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  • Apple Store Down: Maintenance or The Arrival of the White iPhone 4?

    Just a little while ago, the Apple Store went down for updates. Rumor has it that this update will include new products. Which one's you say? Well, @xavierverhoeven, editor at MacWorld seems to think it's the White iPhone 4. "Looks like the white iPhone is finally coming... Today! MC604X/A (16GB) and MC606X/A (32GB). Thanks Mr X." he tweets.

    Now, this is interesting because we just caught wind that although Apple has not officially stated the reasons for the delay on the White iPhone 4, it is understood that there were problems with the paint being used. Recently news was that a small Japanese company actually developed a new process for controlling how the paint is applied, finally yielding acceptable units being produced.

    So if this is true, it could mean that indeed, the White iPhone is finally here, however, any avid Apple fan knows that late night store maintenance is usually just that. User Macman1993 believe's "it's more likely that they are removing all the references to the Xserve from the store."

    Either way, keep your eyes peeled. We will keep you updated as always.

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