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  • [ RELEASE ] 3G iPhone Unlocked - Eat the yellowsn0w

    You've waited. You've watched. You've waited more. Now... its here!

    The Dev Team has released yellowsn0w, the 3G iPhone unlock. Its available NOW via Cydia, you'll need to add their source (check the release post for the URL - they'd prefer sites didn't link the repo url) then check your Changes tab - yellowsn0w should be right on top. If you don't know how, here's how to add a source in Cydia. Refresh if you don't see it. If you're reading this later, just search for yellowsn0w in Cydia (making sure of course you've added their source). As guessed (and confirmed a bit later) from their post earlier today, IT WORKS WITH THE 02.28.00 BASEBAND version - in fact, ONLY for that baseband version. Meaning yes, you will need to update in iTunes and then use PwnageTool on a freshly updated 2.2 iPhone if you DON'T have 02.28.00 right now. Running the unlock on older basebands will simply cause it to exit, and do nothing. "No harm, no foul."

    All you do is go to the package in Cydia and install just like you'd install any other package. Boom - restart the iPhone, and...

    ...wait for the slide to unlock screen, then wait 10 or 15 secs more. If you don’t see your carrier name pop up, then remove your SIM, reinsert it, and wait 10 secs more. This is the step we’ll be working on eliminating next.
    Then you're unlocked. A quick note for users whose SIM cards come preinstalled with menus or apps on them, you'll

    ...need to pull and reinsert the SIM once after rebooting the phone to engage the unlock. Even though it’s needed only once per boot, it’s still a nuisance and we’ll be fixing that ASAP... You’ll know if you fall into that “extra step” category if your carrier doesn’t show up within about 10 seconds of the slide to unlock screen.

    There is a known issue with SIM cards that have STK (SIM Toolkit) application menus, these menus are usually items such as “top up” “get credit” etc. These menu items confuse the application sometimes, removing and reinserting the SIM fixes this issue.
    Answers to some potential questions:

    My modem software says I have {less than 02.28.00} - can I still unlock?
    Yes, but you have to upgrade your baseband to 02.28.00 before you do anything. First restore completely to 2.2 in iTunes (just connect the iPhone to the computer, go to the iPhone tab in iTunes, and press Restore in the version area).You can follow this guide to jailbreak after, then install the unlock from Cydia.

    Is this permanent? In other words, will I be able to upgrade my firmware when the next one comes out and keep my unlock?
    No. This is a soft[ware] unlock, not a hardware unlock, so you'll need to do as we've mostly been doing - wait to upgrade on new firmwares (all current firmwares are unlockable as of now) until the Dev Team releases a patch. Of course we'll have details for you every time Apple comes out with a firmware update.

    What if I WANT to remove the unlock?
    yellowsn0w is completely removable through Cydia, the command line, and iTunes.

    I'm still on [2.1 / 2.0.2 / 2.0.1 / 2.0] firmware on my iPhone 3G, but would like to upgrade... what should I do?
    Back up your iPhone. Restore in iTunes. Follow this guide to upgrade to 2.2 jailbroken, then simply install yellowsn0w from Cydia when you're finished - unlocked, jailbroken, enjoy.

    I have T-Mobile, and they've recently upgraded their network to include 3G. Can I use the T-Mobile 3G data network with my unlocked iPhone 3G?
    No - T-Mobile and AT&T use different 3G frequencies, so your iPhone 3G won't pick up T-Mobiles 3G network. You CAN however still use T-Mobile EDGE and GPRS just fine with the iPhone 3G - as well as all T-Mobile's voice features, and WiFi of course.

    I have AT&T. I don't plan on selling my iPhone anytime soon, and I'm staying with AT&T. Is there any benefit for me to unlock my iPhone?
    Nope. Aside from the ability to use the iPhone 3G on other networks than it comes locked to (T-mobile in the States, various carriers elsewhere), and the higher potential asking price if you sell your iPhone unlocked, there are no benefits to unlocking your iPhone.

    OMG WTF BBQ!!!! This is awesome and I want to donate. Who do I send money to?
    Don't. They like uh... post cards. Scanned. And emailed.

    I think you're wrong about the basebands it will work with. I have an older baseband, and I'm going to run the unlock anyway. I think it will magically work in my case.
    I'm going to have a sandwich. After we each do these things, lets reconvene and see who's happier.

    [B]Edit: T-Mobile USA Users must turn off the 3G toggle in settings.

    Everyone: You MUST have your SIM card in (without the proxy chip) throughout the entire process. With your SIM card installed... Install yellowsn0w 0.9, then reboot and wait up to 2 minutes for the phone to get service. If it doesn't work then uninstall 0.9 and try version 0.91. Keep reporting

    If you have a SIM PIN you will need to REMOVE this first before running yellowsn0w... it is not compatible (yet)[/B

    Update: Version 0.9.5 should fix T-Mobile USA outgoing call SIM issues.

    EDIT: In case there is still any confusion about how to unlock your 3G iPhone, a tutorial has been created. Be sure to read the instructions very carefully so that you are on the right firmware or you maybe never be able to unlock your 3G.
    IPhone 3G Unlock Guide - ModMyi - Wiki
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    1. ryan christopher's Avatar
      ryan christopher -
      Quote Originally Posted by bballcat03 View Post
      if you read you'd know the answer already

      Musclenerd said that older SIM cards seem to be working and are able to make calls.

      Other than that there is nothing

      As for the guy who said he got to step 6 and he got T Mo and bars and was able to make a call....smells fishy, I got it to and still wasn't able to make calls.
      That is what MuscleNerd said but that isn't a guarantee, that is just what he has heard from member experience. I'm not sure how to find out what version of sim you have, I'm waiting for a response.
    1. nl2007's Avatar
      nl2007 -
      Works like a charm !!!

      Remember to WAIT for few minutes after restart and activate airplane mode for the phone to find networks. Successful unlock with 3 Australia now.

      Thanks Dev Teams.
    1. bballcat03's Avatar
      bballcat03 -
      NOTICE that those who "say" they are able to make calls, are all out of the U.S...I've seen Mexico, Australia, etc...

      So no one in the U.S. can make calls...unless they have an "old sim card" that apparently works

      I just wish the Dev Team would say something to the effect that they are at least working on it or give us something as to what is going on, if they know something. It's the least they could do
    1. loafomatic's Avatar
      loafomatic -
      So how many people have completely unusable phones now?
    1. MrHouse's Avatar
      MrHouse -
      Quote Originally Posted by loafomatic View Post
      So how many people have completely unusable phones now?
      Hopefully nobody as you can uninstall Yellowsn0w and you'll be back where you were? Is that not so?
    1. scincade's Avatar
      scincade -
      Please help!!! My phone will not show the unlock slide bar. Help!!!!!
    1. lillstar12's Avatar
      lillstar12 -
      MInes now working after a few restarts all working and tested got edge gprs and 3G so far , calls in and out are working even the gps is working and a lot better than when using my any-network sim adapter.

      Hope the rest of you have some luck if your stuck.
    1. loafomatic's Avatar
      loafomatic -
      Quote Originally Posted by MrHouse View Post
      Hopefully nobody as you can uninstall Yellowsn0w and you'll be back where you were? Is that not so?
      That hasnt been the deal in my case. My Gevey would only work on 2.11 I guess. It shows as an invalid SIM on 2.28.
    1. bballcat03's Avatar
      bballcat03 -
      Quote Originally Posted by scincade View Post
      Please help!!! My phone will not show the unlock slide bar. Help!!!!!
      unlock slide bar? Um, no such thing.

      And yes you can uninstall YellowSn0w and be back to a basically jailbroken ipod...unless you have AT&T or a Turbo Sim version 2.2 that's compatible.
    1. reddawn's Avatar
      reddawn -
      someone posted above only people outside usa are able to have
      all functions working. if your in the USA and yours is working
      please post..

    1. imilad's Avatar
      imilad -
      I been so worked up for weeks about this 3G unlock.

      I tried everything and still i have a locked 3g iphone.

      I am not getting the unlock slide nor is my T-mobile sim working.

    1. bballcat03's Avatar
      bballcat03 -
      show me where this "unlock slide" is people keep referring to? No where in the directions does it have "unlock slide" in it!

      The following will get your phone functioning EXCEPT for being able to make calls:
      1. Install yellowsn0w thru cydia, keep your T-Mobile Sim in the iphone
      2. Reset Network Setting "Most important" 99% success rate will depend on this
      3. Reboot your inphone
      4. Wait a little over a min.
      5. Remove your sim card and re-insert it back in
      6. Wait 30 sec.
      7. Turn on Airplane mode and wait 10 sec. "This is important as well"
      8. Turn of Airplane mode, you should see "searching" start smiling T-Mobile carrier will start appearing.
    1. lillstar12's Avatar
      lillstar12 -
      In Uk on Vodafone just incase anyone needs any help in the uk pm me back or post here .

      Swirly mms tested and working too loving the work dev team thankyou so much i now have a woking iPhone again and not an expensive iTouch.

      Gonna cancel my order for my any-network sim tomorrow and save myself £32.00 and all the hassle
    1. DSMKilla's Avatar
      DSMKilla -
      Quote Originally Posted by tattoojack View Post
      you are a helmet wearer arent u?


      are you guys really that dense?

      Quote Originally Posted by Ad1tya View Post
      Hmm.. While trying to run Yellowsn0w from the Terminal. I keep getting the error "open: Resource busy"

      Only the Reset option works for me.
      I cant even run the -c

      Any idea why?
      Was Cydia open when you were trying to do this? You might need to close Cydia out so that it's not running.

      Quote Originally Posted by minawagdi View Post
      so i cant return to the old base band
      i need to use my fone
      i dont have another mobile fone rigt nowwww
      help meeee
      No sorry man you can't. Your stuck on 2.28.00 which I think is pretty $hitty of the dev team telling everyone to stay on 2.11.07 and then at the last minute changing the plan telling everyone that the unlock only works on 2.28.00 I mean why the hell didn't they just release BOTH versions??? How stupid cause now all the people that upgraded and the unlock ISN'T WORKING are now screwed from using their hardware unlocks. I mean damn the demo they did was on the 2.11.07 and that seemed to go WAYYYY smooth, nothing like the crap people are dealing with now.


      Quote Originally Posted by MrHouse View Post
      Hopefully nobody as you can uninstall Yellowsn0w and you'll be back where you were? Is that not so?
      The uninstall might work for removing the unlock but it damn sure doesn't work for going back to 2.11.07
    1. Mehmet_s's Avatar
      Mehmet_s -
      didn't work for me................!

      didn't work for me!who got an iphone UNLOCKEDwith this??????
    1. milflover08's Avatar
      milflover08 -
      ok you guys got it working t-mo USA.
      16 gig 3g iphone 2.2 version 2.28.00 modem firmware
      DL yellow sn0w through cydia.
      ok now i have 2 problems/questions

    1. bballcat03's Avatar
      bballcat03 -
      Quote Originally Posted by milflover08 View Post
      ok you guys got it working t-mo USA.
      16 gig 3g iphone 2.2 version 2.28.00 modem firmware
      DL yellow sn0w through cydia.
      ok now i have 2 problems/questions

      no one can make calls in the U.S. it seems, read before posting.

      data? You mean internet/email? Type in the APN and Edge will work and you'll be good to go
    1. dude_super's Avatar
      dude_super -
      The only way I could get the slide to unlock bar was to reboot with BossPref
    1. thabrews1986's Avatar
      thabrews1986 -
      anyone heard anything from the dev team or any mods it seems everyone in the USA trying to make calls with this software in unable to do so. Now our turbo sims wont work there are turbo sims for the 2.2 software on ebay for a pretty reasonable price I wonder if they work though or if the dev team has found a way to fix this problem but so far we are all pretty much in the same boat everything works except not able to make calls. If anyone else knows anything to change this please post.
    1. Empyrials's Avatar
      Empyrials -
      ugh i tried everything again step by step and only get Dots or sometimes no service Tried with my gf's sim as well

      i have:
      T-Mobile USA
      8gb 3g