperative to my job and use the GPS Maps to guide me in to the calls. This uses a lot of power and drains the battery quickly. I also use it to contact the Base Hospitals to report on patient conditions and request orders from the Base Physician to provide optimal care. I also take pictures of accident scenes to show the Emergency Room Physician so they have a better understanding of the mechanism of injury. During down time, I surf the net, play games, read and send email, and read books.

      As you can see, I use my iphone practically 24hrs a day and my demand for power is great. I don't always have a power source when I need it so it would be great to have a Mophie Juice Pack for an extended power source so I can provide optimal patient care at all times. At this time, buying one is out of the question given the current economic condition and the cut back of overtime at work.

      Thank you for this opportunity to better serve my community with a never-dying -lifeline!
    1. Rigatoni's Avatar
      Rigatoni -
      M- One word. Wobble !!
    1. tonman23's Avatar
      tonman23 -
      M-I need this because I am constantly watching porn while i am at work on my phone because they block those sites and I forget my charger . Seriously though, the Iphone has way too much functionality to ever put down and I find myself draining the battery before the work day is even over, nothing worse than being out to dinner with your lady and an iphone with 10% battery life in your pocket! I mean we actually have to talk about things! Can you imagine what I am going through!
    1. LyndonW's Avatar
      LyndonW -
      M- unlike most people who are around power 24/7 be it near a plug in the wall or driving around in there car, I work in unfinished buildings building elevators! I never have a chance to power my phone before the end of the day so it's constantly dying on me (Im currently writing this looking at my mechanic 7 floors down yelling at me because it's too loud in here to hear him). That extra power would finally make me able to play games (very important when your waiting around for deliveries) and actually call down to my mechanic to hear what the heck he's wanting me to do right now without worrying about wether I'd have enough battery to find out when to pick up my wife after work!

      Other reasons:
      - so I can visit modmyi more often!
      - use vnc to fix my families computers sooner rather than later
      - Galcon (this game kills my battery faster than it can charge!)
      - Push email sure would be awesome to use (I could find out that Tia really liked Dannys new facebook picture that much faster! Exciting!)
    1. keepit4real's Avatar
      keepit4real -
      M- Just send one my way. I paid too much for this iphone already, peace.
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -

      I need it because like you I am constantly surfing, texting friends, making calls, playing games and letting others do the same, looking things up for people, and using Google Maps and the GPS. Now that I'm back in classes I'm using it more than before and the battery is draining before I get home from my commute, which is usually around 6 or 7. That is not cool. Plus I think it's a pretty nifty little gadget and would like to have it....but not for $100.
    1. kawasabi's Avatar
      kawasabi -
      All I can say is I need it. Can I HAZ it?
    1. FreeHooch's Avatar
      FreeHooch -
      M - Where to begin? I'm a tattoo shop owner/piercer in Columbus, Ohio who raises and works with rescued pit bulls and has a family. I know I don't need to tell you what an awesome position I'm in with this economy. I mean hey, everyone's feeling it.
      Throughout the day, I'm constantly messing with appointments and work productivity tools dealing with the Pit Bull's vet appointments, the recent litter of puppies and their appointments to meet potential good parents, our two year old daughter's checkups and baby sitter swaps, client appointments.. do I even need to list everything that comes with running a business on top of that? It's insane. When I'm not doing that, though, I'm using my iPhone artistically giving clients an opportunity to scope out their perfect piece, create their own, whatever. I use it as a music player to give them something to listen to while they're having work done. I use it for video if they'd like. I give the client or potential customer a completely hands-on experience once they come into my shop. 9.9 times out of 10, they're fascinated and want to learn more about the iPhone, or if they have one, I immediately refer them to this site, where they can learn how to harness all of the power of their device just like I did. Every day I talk to business owners, powerful people, college students, service industry people, everyday average joes, et cetera. Needless to say, my word gets out. Another thing that's needless to say is that my battery dies way before a day is through. Help a girl out!
    1. njosnavelin's Avatar
      njosnavelin -

      I want (not need) this for various reasons, but primarily because I do not want to buy a FOURTH iPhone. You're probably wondering how this case will help but i'm confident it will. You see, back Christmas '07 my original 1st gen iPhone was stolen out of my gym bag in school. As my parents felt sorry for me they graciously purchased me a replacement some time later, with which i immediately signed up with Cylay. All was going well until in the summer when my phone slipped out of my pocket on a forest trek. When i finally did realise that it was missing, i proceeded to follow the Cylay procedure and texted the required command, whilst my father started to track it online at home. All was going well until suddenly he lost the signal, which of course meant, battery drained! This Christmas i decided to buy myself an iPhone 3G (only costing me a cool 525euro). Couple this with another Cylay membership, and i simply cannot afford to purchase this ingenious battery pack!

      I hope this didn't come across as a sob story too much - but you can imagine my frustration at the series of unfortunate events that i have experienced!

    1. markass321's Avatar
      markass321 -
      M- use my phone with insomnia to record professors in class, as well as play games in class