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  • Citrix and Windows on the iPhone

    Citrix is gearing up to release their Citrix Receiver, which is a remote screen software that connects to a PC. It gives you the illusion that you’re running Microsoft OS on the iPhone. Citrix says that users will have “full Windows capability.” This includes cut and paste! – Inside Windows that is.

    Although this is not the first remote screen app for the iPhone, it is the first one that is being back by a big company and many think it will work well.

    According to Citrix the Receiver will be important for:

    “- Web sites that require flash
    - Medical Apps
    - Web apps that need IE
    - Cut & Paste ( within Citrix sessions )”

    Sounds pretty cool, hopefully it comes out soon!

    Source: What's the coolest app that doesn't work on the iPhone .... yet ? - Chris Fleck
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    1. ALL DAY's Avatar
      ALL DAY -
      Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
      This is gonna have a HEFTY pricetag methinks!
      Agreed, sir. I'd be happy to pay for this if it were reasonable, though... Looks awesome!
    1. mikdiamon's Avatar
      mikdiamon -
      Citrix is much different than vnc so those trying to compare the two might want to do a little research. I did and this seems like a killer app for those that need it but it is not a app for the masses. If your company does not use citrix its of no use to you but for those who need it this could be a amazing app.

      As far as AppleChick i dig most of her post and i pass on the ones that dont interest me. If any of you can do better get on it! She's doing her job and obviously the news has been slow lately so keep up the good work AC!
    1. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
      Bernie-Mac -
      Quote Originally Posted by xIxAMxHOLLYWOODx View Post
      THANK YOU!!! I dont post very often. I really just lurk and check for news updates. But I've wanted to say it for some time now!
      And she gets paid to post crap...
    1. dkaye's Avatar
      dkaye -
      Quote Originally Posted by mikdiamon View Post
      Citrix is much different than vnc so those trying to compare the two might want to do a little research. I did and this seems like a killer app for those that need it but it is not a app for the masses. If your company does not use citrix its of no use to you but for those who need it this could be a amazing app.
      Agreed. Citrix is not VNC client - it's a thin client VMware. It allows you to access a suite of apps within a thin client. There is no remote access to a computer - it's accessing apps through a server/farm. Depending on the ICA that's being developed for the iphone, we'll either access via a web portal, or directly through the desktop - or springboard in this instance.

      Since the XenApp client/presentation server software is freely available to Citrix endpoint users, I don't see this as having a hefty pricetag, in fact - i don't see it coming with a pricetag at all. Instead, I view it as being an extension to the lineup of platforms currently available for the Citrix server.

      My biggest concern is how this app can best be optimized/utilized within a 480x320 screen. I'm blind already trying to read webpages using the iphone - and zooming in and out will decrease productivity. But, I'll reserve judgment until I've actually had hands on experience with it. Until then, I look forward to following development progress and ultimate introduction to the iphone.
    1. sgt sm00th's Avatar
      sgt sm00th -
      This is sweet. Being an IT professional which is on-call for a quarter of my life, now I can troubleshoot thru my phone without having to carry a computer to the Bar, errrr....to my friends house.

      I wonder if it's going to be restricted to WIFI only?

      BTW....I don't carry a computer in the bar. I leave it in my car. I'm not THAT big of a dork.
    1. NCMacMan's Avatar
      NCMacMan -
      This isn't just a VNC app. What is best is that this is a LARGE corporation, especially one that is one of the market leaders for virtualization. In the healthcare biz, this will be fantastic as there are now many physicians that are demanding iPhone access to applications, but there is no IT solution as of yet. My friend in IT (our Citrix admin) is not going to like this, but he will have to. I've already told him that I will be using this app once it comes out.
    1. nonane's Avatar
      nonane -
      Jaadu Remote Desktop is a RDP client that is available *now* on the app store - Jaadu RDP . It lets you connect to the Windows machines using Microsoft's native RDP protocol. So you don't need a VNC server running on the PC.

      NCMacMan: Ask your friend to try it out - if he his virtualizing Windows machines this should work for him without needing any additional software.
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      Quote Originally Posted by A.T View Post
      Jaddu VNC does that as well. Bad thing about it is if your IP address changes, then your screwed, well at least I am. The guy who called this post crap, you should have realized that by now 90% of AppleChics post aren't very good.

      If you want this why wait, Jaadu VNC works perfectly but you do get what you pay for.
      You just need to put a static IP adress or use Jaadu Connect. I have Jaadu VNC as well and it's really great, there's not much more it could do. Of course its not 30 fps but the technology is limited on both the iPhone and the network. I don't know what Citrix will offer that Jaadu doesn't but I'm looking forward it!

      Quote Originally Posted by A.T View Post
      What 2.2.1? That was a fake.

      If there is an update Apple better put in better SMS features, I need forwarding and to delete an individual text. I already paid for a phone that cost more than other phone and has less features than any other phone on the market.

      I'm sick of paying more money for apps that shoulda been on the phone already. No wonder people use cracked apps! And no I didn't know these features were missing when I bought it!
      Then why did you buy an iPhone? You robably knew everything about it before you bought it. I am perfectly satisfied with my iPhone. Saying it's less than other phone is an insult to how great the iPhone is as a gadget and smartphone.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      who cares
    1. doxdox's Avatar
      doxdox -
    1. WPeterson's Avatar
      WPeterson -
      nice announcement, but do we really need all? on iphone, i just need small but productivity apps, right?
    1. dkaye's Avatar
      dkaye -
      During MacWorld, the Citrix guys were there touting the new receiver app. A PR blurb indicates they plan on releasing it via the AppStore 1Q'09. Additionally, it will be a free download:

      "Application delivery firm Citrix has been demonstrating its long-rumoured iPhone client at the Macworld show this week.

      Executives confirmed that it would ship through Apple's App Store as a free download this quarter."

      (source: Citrix readies iPhone client - vnunet.com)

      Personally, I'm looking forward to trying this out. The demos look promising for feature-rich use of the actual Ofc apps.
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      Melech518 -
      Old news!