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  • Finally SMS at its best with MySMS!!
    So I believe there are a few of you out there wanting such things like landscape texting, ability to send msg's to multiple contacts at once, erasing single messages, disabling the annoying auto-correct and security to name a few.

    And you say all of this plus more in one single app?

    Well, now there is Introducing MySMS from iSoft!


    You bought prestige phone which:
    - stun when you sms list longer then 100 messages!
    - can`t delete or forward THAT message! Not all, just that.
    - can`t forward contact to another one!
    You old N*kia 2760 work better!

    mySMS it`s a decision of that problems!
    Fast load of programm and messages!
    Work on in landscape view!
    Forward any sms from you correspondence (in Chat mode too)!
    Feel free to send you contacts!
    Easy contact list search!
    Set main password on app loading!
    Safe delete any one of your messages or entire list!
    Use our message templates or write you own!
    Disable this dummy autocorrection!
    Be special! Use you own skin!

    You can download a demo version from Cydia (BigBoss Repo) now

    Or check it out on their website iSoft - iPhone software (iModem)
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    1. kjack05's Avatar
      kjack05 -
      or just delete the default.png and it will be a black start page, mine doesnt seem to take to long to start like everyone elses, mine starts in 2. something seconds
    1. phonemd's Avatar
      phonemd -
      Still no intelliscreen compatibility I presume?
    1. badatthis's Avatar
      badatthis -
      About my sending delay. It is so bad that when I am in heavy texting mode, I have to revert back to the default app. The other day I had 7 messages cued waiting to send. And people were replying saying "are you there" and "why wont you answer" The delay is when I am on wifi or 3g. I am really on edge, but if you want I can try it...
    1. jrut24's Avatar
      jrut24 -
      has the newest release/update hit cydia yet?
    1. Deaf_Raiders's Avatar
      Deaf_Raiders -
      How can i change the default icon and the splash screen whats the path for it images?
    1. skb875's Avatar
      skb875 -
      Go to the settings within the app, and there will be a button to select already made icons and splash screens.
    1. tellytel's Avatar
      tellytel -
      Those icons don't work. I'm going back to the default SMS until this app is fixed. I still get major lag on sent msgs. Splash screens don't work. I can't buy it with free email. Hope update comes soon
    1. PEakaS's Avatar
      PEakaS -
      (12.12.2008) New version:
      [Added] Standart templates
      [Added] Insert 'My position' (GPS coordinates)
      [Added] Import/Export password database to Notes
      [Added] Allow hide secure features in registered version
      [Added] Local passwords now encrypted
      [Updated] Localizations for Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish and Swedish languages
      [Fixed] Lags in conversation mode in skinned menu
      [Fixed] Little speedup in settings menu
      [Fixed] 'Answer' button now directly send to answer dialog
      [Fixed] Notifier now work correct
      [Fixed] Symbol counter count spaces in past of message
      [Fixed] Spliting phone numbers in message, if divide by spaces
      [Fixed] Bugfixes

      New version fly to bigboss.

      In isoftru.ru/repo/ already
    1. adeel akmal's Avatar
      adeel akmal -
      why we have to pay for things which apple is not giving
    1. Sparxxx's Avatar
      Sparxxx -
      from where can I download/install the latest version?
      It's not updated yet on Cydia.
    1. Chefanim's Avatar
      Chefanim -
      Latest version loads even quicker for me. It only takes about 3 seconds to load.

      Thanks PEakaS
    1. rbisconti97's Avatar
      rbisconti97 -
      Mine loads at about the same as before. After I reset my iPhone the first launch is about 9.5 seconds. After I close it and relaunch it loads at about 4.5 seconds. I am not running MYSMS in background mode either.
    1. Chefanim's Avatar
      Chefanim -
      ^^ are you on 2.1 or 2.2?
    1. rbisconti97's Avatar
      rbisconti97 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Chefanim View Post
      ^^ are you on 2.1 or 2.2?
      I have iPhone 3g 16gb with firmware 2.2
    1. jaysmi29's Avatar
      jaysmi29 -
      One issue with the new update, whenever I apply a new icon or splash screen, I doesn't apply it, it worked on the last verison, please fix asap, paying customer besides that alot quicker loading screen and it's quicker in sending text messages
    1. tellytel's Avatar
      tellytel -
      great update. My. Msgs send quick now. The splash screens and icons still don't work, but I'm overall satisfied now.
    1. hartphoto's Avatar
      hartphoto -
      If your icons/splash screen aren't working......(I have to repeat this process after each update.....FWIW).

      Goto /Applications/MySMS.app/ SSH, and type:

      chown mobile:mobile icon.png
      for icon

      chown mobile:mobile Default.png
      for splash screen
    1. TBryant82's Avatar
      TBryant82 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jaysmi29 View Post
      One issue with the new update, whenever I apply a new icon or splash screen, I doesn't apply it, it worked on the last verison, please fix asap, paying customer besides that alot quicker loading screen and it's quicker in sending text messages
      Yes! Everything else on this App is great! Now it's getting annoying I can't change the icon/splash. Please let us know that it's in the works for the next update!
    1. kjack05's Avatar
      kjack05 -
      NEw update fixes the issue 9.7
    1. luksoccer's Avatar
      luksoccer -
      i use biteSMS which i downloaded off installer i find it great. Its a free app which can be used in Landscape mode. You can buy biteSMS credits which are cheaper then sending sms from your server. In AU it works out for each message to be 10cents and when you buy over 50 credits you get bonus credits.