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  • Cylay- The world's first fighting theft application for iPhone from iFonetec
    Cylay is the world’s first iPhone security product from iFoneTec that fights theft , tracks lost iPhone, protects data and information, and controls a lost iPhone remotely.

    It is capable of identifying current user of an iPhone after its original owner loses it. In addition, it allows the original owner to delete and back up the information via SMS and internet.
    Cylay uses a smart and intelligent algorithm to decide whether an iPhone is lost, and claims its loss , so that the iPhone can be recovered in some cases.

    Cylay will arm your iPhone with the following of unique features:

    - Report current user phone number when iPhone is lost;
    - Backup iPhone data to Cylay Server or Google Server;
    - Delete all of iPhone information when iPhone is lost;
    - Find lost iPhone location(3G iPhone only);
    - Report Call history and SMS log of lost iPhone;
    - Remotely control lost iPhone: forward SMS, and restore data to iPhone;

    System Requirements

    In order to use Cylay, you will need:

    Jailbreak 2G ,3G iPhone with the 2.0 firmware (or above)

    One Cylay Account at cylay.com

    Install Cylay to iPhone on Cylay or Installer

    How to get Started

    Step 1 Register one account for Cylay at cylay.com.

    Step 2 Activate, login account and edit your profile.

    Step 3 Install Cylay to iPhone from Cydia or Installer

    Cydia: http://app.ifonetec.com/cydia
    Installer: Installer 4.0 Repository

    Step 4 Setup Cylay in iPhone Settings

    Step 5 Test Cylay

    For more information, goto Home : iFoneTec Cylay

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    1. metaljay's Avatar
      metaljay -
      Quote Originally Posted by ryanworrell View Post
      How many of you guys have actually purchased this app and tested the location pinpointing of the phone with the phone lost.

      Here is my dilemma.

      I pretend my phone is lost/stolen/ect. So after Cylay is all setup and working I set my phone off to the side. I pull out my wife's phone and send the lost,password command to my phone. I get the normal response, then another response saying that the phone was successfully backed up to the server. OK cool. Now do a startlocate,password command and guess what...it never shows up in the map on the control panel on the site...so after waiting and waiting I finally say wtf...I go look at my phone and guess what is on the screen after i unlock it. A popup requiring me to either allow or disallow com.ifonetec.cylay to utilize location based services. i accepted figured maybe its a one time thing. nope. everytime i reboot the phone once locating is activated the allow button has to be pressed for it to send its location to the cylay server. so here is my prediciment. i paid $20 for a app to locate my phone in the event it gets lost or stolen yet it will do me know good, because once i go to attempt to locate it it will pop up a message to allow location based services on my iphone...which again is lost or stolen. great concept, just has to uh work. heres to hoping they can get this fixed or refund my money.

      no i only have to click allow once on my phone?
      open maps and u shud get a pop up
      click allow
    1. Pyrofallout's Avatar
      Pyrofallout -
      Tried that. I still get the popup to allow Cylay randomly all the time. Not sure what the deal is.


      OK Got it working. I uninstalled Cylay and deleted all the logs, settings files, ect from the library on the phone. Reset the phone and reinstalled the VIP version in Cydia.

      I think the issue had something to do with installing the free version then uninstalling it and installing the VIP version. Everything seems to be working fine now and I am able to locate the phone perfect.

      This is one kickass app!
    1. njosnavelin's Avatar
      njosnavelin -
      Im seriously considering buying the vip version since trying this app out. Just one nagging question bothering me that i cant seem to figure out: Do i HAVE to be connected to Edge/3G for this app to work?

      I realise that an internet connection would be required to back data up remotely, but i wasnt sure if its necessary for the locating feature. (i currently dont have a permanent internet connection)

    1. luksoccer's Avatar
      luksoccer -
      i tryed cylay seems very complicated though, couldn't quiet figure it out
    1. njosnavelin's Avatar
      njosnavelin -
      Dont buy this app! I downloaded the trial version and it was ok. Didn't really test it to a great extent but i thought in general it functioned ok. The customer service was great aswell, replying to me usually the same day with any technical queries.

      I then bought the app! Boy, what a mistake. Hardly any of the VIP features work, and the ones that do, don't work properly. Everything is translated badly and the worst thing is....

      iFontec haven't replied to a single email i've sent since registering!

      What a waste of 20 dollars.
    1. ifonetec's Avatar
      ifonetec -
      1. Cylay 3.0 for iPhone OS 3.0
      As the first anti-theft and security iPhone software in the world, Cylay has been used by over hundreds of thousands users and helped hundreds of users to find their lost iPhones.
      - Improved to the maxium real-time remote control of iPhone via Internet by iPhone’s PUSH feature (similar to Apple MobileMe’s Find My iPhone).
      - Improve control iPhone via SMS commands to provide more ways to find the lost iPhone.
      More information:
      Cylay 3.0 for iPhone OS 3.0 : iFoneTec Ltd
    1. Pyrofallout's Avatar
      Pyrofallout -
      Meh, got FinyMyiPhone now built in free with MobileMe. No need for Cylay anymore.