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  • Crayon Physics on iPhone Video

    iPhone users have long said that Crayon Physics, the 2008 Independent Games Festival Grand Prize Winner, would make the best iPhone App Ever.

    Well, it’s going to hit the app store very soon, and this video of it being played on the iPhone seems to confirm everyone’s feelings that this app is going to kick butt!

    Source: Clips: This Is How Crayon Physics Works On The iPhone
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    1. flopethedope's Avatar
      flopethedope -
      It will never be as good in the appstore as it was jailbroken. This is simply due to the fact that you can't make your own levelpacks anymore. r4m0n did a great job at porting it though.
    1. Chase817's Avatar
      Chase817 -
      Umm, iphone users haven't really been waiting for this. It came out already. iPhysics was a jailbroken app a long time ago, and it was based directly on crayon physics. It flopped in the AppStore though... It didn't even make it to the top 50...
    1. marc180292's Avatar
      marc180292 -
      i agree with flopethedope. levelpack for iPhysics gives us the power to add more entertainment in 1 app. the problem is that the appstore does not support it. the only way to do this is that the developer must give information on where the levels are stored in the phone. then people can code there own levels and put it on cydia. This is a similar method used on WeDict.
    1. deadfire55's Avatar
      deadfire55 -
      Yea, that's because many comments said that the game slowed down when drawing many lines and circles, which was true in the jailbroken version.
    1. eyepoper's Avatar
      eyepoper -
      THis is a Great App/Game....Like you all said..it has already been before..but its really great to have a better interface..

      BUT.....What we are waiting for is a same Kind of game but with the name WORLD OF GOO........thats the game we are waiting for....
    1. jiniej's Avatar
      jiniej -
      yeah, iphysics was cool, i didn't know it was in the appstore though, ima go get it.

      that video was amazing, the music was so chill.
    1. agentfubu's Avatar
      agentfubu -
      Who knows, you may still be able to add custom levels.
      I know you can download custom made tracks in line rider, so why not?
    1. sk8er982's Avatar
      sk8er982 -
      Isnt there a similar game called "touch physics"??? I thought it was almost identical to iphysics? Cool classical guitar music and same basic principles no? correct me if im wrong?
    1. cranie's Avatar
      cranie -
      I've actually been waiting for Crayon Physics Deluxe. The original version of CP on the iphone was WAY short as I remember.
    1. jay001's Avatar
      jay001 -
      TouchPhysics is also quite a stable crayonphysics like game, also with a level editor comming very soon, so you can make your own creations.
      Anyone who thinks the screen is too small for a game like this then you are wrong. PocketPhysics was a DS game by 0xtob which only used 1 screen of the DS for the editing, and it was imo the best game for the handheld.
    1. slowestcivic's Avatar
      slowestcivic -
      I used to love burning my battery like mad while waiting for planes or doctors appointments with this game, but i haven't had it for awhile.

      O, and on a side note, why is it that in every freaking video of a touch screen phone does the person touching the screen have the longest nails you have ever seen? hmm, maybe it is just me....
    1. BenzoHartt's Avatar
      BenzoHartt -
      I think this will serve as a good alternative to the original only because half of America is still scared to jailbreak their iphones. (WTF!.lol) Still we could always use another app. :-)
    1. Eurisko's Avatar
      Eurisko -
      This is already on the Appstore, but it's renamed touchPhysics
    1. BenzoHartt's Avatar
      BenzoHartt -
      Quote Originally Posted by Eurisko View Post
      This is already on the Appstore, but it's renamed touchPhysics

      Is it any good? How much does it cost?
    1. Eurisko's Avatar
      Eurisko -
      It's great! I just want more themes like the old Crayon Physics had. I'm on Level 15 now, some are pretty challenging. It's 99 cents, and well worth it.
    1. slayorktc's Avatar
      slayorktc -
      it is well worth it.. I think it is better than the jail broken verson.. that version always crashed on me.. Plus, i was able to download this app last week.. :/
    1. jhyphen's Avatar
      jhyphen -
      Touch physics and crayon physics are 2 seperate games. I've been through the 30 levels of touch physics and see none of the levels from this video. On a second note the iPhone version of the site is pretty amazing.
    1. Eurisko's Avatar
      Eurisko -
      Quote Originally Posted by jhyphen View Post
      Touch physics and crayon physics are 2 seperate games.
      Then the creator of touchPhysics has one hell of a lawsuit on his hands. Roll the purple circle to the pulsing yellow star using crayon drawings, and you're saying these were made to be different people independently?
    1. jhyphen's Avatar
      jhyphen -
      possibly the same person but if you watch the video none of those levels are on touchphysics I purchased it yesterday and went through the 30 levels that were on it
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Ehhh...nothing special