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  • 3G USB iPhone Tethering - PdaNet 1.50+

    We first showed you PdaNet back in September, and since then they've done quite a bit of work on it (including changing from free to $29 ).

    I gotta admit though, despite being $29, this is by far the best tethering app out there for iPhone: and 1.50+ now adds USB tethering support for Windows users. And it works like a charm. Mac guys - sucks to be us about now. Here's the word from the guys:
    In terms of USB connection the Mac platform and Windows platform are quite different. We do not have any development plan as of now but would want to get to it eventually.
    You can charge while using USB still, and here's the full list of features:
    • You will get FULL Internet access on the computer! (Instead of only applications that support Socks proxy.) In technical terms, all applications make direct TCP/IP connections to the server. Since there is no proxy involved, that also means less problems and less delays.
    • VPN connections are supported on the computer.
    • You don't need to configure anything on the computer end whenever you connect PdaNet. No proxy settings, no extra software installation, no messing with static IP assignment, no switching settings back and forth when going back to your home's WiFi router.
    • Yes it will connect at 3G speed if your phone has the coverage.Feedback from our users shows pretty fast speed even for the 2G version.
    • Supports PC, MAC, Linux or anything (include other PDA/phones) that connects to a WiFi router.
    • PdaNet runs in the background so you can still use other iPhone features when PdaNet is connected. But when you are done with them, go back to PdaNet to prevent the phone from entering idle and drops your connection.
    • PdaNet has a built-in "insomnia" feature so you can turn off the phone when PdaNet is in the foreground and it won't drop your active connection. This will conserve battery.
    • It is recommended that you charge the phone at the same time while using PdaNet because both WiFi and 3G will be put on full speed, both consume a lot of juice.

    Check it out now on the MMi repo in Cydia.
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    1. h3lpmedic's Avatar
      h3lpmedic -
      Quote Originally Posted by robdam1001 View Post
      Do i need to install PDANet software on my laptop in order to get USB tethering? JuneFabrics documentation & support are an absolute JOKE.
      Yes you need to go to here and download the desktop software, and you should be good to go.
    1. hurd300403's Avatar
      hurd300403 -
      Tether your iPhone via USB on Mac OS X Systems - Mac Forums

      this is easy as ****. free. and works for mac. perfect solution for USB tethering and it's fast as hell.

      oh, and if you're at an at&t hot spot you can authenticate your iphone to it for free and then tunnel the connection to your laptop....for a FAST connection.
    1. garyhartaz's Avatar
      garyhartaz -
      I have it connected via USB and it says connected on the PC and the Phone and I see that Skype is logging in but I cannot browse any sites. I am running 1.51 and I am on Vista. Any ideas?
    1. shenese's Avatar
      shenese -

      I'm all new to this can you tell me the steps on using iphone tunnel suite? How do I set everything up?

      Do you need to have itunes installed on your computer in order for this to work?
    1. xtreme84's Avatar
      xtreme84 -
      This app is awsome, been using it since it first came out. don't like the $29 price but it beats having to pay an extra monthly fee.
    1. s4mb4's Avatar
      s4mb4 -
      until AT&T gets off their ***** and gives us a tethering option, this program is worth the cost. I was a PDAnet user from my previous life as a Palm user (cough). I just get soooo mad that we have to JB our phones to use this wonderful app. Come on AT&T, get with it. you can tether every other stinking smartphone in your line up, why not the iPhone.
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      What would be REALLY cool is a PdaNet recipient client for iPod touches so if you're Verizon Apple-loving friend wants to borrow some Internet you can share the wealth =]
    1. IsidoreOfSeville's Avatar
      IsidoreOfSeville -
      I started using it for free and got stuck out in the field when started charging for it without any pre-announcement. Buy this if you want folks, but if a company can offer you a 'free' app, then turn around and start charging $29 after you already agreed on the price (free) whose to say they won't disable it (again) and up the price (again) to $59 next month?
    1. Channan's Avatar
      Channan -
      Has the charging issue been resolved yet? When I first got it, my iPhone wouldn't charge while tethering. It would show it was charging, but it really wasn't.
      Isn't this what usually happens? AT&T is raking in the money on 3g iphone users....I was real worried last summerr when I decided to purchase the sierra wireless 881U aircard & go under contract, etc...good thing was, I signed up the week that card was available, so the contract was half-assed & a week later....I got a letter stating "if said items were purchased during these time frames...." then I wouldbe subject to heavy fines after their 5GBper month limit.....lucklily, when they drafted my contract, I was activating/changing the plan on my 3g iPhone that had only had for like a month@ that time....the manager wrote up both contracts, phone numbers, cause the 881U aircard has GPS, a simcard & a USB connection, as well as a built in wifi ...longstoy short, both contracts were written up as UNLIMITED USAGE- i'm moving over 10 Gb's on my heavy usage days.....I acquired a slick netgear rangemax router, used good old "ICS" (internet connection sharing) - built into every version of windows....bam- right now I'm on my older 2G, in airport mode-no sim, but wifi'd- free, have 3 seperate PC's, my 3G as well, not to mention my PS3 AND TWO LAPTOPS!!!! All connected & getting quite impressive DL & UP rates.....I moved over 100GB LAST WEEK....my bill hasn't changed since July; after purchasing the AIRCARD...
      P.S. I have absolutely zero lag playing online any game via my PS3 while simultaneously DL off 2-3 of my PC's or LT's....!!!!!

      Although yes, there have been times my 881U aircard has got so hot it would shut itself off...the battery inside of it is a bit...hmmm/ mushy?....although is original & still works as welll as it did outthe box.....
      I, of course, use the At &t connection manger program- which; if certain variables are enabled, etc....it works no problem.....!!!!
    1. 808mp5's Avatar
      808mp5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by s4mb4 View Post
      until AT&T gets off their ***** and gives us a tethering option, this program is worth the cost. I was a PDAnet user from my previous life as a Palm user (cough). I just get soooo mad that we have to JB our phones to use this wonderful app. Come on AT&T, get with it. you can tether every other stinking smartphone in your line up, why not the iPhone.
      they do have tethering
      Get Started - | Wireless from AT&T, formerly Cingular
    1. zscrugby's Avatar
      zscrugby -
      does anyone know how to "do the reverse" i.e. use a macs internet connection on a iphone with usb not wifi.
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      waste of money, welcome 3.0